Charter Boat: Ruby-D

Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 9 passengers
Hours: 8hr Trips
Type of Fishing: Anchored reef and sand bank fishing
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Facilities: Free Hot drinks and use of microwave oven
Additional Description:

New evolution 30 has now arrived and is operating out of Portishead Marina

Ruby-D Skipper Paul Wells's Photo
About the Skipper:

•. I began angling in the early 1970’s, taking my hobby further shortly afterwards by running a fishing boat from moorings on the River Axe, Uphill, Weston-Super-Mare where I started my first charters back in the eighties.
My first new boat build was in 1990, and using this boat for my living for 8 years, single-handed long lining . I also joined the Weston super Mare RNLI in 1984 and ended my afloat service as one of the stations Helmsman. I then became one of four dedicated launching authorities for the RNLI, until I retired in 2008.
With the arrival of a new Evolution 33 charter boat Cast-Away in 2007 I began as a Charter Skipper for Breaksea Boats operating out of Portishead Quay Marina. After the success of this partnership I have now invested in my own charter boat a new even faster Evolution 30 powered by a 420 hp Iveco turbo diesel, taking me into my forth decade of fishing the Bristol Channel

March 2018

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  • 5-star mo bhanji (05/06/2016)

    excellent day out on the ruby-d. skipper Paul wells is an absolute legend...he was very helpful as we were all pretty new to sea fishing, he helped us bait the lines and unhook the fish....although the tide was big, the skipper found the fish..although l 5 people in my group caught at least 2 fish each...

  • 5-star mike omeara (08/05/2016)

    Right good day on Ruby-D.hard day because of a very big tide but Paul the skipper found the fish giving us all a great day..A real dimond of a bloke thaks mate, looking forward to our next trip out tight lines

  • 5-star Tim Howe (23/07/2014)

    Another cracking day out with Paul on Ruby D. Three of us fishing 7 rods managed 15 hounds to 14lb, with several doubles in amongst them. Including those lost during the fight it would have been 19 fish. Paul was a great skipper as usual, looking after us well and great company! Best wishes, Tim and Jimbo

  • 5-star Tim Howe (23/07/2014)

    Cracking day's hounding on Ruby D

  • 5-star James Parnell (28/09/2013)

    What can I say! Awesome day fishing, Boat was clean and tidy and ready for the off on arrival! Skipper was great, He made everyone welcome and gave some great advice whilst making sure we were all safe and happy fishing! 1 15lb conger, many rays and a few doggies! Defo be back! Can not fault this boat or skipper! Again many thanks for great day fishing! James Jon and Icky

Bait & Tackle

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 60 photos uploaded

Mike Omera

4 lb 5 oz Cod


3 lb 4 oz Cod

Mark Whiltshire

8 lb 4 oz Cod

Dean Cook

8 lb 4 oz Cod

Mark Whiltshire

2 lb 7 oz Dover Sole

peter wentworth

13 lb 10 oz Starry Smooth-hound


14 lb 2 oz Cod


11 lb 12 oz Cod

mo bhanji

9 lb Thornback Ray

mo bhanji

6 lb 4 oz Cod

mo bhanji

9 lb Thornback Ray

mo bhanji

7 lb Thornback Ray


22 lb 5 oz Conger Eel


7 lb 3 oz Thornback Ray


11 lb Smooth-hound (Common)


15 lb 2 oz Thornback Ray


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 26/06/2011 Fishing Report by Paul Wells

