Charter Boat: Supanova II

Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60
Hours: 4hr / 6hr / 8hr / 10hr / 12hr / 24hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: Wreck, Reef, Bank, Channel Islands, Multi day trips from Weymouth, species hunts, Competitions, Specialist small groups, Beginners more than welcome, Bass, Bream, Cod, Rays, Congers, Tope, Turbot, Brill
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: B.W Seacat S.P.E.E.D 11, the latest in the catamaran market powered by 2x 200hp Nani engines giving a cruising speed of 16knts.
Facilities: Toilet for all to use, Oven for warming up them Pies!! Red hot Kettle for your complimentary tea, coffee or soup! Insulated fish hold. Skipper more than happy to gut anf fillet fish you wish to take for the table.
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*********** Supanova II Top Boat in 2017 WIBAC (Weymouth International Boat Angling Challenge)**********

********** Supanova II Top Boat in 2017 Weymouth Conger Comp***********

*********** Supanova II crowned Top Boat in 2014 EFSA European Championships*************



Nothing is too much trouble on board Supanova, If you have no gear, NO PROBLEM. Never been fishing before, NO PROBLEM. It is my aim to offer everybody who steps foot on board Supanova the best day possible.You can expext as much complimentary tea and coffee as you can handle and a good laugh to boot (Normaly at Lyle's expense) and with a bit of luck a few nice fish for the table. All enquiries are welcome please do not hesitate to contact me by any means.

Supanova II Skipper Lyle Stantiford's Photo
About the Skipper:

Hi i'm Lyle your friendly skipper/owner of Supanova II. Here's a bit about me. I have been fishing the waters around Weymouth and Portland since the tender age of 5 years old and since then I would like to think I have developed into a well respected young skipper in the port. On leaving school at 16 I joined as crew aboard the famous Weymouth charter boat Tiger Lily skippered by the legendary Chris Caines and over the next two and a half years I gained masses of experience from Chris and at the age of 17 I became the youngest skipper in the country and from gaining further experience running boats such as Tiger Lily, Lone Shark, Channel Chieftain, Flamer and Revolution and small stints as a commercial fisherman on various vessels in the port I decided In 2009 to take the leap and purchase my own boat for charter angling. Supanova was an 8m Cougar Catamaran and served me very well for three seansons and in 2013 I purchased the current vessel Supanova II. In my spare time I just can't stay away from boats and the sea, for the past 11 years I have been an active volunteer on Weymouth Lifeboat Crew. It's great to be able to give something back to the local community that has always and will continue to support me and my family.

May 2019

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N.B. Not all Skippers keep this dairy up-to-date. Always check with skippers before making any plans. Last calendar update: 10-May-2019

Wed 1st May More... Dedicated Ling trip today, lovely small tide Thu 2nd May More... Supanova Vs Flamer annual flatty comp Fri 3rd May More... Sat 4th May More...
Sun 5th May More... Mon 6th May More... Tue 7th May More... Wed 8th May More... Wrecking for Cod and Pollack today Thu 9th May More... Fri 10th May More... Sat 11th May More...
Sun 12th May More... spaces available for Plaice and Turbot fishing or maybe Breaming today depending what is happening. 07976876667 Mon 13th May More... Tue 14th May More... Wed 15th May More... Thu 16th May More... Fri 17th May More... Sat 18th May More...
Sun 19th May More... Mon 20th May More... Tue 21st May More... Wed 22nd May More... Thu 23rd May More... Fri 24th May More... Sat 25th May More...
Sun 26th May More... Wrecking Cod and Pollack Mon 27th May More... Tue 28th May More... Wed 29th May More... Thu 30th May More... Wrecking Cod and Pollack Fri 31st May More...

