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Skipper: Nick O'Sullivan
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Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60 Miles
Hours: 5hr / 6hr / 7hr / 8hr / 9hr / 10hr / 12hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: At Anchor On Rough Ground And Sand Banks, Drifting For Pollack ,Cod and Bass. 12hr Wreck to St Georges Channel, Atlantic Ocean or Bristol Channel. 12hr shark trips for Blue and Porbeagle.
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Celtic Wildcat was the first Catamaran built by Safehaven marine, Cobh, Eire. Powered by twin 3126 300hp Caterpillar engines she can cruise comfortably at 17 Knots fully laden with very little spray and slamming . The boat is designed with a walk round wheelhouse which allows you to fish from the bow to the stern which with its 16' beam gives you loads of space. There is seating in the cabin along with an oven and fridge to warm up the pies or keep the drinks cool. The toilet is accessible from outside the cabin.
Facilities: Hot drinks , toilet ( access from the deck) and loads of room to chill out.
Additional Description:

The boat is berthed at Neyland Yacht Haven Milford Haven (for SATNAV post code SA73 1PY). There is plenty of FREE parking, toilets and showers are availble at the main building. If you want, breakfast can be arranged for 8am at the marina cafe.

This Charter has been listed as Suitable for Diving Trips. Contact the Skipper for full details.
This Charter has been listed as Wheelchair Accessible. Contact the Skipper for full details.

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  • 5-star Keith James (09/08/2015)

    Had a good day out with Nick yesterday, plenty of sport everybody happy with their catch, a bit lump going out, so we couldn't blame Nicks tea or coffe,for a few being sick,LOL, we came in a bit early as we were all happy with the catch, Nick always the true professional,looking forward to our next , trip. Sam

  • 5-star Dai Kent (27/08/2013)

    21 blues between 5 of us. Truly exceptional day. Full report and pictures at

  • 5-star Lyle Stantiford (18/07/2013)

    Fantastic day out with Nick after the Sharks, 6 blues boated to 3 rods. Cracking boat and nicks knowledge, guidance and banter were fantastic.. From one professional skipper to another Nick thanks for a fantastic day and we can't wait until next year!

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Lyle, look forward to seeing you next year

  • 5-star Meyrick Ames (20/09/2011)

    Nick is a great skipper, he always put you on the fish. The boat is top notch, very quick, good for getting you out to the fishing grounds quickly. I use the Celtic Wildcat 4-5 times a year at both of his sites and I dont think I have had a bad trip yet. You can always have good banter with nick, would reconmend to any one.

  • 5-star Tony Baker (14/10/2010)

    What a day, fifteen Blue Shark landed to 155lbs. A trip out with Nic is the UKs premier sportfishing experience, nothing can match the thrill of landing and returning these beautiful creatures. Many thanks to Nic for taking us out to experience the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Bait & Tackle

  • Anglers Corner
    Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, Wales
  • County Sports
    Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, Wales

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 37 photos uploaded

stuart cross

75 lb Blue Shark

stuart cross

70 lb Blue Shark

stuart cross

75 lb Blue Shark

stuart cross

85 lb Blue Shark


6 lb Wreckfish (Stone Bass)

Phil Rogers

150 lb Blue Shark

Geoff Bardsley

140 lb Porbeagle

stuart cross

100 lb Blue Shark


4 lb Bass


11 lb 8 oz Bull Huss

Phil Rogers

55 lb Porbeagle

Pat Cawley

6 lb Wreckfish (Stone Bass)

Jason Dennis

195 lb Porbeagle


7 lb Bass


11 lb Blonde Ray


13 lb Blonde Ray


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 12/09/2016 Fishing Report by stuart cross

