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Skipper: john keggie
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May-Sep Cullivoe. Winter in La La Gomera See Additional Description below for further details
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Licensed For: up to 10 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60 MCA area 2
Hours: 8hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: Deepsea angling on wrecks & Banks 6 years fishing from Cullivoe in Shetland
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Rodman 12.50 sports fishing boat and Lochin 33 fast fisherman
Facilities: Cold drinks and all tackle provided
Additional Description:


We offer big game fishing from one day to a full week. Top of the range Shimano and Penn international tackle included as part of your charter. Catch Blue fin tuna, Big eye tuna and yellow fin.. This is wicked Tuna in reality!

In Shetland i established the first fishing charter boat in Cullivoe in 2010 and have all the experience of fishing these northern waters for over 6 years. I aim to target the many species available in Shetland and often try new reefs and wrecks. Shetland should not be about Cod bashing it's about experiencing the best anging available in the UK. My new boat is a Lochin and coded for 10, however i seldom fish more than 6. Your trip should be about your enjoyment & quality fishing and with six i can assist you and gaff your fish. I can take 7 or 8 but with these numbers i will have crew to assist. If you want to discuss a possible trip feel free to give me a call on 07793120958. I'm only to happy to spend time and answer and questions you may have on the fishing or travel.

Yell Rebel Skipper john keggie's Photo
About the Skipper:

I have been fishing for 40 years and started chartering in the UK in 2004. In La Gomera since 2015. My objective is to help you catch the biggest fish of your life.. Always an adventure with us aboard Oberon of Yell.
In two seasons we have caught many large fish. With Bluefin to 850 lbs and Marlin to 700 lbs. In Shetland i established the first charter angling from Cullivoe in 2010. My old boat Oberon is now run by Kenny Graham. I'm now back from 2018 and looking forward to once again putting my anglers onto marks that have never been fished. If i get the weather i'm happy to run 30 miles from base to explore new wrecks. The two wrecks that lie within 12 miles of Cullivoe produce good ling but they have been fished constantly for 5 years with charter angling and jigging boats. the wrecks i target are never fished. one that is 38 miles from base has only been fished 4 times in 5 years. Every ling i have taken off it has been over 40 lbs. With Cod to 40 often just off the wreck.

January 2018

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Catch Stats

Latest Catches 3 photos uploaded

Jon Long

500 lb Blue Marlin

Dave Wilson

271 lb Big Eye Tuna

Kevin Meek

130 lb Big Eye Tuna


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 07/08/2017 Fishing Report by john keggie

    7 Aug 2017 by john keggie

    Oberon has just reached the midway point in our second season in La Gomera. We had a great start to the season with many species caught. During March & April we caught a number of Bluefin with many around 700 lbs. Two of our best went over 800 lbs on the measurement charts. We also caught a number of Big eye tuna with the best at 271 lbs for Dave Wilson.

    In 28 days on the Blue Marlin we have had 17 marlin with 8 captured to the boat. All nice fish with a number around 500 lbs.