Upcoming Individual Spaces on Supanova II

Wed 10/07/2019 2 Spaces 9 Hours £60.00pp
Inshore anchor trip for Tope, Huss and Congers
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Tue 06/08/2019 5 Spaces 9 Hours
Inshore Bass and Bream max 8 on board today £70pp 07976876667
View details
Wed 07/08/2019 10 Spaces 9 Hours £60.00pp
Inshore Turbot and Brill, A lovely run of fish this time last year on these tides 07976876667
View details
Thu 08/08/2019 4 Spaces 9 Hours £65.00pp
Inshore wrecks today targeting Big Bream, Pollack, Bass and Congers 07976876667
View details
Tue 17/09/2019 6 Spaces 9 Hours
Bream, Flatties, Huss, Rays etc
View details
Thu 19/09/2019 5 Spaces 9 Hours £60.00pp
Bream, Flatties, Huss, Rays etc
View details
Thu 26/09/2019 1 Space 10 Hours £75.00pp
Wrecking Pollack and Bass today
View details
Tue 01/10/2019 7 Spaces 9 Hours £60.00pp
Inshore fun with Bass Bream and flattys today call text 07976876667
View details
Mon 21/10/2019 2 Spaces
SUPANOVA BIG FISH WEEK 2 spaces on our annual Big fish week. We will be anchoring for Congers, Big Bream, Blonde Rays, Tope and Huss. The aim is to find some real Specimens. Fish one, two, three or all 4 days. £75pp for the wrecking days £60pp for the inshore days. 07976876667
View details
Tue 22/10/2019 2 Spaces
SUPANOVA BIG FISH WEEK 2 spaces on our annual Big fish week. We will be anchoring for Congers, Big Bream, Blonde Rays, Tope and Huss. The aim is to find some real Specimens. Fish one, two, three or all 4 days. £75pp for the wrecking days £60pp for the inshore days. 07976876667
View details
Thu 24/10/2019 2 Spaces
SUPANOVA BIG FISH WEEK 2 spaces on our annual Big fish week. We will be anchoring for Congers, Big Bream, Blonde Rays, Tope and Huss. The aim is to find some real Specimens. Fish one, two, three or all 4 days. £75pp for the wrecking days £60pp for the inshore days. 07976876667
View details
Fri 25/10/2019 1 Space 9 Hours £60.00pp
Bass, Bream, Turbot, Brill and Squid
View details
Mon 28/10/2019 6 Spaces 9 Hours
Bass, Bream, Turbot, Brill and Squid
View details
Wed 30/10/2019 7 Spaces 12 Hours £65.00pp
12hr 30 species challenge A bit of fun today trying to boat 30 different species from mini species to monsters of the deep. Come and join us! 07976876667
View details
Thu 31/10/2019 6 Spaces 9 Hours £100.00pp
Dedicated Bass Trip today (max 6 on board) 07976876667 £100pp
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Fri 01/11/2019
View details
Mon 11/11/2019
View details
Tue 12/11/2019 5 Spaces 9 Hours £60.00pp
Bass, Bream, Flatties and Squid
View details
Mon 18/11/2019 3 Spaces 9 Hours
Bass, Bream, Flatties and Squid
View details
Mon 25/11/2019
View details
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  • 5-star gregg harman (09/10/2016)

    lyle is a most welcoming skipper who has always got hot water for the coffees, the one thing i always look for is a good skipper and keep in my book for future bookings and would recommend lyle to other fishermen ( friendley courtious and helpfull )

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for your kind words Gregg, Look forward to seeing you soon mate.


  • 5-star Stephen Maidment (10/06/2016)

    A great trip. Lyle found the cod for us yesterday, lots of quality cod of 10lb plus and a few pollock. He spent over an hour filleting the catch on the way in. Thanks for a great day out.

  • 5-star Mick maher (12/08/2015)

    My son david and I booked this trip after checking the reviews of most of the Weymouth charter boats. We made a really good choice as we had an excellent day out. We did not catch a lot of fish but the flowing tea and the help that Lyle gave us was second to none. He was always checking our methods and bait and did all he could to get fish on the boat. Every time we moved, we caught the species that he said we would. We have just booked two weeks holiday in Weymouth for 2016 and Lyle and Supanova 11 will be our first port of call. Many thanks Lyle. Mick Maher

  • 5-star Mick maher (12/08/2015)

    My son David and I booked this trip after checking the reviews on most of Weymouths charter boats. To say that we made a good choice is an understatement. We did not catch a lot of fish but had a fantastic day out with Lyle and a group of his regulars. The tea kept flowing and we had several moves. Each time, we caught the species that Lyle said we would. He was extremely helpful to the pair of us as we did not have the local knowledge that the other anglers had. He was always checking our methods and bait and did everything he couild to put fish on the boat. We have just booked another two weeks holiday in Weymouth for 2016 and Supanova 2 will be the first place we book our tripes.

