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  • 06/2019 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie on Size Matters (Plymouth, Devon)

    Jun 2019 by Kevin McKie

    Report on-board Size Matters

    Size Matters has officially arrived back in Plymouth for the summer season.

    If our first charter is anything to go by then this season is going to be incredible.

    We managed to get the pot noodle boys from Kent out to JURASSIC PARK to feed our pet Six Gill Sharks.

    The fishing was truly incredible, the three lads caught 12 Six Gill Sharks yes that’s right 12!!!

    500lb, 410lb, 365lb, 320lb, 310lb, 260lb, 220lb, 220lb, 210lb, 205lb, 140lb, 135lb.

    This is the most Six Gill Sharks caught on any charter boat in the UK.

    We only boated a few of the Sharks, they never left the deck of the boat and the deck wash was used at all times.

    To lift the Sharks onboard we used our Skate sling from Scottish National Heritage it was perfect for the job once we got the hang of it.

    We did get bitten off using 900lb wire (there is always a bigger fish) and 3 of the Sharks had long line hooks in them that we removed.

    The lads also managed a Porbeagle Shark, loads of Pollack to 9lb and Ling to 18lb.

    If you are lucky enough to be booked on with us to fish JURASSIC PARK over the next two years then we will only be allowing one Shark per person to be put on the deck for photos, the rest will be filmed or photographed in the water.

    Size Matters is fully kitted out with all the latest fishing tackle from our sponsors Shimano UK.

    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters (Plymouth)


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