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Skipper: Kevin Mckie
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Plymouth (Apr-Sep) Liverpool (Oct-Mar) See Additional Description below for further details
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Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60
Hours: 12hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: Wreck, Reef, Banks and Channel Islands
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Guimond 45 sports fisherman powered by a vovlvo 615hp turbo charged diesel engine
Additional Description:

Size Matters, a familiar sight in south west waters, is available for charter from Plymouth.
This fishing vessel originates from Canada and is a regular visitor to the Channel islands and beyond.

Size Matters operates from a secure walk-on walk-off marina berth in the most accessible part of Plymouth's historic Barbican where long-stay car parking is close by.
We sail out under the towering walls of the great Citadel built in the reign of Charles 11, the backdrop for over fifty years of charter angling at its finest level.

From March to October Size Matters will operate from Plymouth.
Size Matters is one of the biggest charter boats in the country and the only one of its kind operating in UK waters.
We are very proud to be sponsored by Shimano regarded as the world best tackle manufacturer.
We cater for all levels of experience, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.
Size Matters can hold a maximum of 12 people plus 2 crew members.
We welcome individuals, small groups, and full charters.

A full range of fishing equipment is available on Size Matters and may be used at no extra cost, though you can bring your own.
However, if equipment is lost or broken, we expect to be reimbursed the cost to replace it.
Bait is also available to purchase.

Upon booking the charter, if there is a certain species of fish you would like to target, and you require rigs made and/or bait ordered, let Kev know and he will arrange this. Alternatively, you can bring your own tackle & bait and Kev will assist with rig making if necessary,

Here is a list of charters available from Plymouth,
Wreck fishing,
Shark fishing,
Reef fishing,
Plaice fishing,
Multiple day charters to Guernsey for
Bass, Brill and Turbot.

Tackle & Bait
Size Matters has a full ranger of
Shimano rods and reels, all loaded with braid. We also carry a wide selection of high quality lures, hooks, leaders, weights, and end tackle.

Size Matters Skipper Kevin Mckie's Photo
About the Skipper:

Kevin is a mad keen angler as well as a fully qualified charter skipper and has been fishing for over 30 years. He has built up a vast knowledge of all types of fishing not just in the UK but from all over the world at an international level.
He knows a thing or two about hooking and landing big fish, he has caught hundreds of sharks to 1700lb, tuna to 800lb, Sting Ray to 300lb, halibut to 290lb, Marlin to 265lb, White Sturgeon to 260lb, Common Skate to 180lb, Grouper to 150lb, Tarpon to 145lb plus many more!
Kevin is also a fishing guide for Sportquest holidays and guides fishing holidays all over the world.
Kevin started off his boat fishing days back in 1995, he then owed his first boat in 1998 before he could even drive a car.
Since then Kevin has moved on to owning and running his own successful charter boat Brigand from Liverpool.
In 2016 Kevin bought the mighty Size Matters from Plymouth a boat he has fish on since 2001.
He then took Size Matters to the cutting edge of UK charter fishing catching some truly amazing fish.
In 2018 he helped his anglers catch
Six Gill Sharks to 512lb (unofficial British record),
Blue Fin Tuna to 366lb,
Porbeagle Shark to 300lb,
Common Skate to 220lb,
White Skate to 160lb (unofficial British record),
Blue Shark to 130lb,
Blue Skate to 45lb (unofficial British record),
All this in just the space of five months!!
Watch this space because SIZE really does MATTER!!

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  • 5-star Barry Severns (11/01/2018)

    Cracking skipper knows his stuff, i hadn't fished for 20 years. He got me up to scratch and iam still learning.. I won't go with anyone else out of Liverpool and been once out of Plymouth..

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Barry,

    See you in Plymouth this summer.

  • 5-star Nick Shennan (05/08/2016)

    Having fished from Liverpool many times with Skipper Kev, this was my first venture out with him on Size Matters from Plymouth... and what a fantastic days fishing it was. Personal best Pollock of 10lb 3oz (which was also best in the boat for all of 2 minutes until Ross landed an 18lber!!), and also a personal best Ling. Lots of other Pollock, Cod, Ling, Gurnard, and even a Conger brought aboard... and of course, plenty of Mackerel! As ever, great assistance (and perseverance) from Kev, ably supported by Mike - thanks Pal. Looking forward to a return trip at beginning of October... Cheers Kev - see you then!