    Skippers Reponse: Many Thanks Mick,

    Great to see you, see you in 2016!

    All the best,


  • 5-star Phil Ross (03/10/2014)

    A cracking day out with lyle. The boat is spotless, a great skipper who couldn't do enough to make everyone feel welcome ! - Top Marks

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Phil,

    Was great to have you on board, hope to see you again soon.

    Tight Lines,


Bait & Tackle

Latest Catches 1,062 photos uploaded

Paul Smith

6 lb 10 oz Turbot

David Johnson

5 lb 12 oz Turbot

Mark Steptoe

9 lb Turbot


16 lb Spurdog

Trevor Pegg

4 lb 4 oz Plaice

Gareth Jones

3 lb 12 oz Plaice

Dave Lam

9 lb Turbot

Andy Haydon

4 lb Bass

Alan Parker

13 lb Pollock


4 lb 8 oz Brill

Mike Elvy

4 lb 1 oz Plaice


3 lb 2 oz Plaice

Paul Smith

8 lb 8 oz Turbot

Paul Milkins

17 lb Blonde Ray

Paul Milkins

10 lb 8 oz Bull Huss

Earl Coates

15 lb Pollock


Latest Fishing Reports and News

  • 05/2019 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford

    May 2019 by Lyle Stantiford

    The Year So Far

    A busy year so far when the weather has let us out, Early wrecking trips produced steady fishing but as last year as March progressed and the Pollack began to spawn the fishing dropped away. April things started to Pick up again on the wrecks, with the odd Cod starting to make an appearance but the Ling non existent which has been a shame.

    The inshore fishing has been superb. Fantastic catches of Blonde Rays and Spurdogs on the smaller tides throughout feb, March and April has been brilliant sport. Ito April saw the first run of Plaice but it has been a case of conditions having to be absolutely perfect on the right tides to be successful. Turbot fishing has been good with good numbers of fish and the number of keepers up on last year. However at the time pf writing today was atough day yet yesterday and the day before were very good! That's fishing!

    Early run have Bream have been smaller than the norm but very plentiful with a little look for Bass producing fish.

    The coming months will hopefully bring more of the same inshore along with the arrival of the mackerel and subsequently the Tope. Wrecks should hopefully improve in numbers of Pollack and increased numbers of Cod. The first runs to the Channel Islands will be happening in May so fingers crossed for some nice flatty action.

    Cheers to all that continue to support the port of Weymouth.

    Tight Lines,


  • 03/2018 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford

    Mar 2018 by Lyle Stantiford

    Well well well.......... It never snows in Weymouth!! Well we have had more snow this month than I have ever seen before. A sign of the times hey! The wind has been relentless this winter and has been one of the worst for a while but that's why we put our pennies aside in the summer because you never know how long the wind will blow. When we have managed to steal a day from the weather gods the fishing has been fantastic mid channel with great catches of Pollack, with a decent stamp and fish touching 18lbs. ***** SPACES WRECKING IN MARCH AND APRIL 28TH MARCH, 2ND, 6TH, 11TH, 26TH APRIL*****

    Thanks to all that have ventured down often short notice to make the most of the weather.

    Tight Lines,


  • 01/2018 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford

    Jan 2018 by Lyle Stantiford

    Well 2018 is hear!!!

    As is the case for this time of year it's all about stealing a day when the weather allows. We have managed a couple of days and the fishing has been fantastic. Brilliant Blondes to 30lb and Huss inshore on the banks along with a steady run of tasty whiting has proved great sport for those not wanting to travel miles. Add into that Undulate, Thornback, spotted and Small eyed Rays, congers even a late or early Bream have made an appearance here or there!!

    The wrecking is showing fantastic signs compared to last winter, Steady runs of decent fit Pollack have been around coming to a vast array of lures keeping all on board busy with rod bending action. When I have been filleting the fish on the way in they have showed little signs of Roe inside which means the best is still to come. On the weekends trip Terry Hickman managed a nice stroke of luck when a 16lb Turbot snaffled his sidewinder. As you can tell by the pic what a cracking fish!!

