Charter Boat: Supanova II

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Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60
Hours: 4hr / 6hr / 8hr / 10hr / 12hr / 24hr / Multiple Days Trips
Contact: Lyle Stantiford
Map: Location & Directions
Type of Fishing: Wreck, Reef, Bank, Channel Islands, Multi day trips from Weymouth, species hunts, Competitions, Specialist small groups, Beginners more than welcome, Bass, Bream, Cod, Rays, Congers, Tope, Turbot, Brill
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: B.W Seacat S.P.E.E.D 11, the latest in the catamaran market powered by 2x 200hp Nani engines giving a cruising speed of 16knts.
Facilities: Toilet for all to use, Oven for warming up them Pies!! Red hot Kettle for your complimentary tea, coffee or soup! Insulated fish hold. Skipper more than happy to gut anf fillet fish you wish to take for the table.
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If you would like to be added to my mailing and short notice trip list please drop me a text to 07976876667 or email

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*********** Supanova II crowned Top Boat in 2014 EFSA European Championships*************

*********** NEWS FLASH ALL NEW SUPANOVA II FOR 2013 SEASON**************



Nothing is too much trouble on board Supanova, If you have no gear, NO PROBLEM. Never been fishing before, NO PROBLEM. It is my aim to offer everybody who steps foot on board Supanova the best day possible.You can expext as much complimentary tea and coffee as you can handle and a good laugh to boot (Normaly at Lyle's expense) and with a bit of luck a few nice fish for the table. All enquiries are welcome please do not hesitate to contact me by any means.

Supanova II Skipper Lyle Stantiford's Photo
About the Skipper:

Hi i'm Lyle your friendly skipper/owner of Supanova II. Here's a bit about me. I have been fishing the waters around Weymouth and Portland since the tender age of 5 years old and since then I would like to think I have developed into a well respected young skipper in the port. On leaving school at 16 I joined as crew aboard the famous Weymouth charter boat Tiger Lily skippered by the legendary Chris Caines and over the next two and a half years I gained masses of experience from Chris and at the age of 17 I became the youngest skipper in the country and from gaining further experience running boats such as Tiger Lily, Lone Shark, Channel Chieftain, Flamer and Revolution and small stints as a commercial fisherman on various vessels in the port I decided In 2009 to take the leap and purchase my own boat for charter angling. Supanova was an 8m Cougar Catamaran and served me very well for three seansons and in 2013 I purchased the current vessel Supanova II. In my spare time I just can't stay away from boats and the sea as I am an active volunteer on Weymouth Lifeboat Crew. It's great to be able to give something back to the local community that has always and will continue to support me and my family.

Latest Fishing Reports

  • 08/03/2017 Fishing Report by stuart cross on Supanova II (Weymouth, Dorset)

    8 Mar 2017 by stuart cross

    Managed to sneak out in a tiny weather window on tuesday with Lyle. Must be honest thought it was going to be a lot rougher than it was, good call lyle. A couple of hours traveling and were ready to do battle with that 20lb pollack lyle keeps telling me about. [I think shes called poppy] Some of you have most probably fished with me and my dad Bri, if you have you will know i am by far a better angler than him for he is quite simply rubbish. He lands an odd fish here and there but they are normally very small.It must have been a solar eclipse because he did actually land one more than me. Obviously mine were bigger but i suppose i have to be nice sometimes and let him think he won. (family politics and all that) Trevor Lockyer landed a coalfish on the second drift which i think went 10lb, a cracking fish by any ones standard.Bri romped away early the scores being 3-1 but lyle was quick to help by being 'otherwise engaged' with the net as number 4 escaped boat side, i think it was something to do with the £10 i gave him.! A smallish tide and coming up to slack did not see the fish rise up in the water, instead they were mainly under 20 turns. The new tide came but it was hard work, a couple of moves and my rod slams over i,m glad i had my reel serviced as this could be poppy. I gain line and lose it quicker but manage to control the mighty beast. In the meantime Bri's rod seems to be a little bent as well (normally the wreck) but he seems to have caught a blind pollack. Trying to steal the lime light he lands a15lb+ fish but my fish is still diving (stand clear dear daddy let the master have some room) but the dives are getting shorter and less powerful then i can see leader. After lyle fails to knock it off the hook shes on the deck i have a bigger one than you i tell dad, his face beaming with two great fish on the boat. A tad over 17lb means poppy is still out there none the less a great fish. It was a good fun day with good company with everyone catching fish, thanks Lyle. Final scores Bri 8 Stu 7 I didn't lose i came second.!! Photo on Lyles facebook page. PS Bri keeps the scores in his book but he seems to write in pencil, something fishy going on here i believe................