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the review Nick see you in October.

Bait & Tackle

Latest Catches 441 photos uploaded


512 lb Six Gill Shark


366 lb Bluefin Tuna


37 lb Blue Skate


40 lb Blue Skate


130 lb Blue Shark


16 lb Pollock


24 lb 8 oz Big Eye Tuna


7 lb 6 oz Ballan Wrasse


36 lb 8 oz Ling (Common)


15 lb 4 oz Turbot


21 lb Cod


2 lb Megrim


4 lb 2 oz Whiting

Cyril Williams

7 lb John Dory


300 lb Porbeagle


160 lb White Skate


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 12/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie

    Dec 2018 by Kevin McKie

    Well if there was ever a year for a charter boat, 2018 was definitely Size Matters year.

    We had the biggest fishing article feature in Sea Angler Magazine for over 10 years and managed two front covers!!!

    Sponsorship from Shimano UK with a full range of new tackle to be used in 2019.

    During 2018 we helped our anglers catch some truly amazing fish in UK waters.

    Six Gill Sharks to 512lb ( Unofficial British record),
    Blue Fin Tuna to 366lb (Accidental Catch).
    Porbeagle Shark to 300lb.
    Common Skate to 220lb.
    White Skate to 160lb (Unofficial British record),
    Blue Shark to 130lb,
    Blue Skate to 40lb (Unofficial British record).
    All this in just the space of five months!!!

    That’s Six different species of fish in UK waters over 100lb, we also are the only boat in the UK to have ever caught all 3 species of Giant Skate!!!

    You may be wondering how the hell we can better this next year, well we sure are going to try.

    We have now changed our code of practice, we can now stay at sea for up to four days at a time, fully insured.

    We now have a fully fitted shower with hot fresh water onboard, Satellite phone, all new safety equipment, three different appliances have been fitted for cooking meals, sleeping accommodation for four anglers and two crew.

    It was costly to do this but we know this is going to be the future of UK charter fishing.

    The charters we have planned over the next two years are going to push UK charter fishing to it’s limit!!!

    All we need to make these charters happen is good weather and a bit of luck on our side.

    Please note we do not target for Blue Fin Tuna and do not offer Blue Fin Tuna fishing charters.

    We still have a few individual places available for Scotland in spring 2019.

    Plymouth 2019 is fully booked and we only have 8 days available in 2020 from Plymouth.

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends, customers and fellow skippers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Tight Lines and Screaming Reel’s!!!

    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters

    #Liverpool #Scotland #Plymouth #Shimano #Mckiesfishingcharters

  • 11/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie

    Nov 2018 by Kevin McKie

    We would just like to say a massive thank you to our sponsors Shimano UK for all there hard work helping us get Size Matters fully kitted out for 2019!!

    Shimano fishing tackle is top quality and regarded as the best in the world.

    If you want to compete at the highest level you need fishing tackle that is reliable and won’t let you down when your anglers are hooked in to a fish of a life time.

    Here is a look at what we have on offer for any of our anglers to use free of charge onboard Size Matters.

    For drifting the wreck’s with lure’s and targeting Mersey Cod/Ray’s, we will be using the new Vengeance AX Slim 20/30 rod’s.
    These rod’s are ultra light in weight and have the action of a light 20lb class.
    They will be teamed up with Torium 20s and 30s reel’s in both right hand and left hand retrieve.
    These reel’s have a strong drag system, perfect for pulling in rays and cod in a strong tide or for pulling up big Cod, Pollock and Ling from a deep mid channel wreck.

    For anchoring the wreck’s targeting monster Conger and Ling.
    We will be using the new TLD 50lb class all roller boat rod’s teamed up with TLD 20A twin speed multiplier reel’s.
    This set up is perfect when you need to use 1lb to 3lb leads, fishing deep water mid channel wrecks for those big snakes.

    For Shark fishing we will be using the new Speed Master Dendou-Maru 1000g boat rod’s.
    (If you get chance check these rod’s out they are not designed for shark fishing but you won’t be disappointed it’s a real gem).
    Teamed up with Tyrnos 30 single speed multiplier reel’s.
    This set up is perfect for fishing baits suspended deep down and at long distance from the boat.

    We will also be using two spinning rod’s and reel’s for some fun when the sharks are quite happy to take baits off the surface very close to the boat.
    Rod’s will be the Speed Cast Kaibutsu 120g
    and Saragossa 10000 fixed spool reel’s.