    12 Sep 2016 by stuart cross

    Me and my family have just returned from our annual shark fishing trip aboard Celtic Wildcat skippered by Nick O’Sullivan. Luckily for us we got all three days in with different conditions every day. Day one started with a mirror calm sea, not ideal but very pleasant. Our team consisted of me, my wife, mini me [aka Andrew] my mum and dad. Mum and dad are 76 and 74 but when there are sharks about more like 16 and 14!!. We were joined by Greg all three days who lives locally and helps Nick regularly. He is a cracking chap and a very knowledgeable fisherman. I picked up plenty of mackerel from Andy’s Baits in Portsmouth on Sunday morning which were packed in nice and tight in a large polystyrene box this was taped down and covered up ready for the Monday morning. These baits were still frozen Wednesday evening - amazing!. The secret being take out enough for the day 'ONCE' then fill the void so no warm air can lift the temperature and re-seal. If you look after your bait your bait will look after you!. No time wasted chasing the elusive baits and more time having your arms pulled off, lovely!
    The sharks were high in the water as predicted warming themselves up in the morning sun. A little lethargic early on but as our magic potion drifted further off in the tide they came on the feed.
    With our baits set up to 60ft most of the sharks came to the rods close in around 30ft, a few rug rats mixed in with nice fish to 70lb, then mini me lifted into a great big lump that made his 9\0 sing and put a lovely grin on his face. Fifteen minutes later and 110lb blue was on the deck-excellent a ton up fish the first day to my 13 year old son!.
    We had four rods out and my wife was on guard with the butt pad on. I see her reach for the close rod as the bottle float is semi pulled under, away it goes, a quick tighten of the clutch and she lifts in to a very good fish. She runs hard down deep and close to the boat, I know its a big fish so i give my wife gentle encouragement 'that’s a bloody big fish don't cock it up' .I then get the female stare so retire for a mars bar and a drink. Three good strong runs and my wife is holding her own 'your doing great carry on' i say the stare changes to a loving smile and I'm saved from certain death. The fish hangs under the boat out of sight- true characteristics of a big blue. My wife piles the pressure on and lets the bend in the rod slowly lift the fish. A couple of short runs and we can see colour- now we can see a bloody big fish! Nicks got the wire, she’s neatly hooked in the corner with the circle hook- ropes on and she’s on deck - wow - measured weight of 172lb. I can't believe it what a great fish! Family photo and she’s away. I'm very proud of my wife's efforts and skill. Many people would have lost that fish but she kept calm and landed the fish of a lifetime and I got a cuddle!!. A great family photo and we are all buzzing. We catch a total of 18 blues the first day.
    Day two and we have a fresh breeze, the sharks are deeper today not one seen on the surface. We set our baits accordingly and indeed the deeper far out baits take most of the fish. 17 blues today up to 90lb with a good few in the 60lb-90lb bracket. These fish fight hard and we all have our fair share. Now my dads not slow if a reel starts screaming so to combat this mini me held the rod on the bow and cornered Bri in so he couldn’t get to any rods (a cunning plan that kept my dad under control since he was suffering a severe case of ‘shark fever’).
    Suddenly Andrews reel started screaming at an alarming rate. The sound of a Penn 9/0 in full song is music to any fisherman’s ears. This was no blue, the spool nearly empty, he puts the clutch to max and the fish slows, turns and races towards the boat going very deep. Trying to keep up with a fish with an empty spool is impossible but mini me is cranking as fast as he can. 15 seconds and the fish is back on. He loosens the clutch slightly and now the fish is deep taking line rapidly. Disaster! The rod springs straight and the fish is gone.
    On inspection the 80lb main line is cut through clean. We all stand in silence looking out beyond the floats. The Megladon is gone ! We are gutted. It must have picked up the line with all the slack. I praise Andrew for his efforts as he did very well but it was not to be. What it was we will let you decide but it was VERY fast and big lifting Andrew off of his seat!
    We catch a few more blues and then its home time with the monster on all of our minds.
    Day three the forecast was lively on the way out but improving all day. We left mum behind due to the bumpy ride out .At 74 there is no point being bashed around. My dad was going even if we had to row there!.
    A young lad called Nathan and his dad joined us today. He had not caught a shark before so we soon changed that!
    A few rug rats to start with then I saw my deep rod bend more than it should before straightening. I hovered over it, everyone else said I was seeing things but the float slowly moved left on the surface and then gently bobbed. I called Nathan and as he grabbed the rod the ratchet sang. In gear, lift the rod shark on! This fish took line at range straight away, always a good sign. Now for someone that has only landed a 3lb trout before landing a 109lb shark is a fair effort. It put up a great fight and could easily have been lost under the boat but Nathan was having none of that, a great fish for his first one although it did cost his dad a beef and mustard sandwich! I missed out on my 100lb fish this year but it was worth it to let the lad have his. A couple of quiet spells followed by ‘shark soup’ as Nick would say.
    We landed about 19 again with me getting a fighting fit 90lb fish a cracking day. Now I am not saying my dads keen but we have all reeled in and started to tidy up, Nick is warming the engines and my dad still has a bait in ‘come on we are going home ‘we all shout so instead of reeling in he walks his bait from the bow to stern, bang shark on!- only a small one but he said Ah Ha- that makes it five each day for me!!.
    To some it all up a cracking three days, thanks to Andy for his excellent bait, RokMax for some quality terminal gear Greg for his tireless help and great company and to Nick for making it so good again. When you put good ingredients in your pie it tastes bloody good!
    Shark fishing is on the up with more fish are turning up year by year.When the horrible practice of finning is eventually stopped worldwide it will be a lot better. Please look after your fish, circle hooks set with a reasonable amount of drag is the way forward 90% of our fish were hooked in the corner of the mouth with the odd greedy small one taking it further back. With the barbs crimped down they will do no harm and be lost very soon.
    To look after our sport we must be sport fisherman and treat all our catches with respect.
    Stuart Cross.

