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  • 28/08/2020 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    28 Aug 2020 by Les Jones

    Well what a year so far, lockdown, one man trips, two man trips and now nearly normal but the new normal. Big thank you to all the anglers that have kept coming as soon as we could through these tricky times. It is a proper escape to something relaxed and enjoyable. I have been booked solid all summer and September is nearly full too. My prices remain keen and that helps. So here are my prices to take me through to next year and for the whole of 2021.
    8hr trip - Max 4 persons £340, lots of space no masks.
    8hr trip - Max 5 persons £375, PPE if preferred.
    8hr trip - Max 6 persons £420.
    9hr Bassing - Max 6 £480.
    9hr Sharking - Max 4 inc tackle, bait, chum £600
    10hr wrecking - Max 6 £660.
    I’m licences for 12 plus 2 and she is a big boat but I like the space!!

  • 20/07/2018 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    20 Jul 2018 by Les Jones

    This is Rob from last Saturday with one of the Turbot. Other notable catches this week were tope to 31lb and a boat record 29.5lb Blonde Ray. I run my own website and occassionally update this one with reports but needless to say the fishing has been so good I have been out on the boat alot and not thinkng about marketing. There are still a few spaces and dates in August so get a space or book a date when you can with me and try Lymington as your fishing port. We have a great home port fishing the grounds south of the Isle of Wight, The Solent, The Needles, St Catherines and Hengistbury Head. I also pickup from Yarmouth on the Island.

  • 08/02/2018 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    8 Feb 2018 by Les Jones

    If you like a lot of weight on your rod then this was the trip to be on. On Thursday I rounded a crew of hopefuls that were on standby. We were fishing in a small tide which meant the lead weights never went over a pound but the fish were feeding extremely well. And they were all big and weighty. Nearly all of them went back to do their spring thing. Peter Hellyar caught a superb 29lb specimen Blonde Ray, a feisty 38lb Conger, a specimen 10lb 2oz Bass and a 10lb Thornback plus Whiting and more Congers. All these fish were returned except for the small Whiting which made very good live baits. Ian Hewett caught this lovely 17lb Undulate Ray plus a 12lb Blonde Ray and Congers. Mike Callus caught the cracking 23lb Blonde Ray and a 30lb Conger plus another Blonde Ray and smaller Congers. Devon caught the first and best Small Eyed Ray at around 7lb. There were also more Whiting, Eels and Rays caught by the rest of the crew. I was pretty knackered at the end of it because of all the weight lifting plus the sea state continued to build gradually throughout the day, before we made a run for the Solent to finish off in comfort.

  • 14/05/2017 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    14 May 2017 by Les Jones

    Three days of wind, rain and sunshine. It's still spring and the inshore fishing is waking up slowly as our sea temperatures begin to rise. Below is Paul from yesterdays trip with a cracking Black Bream of 4lb 4ozs that came along very early in the tide. The big Bream was spent and completely empty. The day was breezy and a bit lumpy with very few other boats deciding to go but the experienced Hopp Inn lads fished well for the best Black Bream of the season so far. Other catches were more Black Bream, a 4lb Bull Huss, Wrasse, Dogs and Pout.

    On Saturday a crew of marine biologists really enjoyed their day despite the wet start and then breezy conditions, all fished in comfortable inshore waters to catch some good fish. Nick started with a well marked Undulate Ray at 9lb 8oz. We tested for mackerel and caught Garfish. In the afternoon we found Smoothounds feeding well in the ebb. Nick below caught a nice double before being upstaged by Matt with his cracking 14lb'er. All fish were returned to fight again

  • 19/04/2017 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    19 Apr 2017 by Les Jones

    Sorry for the late report on my website. One just can't get enough PR staff on the pay role.... I wish!

    Due to some time tiday I have also copied the report with some recent catch photos to CBUK.

