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  • 08/05/2024 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins on Mistress Linda (Poole, Dorset)

    8 May 2024 by Philip Higgins

    Report on-board Mistress Linda

    After a long period of unsettled weather last week was fantastic with calm seas, blue skies and temperatures more normal for this time of year and the fishing did not let us down. We were engaged in the Bream tagging project and were tasked with catching x amount of Black Bream to be tagged and released which was achieved very quickly. The team from Plymouth Uni went to work operating on each bream and after the recovery period swam away as they finished we were treated to a group of playful Dolphins jumping all around the boat and as fortune was on our side we had already deployed an acoustic receiver to listen to the bream and record the tagged fish nearby but this was completely drowned out by the Dolphins making their trademark clicking noises everyone onboard took lots of pics and recordings of the bream and dolphins. It also gave Tanya from NE to join in and catch her 1st sea fish which made her day.
    The other trips produced lots of good quality Bream and Mackeral with the odd Bass taking the small bream baits.

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    Tue 28/05/2024 1 Space £70.00pp
    Black Sea Bream.
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    Thu 30/05/2024 2 Spaces £70.00pp
    Need 2 more for trip go-ahead. Black Sea Bream / Mackerel / Plaice.
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    Mon 03/06/2024 3 Spaces 8 Hours £70.00pp
    Black Sea Bream / Mackerel / Plaice / Tub Gurnard.
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    Tue 04/06/2024 6 Spaces £70.00pp
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    Tue 11/06/2024 7 Spaces 8 Hours £7.00pp
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    Wed 12/06/2024 6 Spaces 8 Hours £70.00pp
    Black Sea Bream / Small-Eyed Ray / Tope / Blonde Ray / Undulate Ray.
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    Wed 19/06/2024 5 Spaces £70.00pp
    Black Sea Bream / Mackerel / Plaice / Tope / Undulate Ray.
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    Tue 25/06/2024 5 Spaces 8 Hours £70.00pp
    General gentlemen's day out fishing Black Sea Bream / Mackerel / Plaice / Smooth-hound (Common) / Tub Gurnard.
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    Wed 26/06/2024 6 Spaces 6 Hours £85.00pp
    Bass fishing in the tide then Plaice drifting as the tide eases Bass / Plaice.
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    Mon 15/07/2024 8 Spaces 8 Hours £70.00pp
    A day spent around the rocks in the bay catching Tiddlers along with the chance of a Trigger Fish Trigger Fish / Short-spined Sea Scorpion / Rock Cook / Rock Goby.
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