    For the big Skate in bonny Scotland we be using the new Tyrnos 80lb class all roller boat rod’s, teamed up with the Tyrnos 30 twin speed multiplier reel’s.
    Last year we where using 50lb class tackle for the skate and some fights where lasting up to 1 hour 45 minutes in the strong tide in over 500ft of water.
    This time using heavier tackle should cut fight times down and be much better for both the Skate and Angler.

    For the big Six Gill Sharks and an other sea monsters we manage to catch.
    We will be using Tyrnos 80lb class all roller boat rod’s and Tiagra 80W multiplier reel’s.
    This set up is perfect for when you are hooked up to a fish over 500lb using a harness and holding on for your life!!

    We also have the new Ocea Jigger multiplier reel, this is one of the best reel’s I have seen for UK wrecking on the drift using lures.
    The only problem is they are only available in left hand retrieve to the UK.
    We are currently trying to get them in right hand retrieve from the USA.
    The perfect rod for this reel is the new
    Speed Master AX Slim 20/30 boat rod, ultra light with bags of power if you really need it.

    Please note we do not keep all this tackle onboard Size Matters, if you would like to use any of it free of charge you need to let me know at least 24 hours before your charter.
    Any losses of damages to any tackle must be paid for in full before leaving the boat.

    From January to December 2019 we will be giving away a Shimano Hoody, T-shirt and Cap worth over £70 to one angler each month.
    You don’t have to catch a big fish to win it, all you need to do is impress us.
    You can do this by catching a PB,
    or by catching something a bit special,
    or even just be a novice angler and show us how much you have enjoyed your day fishing with us.

    The skippers decision on the winner is final in this free competition.

    Roll on 2019 because

    Kevin Mckie


  • 10/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie

    Oct 2018 by Kevin McKie

    The Summer 2018 season has now come to an end in Plymouth for Size Matters, we are now steaming north to Costa Del Liverpool for the winter Cod season on the mighty river Mersey.

    Looking back over the 2018 season in Plymouth it’s been the best year for weather for many years.

    Some days we where praying for bad weather just to get a day or two off for a rest, it’s not often a charter boat says that.

    The fishing this year was very good for sharks,
    our best day was 80 Blue Sharks in a day and a new boat record.

    The wreck fishing on the drift for was good from April to July our best day was 93 Pollack, 21 Ling, 16 Coalfish , 3 Megrim and a Conger.

    The Conger fishing was very poor compared to previous years, this was because we had two algae blooms this summer.

    Normally we only get one in May but this year it happened in May and again in August, at times it was like red snot dripping from the line.

    I have never seen it this bad before and I do truly believe when it settles on the sea bed it gets in the Congers gills and they don’t feed as much as they would normally.

    Our best day on the Conger was 65 to 58lb and 6 Ling to 18lb in just 4 hours fishing.

    Last year we out best day was 109 Conger to 63lb, 4 Ling to 28lb and 1 Cod 16lb.
    All in 5 hours fishing, Nigel Mcloughlin from the British Conger Club was onboard that day and he said that was a very busy day!!

    Also it was good to see so many John Dory’s, normally we only catch a few in a season but this year we managed 11 to 7lb!

    New species this season on Size Matters,
    Six Gill Sharks (Unofficial British Record),
    Blue Skate (Unofficial British Record),
    Blue Whiting, Atlantic Bonito Tuna and Megrim.

    We caught over 40 species of fish this season if we done more species hunts we would get well over 50 a season.

    We are now fully booked for 2019 from Plymouth and only have 16 days available for 2020.

    It seem like a life time ago when I bought
    Size Matters back in March 2016 and this was only our 3rd season in Plymouth, imagine what we are going to catch in the future!!!


    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters (Plymouth)


  • 10/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie

    Oct 2018 by Kevin McKie

    It’s been good to get back to work after a few weeks off welcoming the new arrival of my daughter and future skipper of Size Matters ha ha.

    On one of the days we had ago for Porbeagles and Threshers again, it didn’t quite go to plan.

    After a few hours fishing we got one hell of a run on the heavy tackle, after an hour of the fish hugging the sea bed it swam straight up towards the boat.

    It was a job to keep up with the fish then the line went all slack we thought we had lost it, then all of a sudden the line went tight and it was just a very heavy weight and no movement.