    We have spaces over the next month on the following trips;

    27th Jan Big Blonde Rays £55pp
    28th Jan A mixed inshore day £55pp

    8th Feb Wrecking Pollack £75pp
    11th Feb Wrecking Pollack £75pp
    18th Feb Wrecking Pollack £75pp
    25th Feb Wrecking Pollack £75pp
    26th Feb Wrecking Pollack £75pp
    2nd March Wrecking Pollack £75pp

    Many thanks to all that support Weymouth through the tough old winters! See you soon!

    Tight lines,


  • 11/2017 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford

    Nov 2017 by Lyle Stantiford

    Well the season is beginning to wind down from here on in as the weather begins to beat us a little more frequently than we'd like.

    It's a big shame as the fishing has been superb the last month or so with the stand out, the absolutely phenomenal Bream fishing. On a couple of marks when the tide comes right sport has been bonkers with double and even treble shots common place and not small fish either with the best in the last month 4lb 7oz for Southampton angler Andy Hayden. The Blonde Ray fishing has been fantastic on the small toes with up to 50 fish coming to the net and all released to fight another day. Best the last month was 28lb. A bit of squid fishing will often feature in the last hour of trips this time of year, with many people never having targeted them let alone caught one it is great fun! They fight like mad and great eating too.

    We have a bit of time off in December but a few trips with place still remain.

    29th November Inshore £55pp 7 spaces
    16th December Inshore £55pp 3 spaces
    17th December Wrecking £75pp 7 spaces
    27th December Wrecking £75pp 10 spaces
    28th December Inshore £55pp 8 spaces
    30th December Wrecking £75pp 2 spaces

    Thanks to all that have made this month fun and continue their support to Weymouth.

    Tight Lines,


    Pictured is Lib with a gurt big Weymouth Squid!!!

  • 11/2017 Fishing Report by Lyle Stantiford

    Nov 2017 by Lyle Stantiford

    Well I have been hopeless with reports this year, it's been manic old year, please accept my apologies.

    How has it been i hear you ask?????? Well in all honesty its been a pretty tough season all in all, expectations were high but at times it has been disappointing. Little glimmers of Brilliance but they didn't seem to last long enough to be reliable.

    The early wrecking season was good with good catches of Pollack and then a fantastic month of ling on the small tides, the best I have seen for in excess of a decade. At the end of the Ling we would expect the Cod to arrive but they just didn't seem to appear in any great numbers, they are one of those cyclical species so we weren't too perturbed as usually the lack of competition for food means the Pollack will home back in on the wrecks for the summer months. Unusually they didn't which made for a tough old time wrecking wise in June and July.

    As the summer rolls on our usual attentions turn to the inshore fishing and this has been our saving grace this year that's for sure. Fantastic sessions on the anchor have seen ungulates to 18b, Blondes to 28b, Toe to 50lb, Huss to just under 15lb, More congers than you can shake a stick at and the real saving grace for the summer Autumn has been the outstanding Black Bream fishing both inshore and on the Wrecks. I don't think I have ever seen a year with more Bream over 4lb than this year.

    The Banks have fished steadily for Turbot and Brill throughout the summer/autumn but the majority have been small with a few better Brill of late. I have been focussing some time on a little Mark I have been fishing the last few years for Turbot and Brill and while you don't see loads of fish the quality has been good so I hope to spend a bit more time at it next summer.

    The Channel islands has been very poor on a whole. A couple of early trips weren't too bad and the later trips were actually pretty good with a good mixed bag. Good Bassing, amazing Bream, Couch's included, a run of flats and some monster Tope. I'm not too worried however as it has been bad before in my early days and what followed was the best fishing anyone has seen over there. Fingers Crossed for 2018.

    Competitions this year have been very successful, The conger comp was a huge success and we finally managed to win it with a fish of 73lb For Rod Adamson to take the title over the three days.

    The 5 day WIBAC (Weymouth international boat angling challenge) was once again a huge success with anglers coming from all over Europe to battle it out. Winner after the 5 day multi discipline was Jon Law from wales who walked away with a cool £3000 for his efforts. Once again we were on a roll and Managed to clinch Top Boat for the week.

    The support to us all here in Weymouth has just been superb this year and exciting opportunities lie ahead for us here. We thank all who continue to support our wonderful port and long may it continue!

    Tight Lines,


    Pictured is Keith Newton with the best Turbot of the year so far 21lb 10oz