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  • 09/05/2022 Fishing Report by Scott Belbin on Galloper (West Mersea, Essex)

    9 May 2022 by Scott Belbin

    Report on-board Galloper

    Our general trips are keeping us busy at the moment. There is certainly plenty of action out there at the moment with bites one after the other. dogfish are in plague proportions still and there are still unseasonable amounts of whiting and even pouting showing too in places. These keep the rods going in between the other species like thorn-backs and hounds. It makes for some impressive numbers on some groups matches. The Suffolk lads had a busy trip the other day with Andy having the winning catch once again. I cant tell you how many points he scored but I know he was on 99 fish after around 7 hours of fishing. Adam wasn’t far behind him either with another impressive score. Clive had two of the biggest fish with a decent ray around double figures and a hound of over 11lbs too.
    The summer species are really moving in now. We have seen a marked increase in numbers of smooth-hounds on our trips. There are lots of small hounds around and they are pretty widespread too. We have also seen some bigger fish in places too. The other day Started off well for Stephen Clarke with a couple of nice double figure hounds in quick succession. We had steady fishing throughout the day on hounds of all sizes, lots of dogfish, whiting and bass too. The biggest hound fell to young Grayson who was out giving his grandad John a much needed fishing lesson. Grayson played the big female hound to the boat like a professional and was a natural at holding them too. I took some pictures and headed off for the weigh sling and scales as Grayson promptly released the fish! we have no accurate weight but she was definitely over 15lbs. Grayson was very happy with his first ever hound although I did remind him that one or two of the other lads on the trip had fished for many years and never had one that big! I have a few spaces on some smooth-hound trips coming up. Including this Saturday 14/05 and an evening trip on 28/05. I can also offer spaces and boat bookings for smooth-hounds throughout the summer if you fancy catching these hard fighting fish.

    Please take note, I have listed below my current individual availability until the end of June. As you can see weekend Dates are limited.
    I do have availability mid-week for individuals and groups if you fancy a trip out.
    Not all dates are advertised, please contact me on 07956411528 to discuss midweek dates.

    14/05/22-2 spaces @ £70pp max 7 anglers

    21/05/22-1 space @ £100pp offshore trip max 7 anglers

    28/05/22- evening trip (16.30-midnight) 4 spaces @ £70pp max 7 anglers

    18/06-22-2 spaces @ £100pp offshore trip max 7 anglers

    19/06/22-4 spaces @ £100pp offshore trip max 6 anglers

    26/06/22-1 space @ £70pp max 7 anglers

    Please call me for more information on 07956411528
    Dad (Stuart) has availability on the ‘Razorbill 3’ please call him on 07850234077

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    Sun 22/05/2022 1 Space 12 Hours £100.00pp
    offshore tope fishing 1 space @ £100pp
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    Wed 25/05/2022 5 Spaces 12 Hours £100.00pp
    offshore tope trip
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    Sat 04/06/2022 1 Space 10 Hours £70.00pp
    1 space @ £70pp max 7 anglers
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    Sat 18/06/2022 2 Spaces 12 Hours £100.00pp
    offshore 2 spaces @ £100pp max 6 anglers
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    Sun 19/06/2022 4 Spaces 12 Hours £100.00pp
    4 spaces @ £100pp
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    Sun 26/06/2022 1 Space 10 Hours £70.00pp
    1 spaces @ £70pp max 7 anglers
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    Fri 15/07/2022 7 Spaces 10 Hours £60.00pp
    7 spaces @ £60pp
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    Sat 23/07/2022 3 Spaces 10 Hours £100.00pp
    offshore tope and bass 3 spaces @ £100pp
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    Sun 31/07/2022 1 Space 10 Hours £70.00pp
    1 space @ £70pp max 7 anglers
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    Sat 06/08/2022 1 Space 12 Hours £100.00pp
    offshore max 6 anglers
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