  • 18/08/2015 Fishing Report by Kevin Glover

    18 Aug 2015 by Kevin Glover

    First of all my apologies to skipper Nick. I should have written this long ago. Secondly a huge vote of thanks to Nick from all the anglers aboard ...we left your boat stunned and extremely happy.
    Allow me to explain....In august 2014 myself and 4 other anglers had booked 2 days shark fishing aboard Celtic Wildcat, atrip that had been eagerly awaited. Nick duly took us out and we had what was for us all a trip if a lifetime. We boated 27 blue sharks over two days with everyone except one ( who shall remain nameless) catching at least one over 100lbs. Some even managed two over the magic ton with the largest weighing over 140lbs ( the exact weight being absent from my memory). It was a really good trip with plenty of banter, and with Nick providing copious cups of tea and coffee what more could you ask?.....except another trip. So with another trip booked we were all set for some more of the action the following year in August 2015. This time with 4 anglers on board, all eager with anticipation for the fishing ahead. So it was that we set out on the briny, with the sun shining and few white fluffy clouds overhead, with more than a little anticipation coursing through us all.
    Even when the rubby dubby employed and the first baits put out little did any of us reallise what a day we were in for.
    Almost immediately a bait was picked up and from that moment on the sharks just kept after another...all the time Nick wrangling them aboard and unhooking them, measuring where necessary and returning the fish.
    At the end of the day we had boated an incredible 32 blue sharks in 1 day. We were stunned and extremely happy. Unfortunately our second day was cancelled due to a change in the weather.
    I worked this out at more than 1 fish every 15 minutes of fishing time....incredible....and all due to Nick's exceptional ability to find the fish.
    One of our more churlish anglers commented that we did not get as much coffee as last year....I told him to make his own!
    Naturally we booked again for 2016.....August cannot come soon enough.

    Kev Glover

  • 01/09/2015 Fishing Report by stuart cross

    1 Sep 2015 by stuart cross

    The winds howling again so i thought i would share some info on a trip last year. I know its late but here is a report on some great shark fishing we had out of Neyland marina West Wales on Celtic Wildcat. Only four of us fishing my eldest son and mum and dad {The clampets}. We were very lucky to get all three days in catching 62 blues, roughly 20 a day. We could have caught a lot more but opted to take the other rods out while we played a shark, no point hooking two and landing none! Five or six over 100lb, with many between 70lb and 100lb. I took 40 fresh mackerel with us on ice which is always a good plan just in case. As it was we loaded up on the first day but you never know. i also took two tubs of rubby dubby for each day which turned out really good. Please note for protection of your sex life don,t mash mackerel up with a hollow tube, when it eventually works its way up and goes over your head and down the back of your neck your supply will definately be cut off. Graeme Pullen did not make this clear in his totally awesome fishing video i,m not happy.!! Skipper Nick,o,Sullivan has been fishing this area for years and it certainly shows, he is very organised and a very nice chap. He is the man to ring if you want to have a go. The sharks in the photos are all over 100lb, my mum landing two over the tonne, so don,t moan that your arms ache because she is 74. On a different note i would like to thank all the skippers that we fish with, its been a terrible winter and we know the bills dont stop even if the fishing does. YOU are our gateway to a lot of fun and laughs, you give me and many others the chance to escape from the bollocks and spend some quality time with my family chasing the ever elusive whopper! Once again thank you all for what you do. Stuart Cross

  • 07/08/2014 Fishing Report by Dai Kent

    7 Aug 2014 by Dai Kent

    Another outstanding day out with Nick on Celtic Wildcat. (Thu 7 August 2014).

    Not many mackerel about this year so bought a box of skanky ones for rubby-dubby and a good box for hookbaits.....very good idea, as no time wasted trying to find and catch mackerel for bait and straight out to the sharking grounds.

    Cracking weather with ex-Hurricane Bertha due at the weekend. Hardly a breath of wind in the morning then a steady 8-10knot breeze got up in the afternoon which was perfect for the slick.

    Steady action. 19 blue sharks between the 4 of us, with 4 over 100lbs and the best a cracker of 134.5 lbs.

    Nick worked like a Trojan and when he wasn't wrestling feisty blues he was producing a stream of brews.

    Thanks again Nick for another brilliant day.

    Dai Kent

  • 27/08/2013 Fishing Report by Dai Kent

    27 Aug 2013 by Dai Kent

    21 blues between 5 of us. Brilliant day out. Great weather.
    Smallest about 30lb, most in the 65lb to 85lb bracket and 3 over 90lbs, biggest 94.5lbs.
    Top Skipper Nick O'Sullivan.
    Full report and many pictures at

    Thanks again Nick,
    Dai Kent