    26 Jun 2011 by Paul Wells


    after an early rise, 7 of us meet at 5;00am to make tracks to portishead from north devon on what we hope is a succesful fishing session,
    the journey up was very foggy, so fortunate enough we left early to account for weather and traffic, we arrive at the harbour at 6:30 and
    set out from the harbour for 7;00, first things first the skippers makes a nice early cuppa for us,for the journey to our first mark,
    conditions were slightly overcast with very slight breeze, we felt confident!!! we get to our mark withing 30 mins of leaving harbour,
    anchor up,and youve never seen people bait up so quick, and the fishing starts, first 30mins was very quiet but the cloud cover was starting
    to clear which bought a few smiles, then first fish of the day turned up, a thornback of around 6lb, great start. within 2 mins of releasng,
    bite number 2, up comes another thornie, funny enough it was the same fish we just released (he must have been hungry), then all went quiet
    for another 30 mins, bite number 2, fish tor off, felt a good one, up come the first hound of the day, weighed in at 13lb 7oz starry,
    we thought things were going to take off now,but unfortunatly not, couple of dogs that was it. so skipper decides to pull up anchor and move
    further out, baits go down, bites came more or less instantly, with a couple of doggies, then a strap eel, a nice codling next rose to the
    surface (yummy), with another cuppa going round the boat, things were starting to look up, weather was getting hotter and hotter, wind had dropped
    then the smoothys starting biting, with a total of 16 hounds been landed with the smallest being around 9lb, there was a 15lb 4oz common, 14lb starry,
    13lb 7oz starry, 13lb starry, 12lb starry, 11lb common, and a couple smaller. with several conger also landed due to the rediculous size baits being used,
    so by the end of the day had been a brilliant session, we had one last caSTand another codling decided to show, great way to finish the day. we must say
    that skipper and his crew done an excellent job with keeping us full of tea and helping with th netting and unhooking all of fish all day.

    booked up again for another trip later in the year, hopefully can repeat the session if not better it.

    Catch report:- Richard weston 15lb oz common, 13lb 7oz starry, 2 smaller starry, 1 codling, 1 thornback.
    Stefan jones 13lb starry, 4 smaller hounds, 1 thornback, 1 doggie.
    Adam sayer 4 eels, to low doubles, numerous dogs.
    Marcus horrell 14lb 9oz starry, 2 smaller common, several dogs and eels.
    John cardew 12lb common, 11lb starry, couple of dogs
    Graham harris lots of dogs
    kevin peach 12lb common, 1 smaller common, several dogs

  • 08/2010 Fishing Report by Keith Wells

    Aug 2010 by Keith Wells

    My son Josh and I set off from home early on Sunday morning and met up at Portishead with the same lads we used to fish with on Castaway last year.
    Castaway was sold last year before the new boat had been completed so we've had a long wait for the new boat to be built, but at last we got the word that it was up and running and received our invite to join the old crew.
    We arrived in plenty of time, bought some bait from the local tackle shop `Reel Fun` and loaded our gear on board the Ruby D.
    Ruby D looked quite similar to Castaway, the deck size is about the same but apparently it's a lot faster.

    We set off in glorious sunshine and a flat calm sea and quickly noticed the difference between the two boats.
    The skipper Paul opened the throttle and the boat quickly settled into a comfortable 22kts, he said, “it's top speed is about 28kts” then with a big grin on his face he took his hands off the wheel and sat back in his seat, "Autopilot", he said.
    I left him to playing with his new pride and joy and set up my gear.

    We soon reached our first mark and started fishing. Josh was quickly into the first fish of the day a conger of about 6lbs.
    He received the usual abuse from the other lads for being the first to catch a fish again.
    He caught another conger then a thornback in quick succession just to rub it in then the rest of us started to play catch up with him.

    Conger, dog and thornbacks came aboard steadily throughout the day, including a 16lb conger. The chap who caught it was reluctant to pick it up for a photo to be taken as it wasn't very happy and thrashed about on the deck, so he left it to Paul to sort out.
    Paul gave him a bit of light hearted stick and told him that one of the anglers he'd taken out the day before had landed a conger of around 40lbs, this was just a baby one.

    We had a great day out, everyone really enjoyed the trip and it was good to meet up with the old crew again.
    Paul took us to several marks during the day actively following the fish and as usual kept us well supplied with tea and coffee on demand.

    I'd like to say a big thank you to Paul for a great day out.
    The RubyD is a fantastic boat, very fast and stable with plenty of room on deck.
    Due to the increased speed (and range) Paul says that he is going to be traveling further afield next summer, down to the North Devon and South Wales coastlines which will provide a much wider variety of species to fish for, which is something we're all looking forward to.
    In the meantime we're really looking to our next trip out from Portishead when the cod season should be well under way.

  • 18/09/2010 Fishing Report by Paul Wells

    18 Sep 2010 by Paul Wells

    1st 2 day trip to Swansea was a great success with 11 species caught, loads of Bream,D/Fish,Bull Huss,Red Gurnard,Tub Gurnard,Wrasse,Dab,Mackeral,Pout and Channel Whitting also Poor Cod.Just to finish off we had crab star fish and a lobster, not bad for the Bristol Channel where some say its fished out !!!!!