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Skipper: Dave Roberts
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Licensed For: up to 10 passengers
Type of Fishing: All types of Bristol Channel angling
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Fast 10mtr Catamaran with massive deck area and seating for everyone.
Facilities: Cooking and toilet facilities. Also free parking in our own private car park!
AlyKat Skipper Dave Roberts's Photo
About the Skipper:

Dave Roberts has been fishing the waters of the Bristol Channel for over 40 years. We specialise in all types of fishing with Lundy Island and sharking a speciality.

May 2019

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N.B. Not all Skippers keep this dairy up-to-date. Always check with skippers before making any plans.

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Upcoming Individual Spaces on AlyKat

Sorry, there are currently no Individual Spaces at present.


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Latest Catches 13 photos uploaded

kevin ford

10 lb Smooth-hound (Common)

Neil Redman

15 lb Blonde Ray

Martyn Pratt

9 lb Small-Eyed Ray

Liz Roberts

12 lb Bull Huss

Lady Lucy Hendersn-Pratt

9 lb Small-Eyed Ray

Mitch Johnson

21 lb Blonde Ray

Mike Patten

20 lb Blonde Ray

Steve Chilcott

23 lb Blonde Ray

Dave Parr

22 lb Blonde Ray

Phillip Kennell

16 lb 8 oz Blonde Ray

James Thomas

12 lb Small-Eyed Ray

Alan Alan Alan!

18 lb 8 oz Blonde Ray

Liz Roberts

14 lb Smooth-hound (Common)


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