  • 01/2017 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford on Supanova II (Weymouth, Dorset)

    Jan 2017 by Lyle Stantiford

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Happy New Year to you all and Tight Lines for 2017

    A quick note to wish all our customers old and new a very Happy New Year and a massive thank you for your support throughout 2016.

    It was a bit of a funny year at times but it gave us the opportunity to try some different things, some of which were very successful and we look forward to developing in 2017.

    To those of you that have booked already for 2017 thanks very much, for those that haven't take a look at the calendar and see what takes your fancy. If there is nothing there that suits your diary or takes your fancy then please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

    Throughout Jan, Feb and March we will be offering a bit of a fun competition for the BIGGEST POLLACK. £2 in the pot per angler for the period and biggest Pollack over the three months will take the money simples!! It's optional to enter but will make for a bit of fun!

    There are still a couple of spaces on the Supanova & Meerkat specimen league and a chance to win £1000 cash. Check out the calendar for more info or drop me a line.

    2016 fish of the year has to be Steve Juggins' New British Record Undulate Ray of 22b 13oz, well done Steve!!!

    Any enquiries are welcome please call/text 07976876667

    The Pollack are coming!!!!

    Tight Lines,


  • 10/2016 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford on Supanova II (Weymouth, Dorset)

    Oct 2016 by Lyle Stantiford

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Since the last report things have been fairly hectic.

    August was fairly slow on the fishing front to be honest apart from anchoring on the wrecks where plenty of Bream could be found for those on squid baits and a steady run of decent pollack and the odd Bass falling to live Mackerel.
    Congers for those that wanted to target them were plentiful and Tope as you swing away from the wreck proved a bit of fun. Plenty of blown off trips in August! What more can you expect when the kids are off school.

    September gathered pace quickly and saw us complete our final 2 runs to Alderney, Fishing was patchy but Bass, Bream, Pollack, Tope, Brill and Turbot all featured. In Weymouth Turbot and Brill fishing has been frantic although mostly small fish there has been the odd good Brill around to 9lb, The small fish certainly Bodes well for the coming seasons. Bream fishing was good and has got better and better as the weeks have gone by with some cracking fish around, with the best numbers of fish over alb I have seen for a very long time. Kidney Banks have fished for Blonde rays fairly steadily but the shortage of squid for bait hasn't helped this. Bass have been few and far between and what we have found has mostly been small.

    The remainder of October and into November should see continued decent Bream and Turbot fishing, improving Bass fishing and the arrival of everyones favourite the ATLANTIC SQUID!!

    Thanks to all for continuing to make Weymouth what it is and offering the finest fleet in the UK your support and custom. We all appreciate it!!

    Tight Lines,


  • 07/2016 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford on Supanova II (Weymouth, Dorset)

    Jul 2016 by Lyle Stantiford

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Well I must admit I have been a bit rubbish with keeping the reports up to date this year. The weather was patchy in April with no decent runs of days at sea. When we did get out the Pollack fishing was steady with some nice fish coming to a variety of lures. Towards the end of April saw a really good run of Turbot on the shambles. Some of the best numbers I have ever seen. 20 fish in a day was not uncommon. Most fish were small and were returned but a couple of decent fish each day combined with loads of bites was enough to keep the customers interested.

    As soon as May came the onslaught of days began, this year the majority of the time the weather was kind meaning we managed to complete all of our Channel Islands trips which displayed some of the best flatty fishing I have ever seen along with other trips over showing the worst. Thats just fishing I Suppose. Inshore in Weymouth the Shambles continued to fish well and as you would have guessed as we weren't allowed to retain them a glut of Bass turned up on the scene, everywhere we went Bass, Bass, Bass!! we had a couple of lovely days returning all the Bass we hooked, but this isn't for everyone. Last May and June saw the best Cod fishing the south coast has ever seen. This year it hasn't been quite so good but with some much better quality fish around keeping the anglers on their toes when they hook that decent fish close to the wreck. The fewer numbers of Cod have meant the Pollack have had a chance this summer. Some beautiful summer specimens have come up in the high doubles. If these fish had been landed in the winter then they would be well over 20lb. This bodes well for a good winter season on the Pollack Hopefully.