    I knew from experience the fish was tail wrapped so we put the drag up to get the fish to the surface, then from under the boat I could see it wasn’t a shark but a big Blue Fin Tuna tail wrapped.

    As we got it to the surface I could see the only option was to boat it to cut the wire trace off its tail and remove the hook.

    As soon as we got it on the boat we put the deck wash in its mouth to keep it alive, we then removed the hook and cut the wire trace from its tail.

    The Tuna was on the deck for no more than a few minutes, we then took a quick measurement and photo then slipped it back, it gave one kick of its tail and was away.

    An amazing fish it taped out at 366lb, we never did get any sharks that day but the lads went home with a day to remember.

    Straight after we caught the Tuna I called the MMO office in Plymouth to report the capture and our reason for boating the tuna.

    If you are lucky enough to catch a Tuna when shark fishing please realise it ASAP at the side of the boat!!

    We have also been catching lots of Atlantic Bonito Tuna only the size of mackerel but great to see new species arriving in our waters.

    The Bass fishing has been steady with most fish 3lb to 6lb along with plenty of Pollack to 5lb.

    Off shore wrecks have been ok with Ling to 34lb, Pollack to 10lb and the odd Coalfish to 4lb.

    The Conger fishing has been ok with Eels to 58lb and I also witnessed a bass caught on a Conger bait using a 300lb hook length, no need for fluorocarbon when bass fishing ha ha.

    The weather has stopped play for the next few days, if you would like to join us next year then here is a list of the last available dates remaining.

    Available dates for Plymouth 2019.


    Thursday 18th Wrecking £80 pp 1 place available.


    Thursday 12th Wrecking/Conger £80 pp
    1 place available.

    Monday 16th Wrecking £80 pp 2 places available.

    Tuesday 17th Wrecking £80 pp 4 places available.


    Sunday 6th Wrecking/Conger £80 pp
    1 place available.

    Monday 14th Wrecking £80 pp 6 places available.

    Tuesday 15th Wrecking £80 pp 6 places available.


    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters Plymouth


  • 09/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie

    Sep 2018 by Kevin McKie

    Well by now most of you will have seen this months Sea Angler Magazine.

    If you haven’t then I suggest you go out and buy it, there is an eight page feature on an exploratory trip we did to target Six Gill Sharks and Blue Skate in UK waters.

    Lots of people have been asking me how did we find out where to go, well without giving too much away I have a friend who is a commercial fisherman.

    He fishes with gill nets well off shore and showed me photos of Porbeagle Sharks and Blue Skate that had been caught in his nets accidentally.

    By the time he got his nets onboard the Porbeagles where being eaten by much bigger Sharks!!

    When he showed me the photos I said I am going to this place ASAP, this is my type of fishing!!

    I called Phil Riley to tell him the dates he had booked in a months time for Wrecking where perfect to have ago for Six Gill Sharks.

    At first he was like are you sure they are there, so I send him the photos of the Porbeagle Sharks been eaten in the nets.

    He said let’s do it 100%, i then got in touch with Dave Lewis, I told him what our plan was and he said get me on that boat.

    As they say the rest well that’s history!!
    6 Six Gill Sharks to 512lb (smashed the British record) and 2 Blue Skate to 35lb (no British record exists) a long with lots of other stuff.

    I have been told by lots of people that the 512lb Six Gill Shark, is the biggest Shark caught in UK waters that has been boated, measured and returned.

    It’s safe to say this is why I called this mark the UK Jurassic Park.

    The amazing thing about fishing this area is the potential, you literally do not know what you are going to catch next.

    Every time one of us was reeling a fish in weather it was a small fish or big fish all of us we looking over the side of the boat.

    It’s got the potential to produce 1000lb+ Sharks, along with Albacore Tuna and maybe one day a Bill fish.

    All we need to do is spend more time fishing Jurassic Park and we are the only charter boat in the UK who knows where it is.

    So as we speak Size Matters is being coded to do 48 hour charters.
    Part of the coding requirement is you need sleeping accommodation for all persons onboard.

    This limits us to 4 anglers and 2 Crew for the 48 hour charters.
    The cost is £3200 for the whole boat or £800 per person for individuals.

    We already have four 48 hour trips booked in for 2019 and three for 2020.

    If this type of charter is up your street then contact me, there are only a few limited days in 2020 when we can do these trips.

    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters (Plymouth)