    This weeks report from '';The weather, crews and fishing have been really good over the last week with five trips, starting with an Individuals trip, last Wednesday. The lads found some nice Black Bream to 3lb 5oz, before a drift for Turbot where Pete tricked our target fish. We then had a go for a Plaice but lost the tide. On Friday the lads found a few Plaice on the drift (needs clear water, which we had) plus a bonus 13lb Undulate Ray on Plaice gear, at anchor, for Guy. In the second Friday short session trip, the crew from Devizes caught our first Mackerel of the year and some useful inshore Pollock. On Saturday the Sebastien and Simon crew patiently fished very well for Mackerel and Herrings on a stunning day at the Needles before attempting to clear a big wreck of large Pout. They had no chance of doing that. On Sunday we found a few more Mackerel and Herring plus some nice Bream. Here's some pictures of our excursions:

  • 18/02/2017 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    18 Feb 2017 by Les Jones

    Glorious February sunshine! What in the UK? You can't beat that right at the end of the season on a new boat! The lovely weather also coincided with two booked winter fishing trips, which makes a change too. On both days we tested further off-shore in the calm seas and small tides.

    Saturday was the warmest sunniest day. We had plenty of time and ventured further off-shore where we had a surprise species for February, a cracking 32lb Tope, caught by Steve Banks. I thought this was going to be the biggest Spurr Dog ever seen at the net as just before this fish I netted a target 16lb Spurr Dog for Bob Clack! Between Conger Eels I also netted a nice 12lb Undulate Ray for Mark Kellett, as well as a Whiting and a Dogfish. These came along with three target Blonde Rays and a couple of Thornbacks plus twenty Conger Eels to 27lb.

    Saturday was also the day I learned how useful the AIS feature was for me, while out in the Channel, as displayed on the RADAR. This is a feature I have never had before on a boat. I also tested the auto pilot properly on the way back to the Light in ideal conditions. The oldish but trusty Raymarine Classic (non-touch screen) Navigation equipment was, in thick fog, first thing Saturday morning, an absolute joy to have. 'White Maiden II' is definitely my ideal vessel for this job and I have no regrets so far. She is a proper upgrade, for both skipper and passengers. I'm very well set now and really looking forward to the new season.

    On Friday the Devizes lads also did well for this time of year, on a closer bank, on a the shorter six hour trip with two Blonde Rays, a Small Eyed Ray plus eighteen Conger Eels to 26lb

  • 20/01/2017 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    20 Jan 2017 by Les Jones

    New boat and some good winter weather and fishing. It's been a very busy but great period for me. Apologies for a lack of reports but I have been very busy looking after my fishing crews! If you check out my own website you will find detailed weekly reports and pictures there and going back for the last eleven years. Happy catching and catching up and Happy New Year.

  • 02/05/2016 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    2 May 2016 by Les Jones

    Had a good day out yesterday on White Maiden hosting and observing some of the England Boat Team members with Matt Osborne catching the best Black Bream at 3lb 2oz. Steve Batchelor proved they were there, at our second mark, with Black Bream getting bigger through the tide. Gary Galbraith caught his contender followed by Martin Bobbet but both were pipped by Matt just before we moved off, for a go at the Plaice. The better Plaice showed up in the end with Gary taking a few small ones before this double shot and then again, at lines up, Cots took the money with the biggest Plaice at 2lb 2oz. Other species caught were Pollock, Bull Huss, Ballions and Ballan Wrasse, Dogs, Pout and Garfish.

  • 05/03/2016 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    5 Mar 2016 by Les Jones

    Some good Plaice about in the murky seas. Exotic baits work and some patience helps too. They move through in waves but as the sea is murky and having tested both methods well, anchoring with good bait is best. Drifting doesn't work great at the moment and last weekends storms and heavy downpours wouldn't have helped the sea clear.

  • 28/03/2016 Fishing Report by Les Jones

    28 Mar 2016 by Les Jones

     A very happy Easter to all. We are now ready and raring to go, following my annual White Maiden maintenance work and routine. First proper trip back was on Good Friday when in the morning we found a dozen Plaice to 2lb. In the afternoon the guys wanted to go deep, which happened to be when the breeze got up and we found mainly Dogs and the odd Pout on their massive and speculative baits.

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