    At the time of writing we have had 5 windy days which has been the longest break since mid April. Inshore in the last week the Mackerel have finally arrived in good numbers long may they stay!!! Tope and Bream are coming in higher numbers and we are now allowed to keep a Bass for tea!!!!

    Thanks to all for their continued support to Weymouth, long may you keep coming and enjoying some great days out from the best port in the country.

    Pictured is Mervyn Bishop from Cheltenham with an 18lb Turbot that was returned alive. This is one of 6 double figure Turbot that have been boated and released alive on channel islands trips this year. Hats off to you Merv and the other lads.

    Tight Lines,


  • 03/2016 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford on Supanova II (Weymouth, Dorset)

    Mar 2016 by Lyle Stantiford

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Well.......... March Thankfully bought a change in the relentless winds we have seen throughout late 15 early 16. AT times we managed to string together 5 or 6 days on the trot!

    The fishing Mid Channel has been excellent with great numbers of Pollack and some crackers too!! The fish are beginning to spawn which is about right for this time of year. This normally signals the arrival of the first few Ling and this should Pick up pace throughout April and into May. The inshore fishing has been good for Blonde Rays, The first Turbot trip recently was by no means frantic but we did manage a Nice fish for Bob from Oxford which opened our account for 2016.

    Fingers crossed the Plaice and Turbot will now begin to pick up pace and by the end of the month we may start to see the first few Cod.

    Thanks to all who travelled to Weymouth in March and made the best of the good weather days. Keep on coming folks and all the guys in Weymouth will show you what the best port in the country can offer!

    Pictured is Keith Boseley with a Coalfish, first for us this year, have heard reports of a few more from the port so next time you are wrecking you never know!!

    Tight Lines,


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  • 5-star gregg harman (09/10/2016)

    lyle is a most welcoming skipper who has always got hot water for the coffees, the one thing i always look for is a good skipper and keep in my book for future bookings and would recommend lyle to other fishermen ( friendley courtious and helpfull )

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for your kind words Gregg, Look forward to seeing you soon mate.


  • 5-star Stephen Maidment (10/06/2016)

    A great trip. Lyle found the cod for us yesterday, lots of quality cod of 10lb plus and a few pollock. He spent over an hour filleting the catch on the way in. Thanks for a great day out.

  • 5-star Mick maher (12/08/2015)

    My son david and I booked this trip after checking the reviews of most of the Weymouth charter boats. We made a really good choice as we had an excellent day out. We did not catch a lot of fish but the flowing tea and the help that Lyle gave us was second to none. He was always checking our methods and bait and did all he could to get fish on the boat. Every time we moved, we caught the species that he said we would. We have just booked two weeks holiday in Weymouth for 2016 and Lyle and Supanova 11 will be our first port of call. Many thanks Lyle. Mick Maher

  • 5-star Mick maher (12/08/2015)

    My son David and I booked this trip after checking the reviews on most of Weymouths charter boats. To say that we made a good choice is an understatement. We did not catch a lot of fish but had a fantastic day out with Lyle and a group of his regulars. The tea kept flowing and we had several moves. Each time, we caught the species that Lyle said we would. He was extremely helpful to the pair of us as we did not have the local knowledge that the other anglers had. He was always checking our methods and bait and did everything he couild to put fish on the boat. We have just booked another two weeks holiday in Weymouth for 2016 and Supanova 2 will be the first place we book our tripes.

    Skippers Reponse: Many Thanks Mick,

    Great to see you, see you in 2016!

    All the best,


  • 5-star Phil Ross (03/10/2014)

    A cracking day out with lyle. The boat is spotless, a great skipper who couldn't do enough to make everyone feel welcome ! - Top Marks

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Phil,

    Was great to have you on board, hope to see you again soon.

    Tight Lines,


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