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  • 05/2020 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    May 2020 by barry wiseman

    Back to doing what we do best, catching fish! Better Days Charter is currently targeting large sea bass, monster hounds and other extremely sort after fish for kids and beginners all the way up to extreme fisherman. For booking enquires please call 07949960222.

  • 04/2020 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    Apr 2020 by barry wiseman

    Due to guide lines around the COVID-19 Virus, Trips have currently been suspended until it is safe to do so. The last couple of weeks we have managed to find a large amount of small codling off ramsgate, along with some good size early hounds just under 10lb. Still very early for them, and should see bigger and better soon along with the bass. Once trips continue we will be doing longer trips, with more fish, better weather and hopefully higher spirts. To all our customers stay safe and we will see you all onboard soon enough. Tight lines all.

  • 02/2020 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    Feb 2020 by barry wiseman

    With Thornback Rays being widely caught inshore & Offshore, we will shortly be focusing our attention on targeting the first of our Smooth-hounds and Bass. During March-May, it is very common to catch smooth hounds well over 10lb+ due to all the big, pupped up females moving through, along side large bass running through along side them. From March onwards we will be using a variety of different baits to insure chance of getting these large fish from live prawn, fresh peeler crabs and squid to really give us the edge on catching these fish early. Along side them, you’ll find large quantities of Skate, Flat-Fish, Large Whiting and other species. To book please call 07949960222 to arrange any trips or and questions you may have about the fishing we offer out of ramsgate. Tight lines all����

  • 01/2020 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    Jan 2020 by barry wiseman

    With great weather this week, we’ve managed to take full advantage of the fishing. It seems all the skate have pushed inshore along with some monster dabs. We are averaging 10+ skate a trip along with plenty of by-catch such as your dabs and large channel whiting. As the weather is only nice for a few more days. Why not jump on Better Days charter out of ramsgate and catch some of these monster fish���� We operate 24/7, and supply everything you’ll need for a one off price of £40pp. Call 07949960222 for bookings.

  • 01/2020 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    Jan 2020 by barry wiseman

    After a week of strong winds, the herring shoals have finally been dispersed allowing us a better chance to hook those larger fish feeding on them. The skate are well and truly inshore with an average of 10 a trip with our best just under 15lb. Even the whiting are starting to thin out, producing more good sized dabs and Bass with the tide. For bookings at £40 including everything, call 07949960222!

  • 01/2020 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    Jan 2020 by barry wiseman

    January fishing is fully in swing, with plenty of large whiting,Dabs,Bass and skate kicking about. This January has been quite mild and to our surprise there’s still a good amount of bass coming up. Within the next month hopefully we should see some early smooth-hounds pushing inshore, along with the start of the large bass we get out of ramsgate. From the start of April we will be providing live prawn and fresh peeler crab to really target those large hounds and bass we get at the start of our season. For now the fishing is still very active with plenty of fish being caught each trip, as time goes on, the fishing should only get better and better. At £40 a head or £250 whole for whole boat, why not give us a message or call and book a day with us? Hopefully see you onboard����

  • 12/2019 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    Dec 2019 by barry wiseman

    Better Days Charter is now taking bookings for Christmas fishing trips out of ramsgate throughout the Christmas holiday. So why not bring the whole family to a festive, warm and entertaining environment from family trips, first time fisherman, business events and group trips with guaranteed fish for all anglers. We cater to each group to reach your expectations to make the day as enjoyable as possible. We provide all equipment onboard such as rods,reels,tackle and bait along with constant tuition onboard so you can catch the most fish possible! Better Days also provides unlimited hot drinks through out the day, snacks, and a hot Lunch to keep you full and energised for a busy day. We can also provide cold drinks and alcoholic beverages on request with groups competitions and rewards, all can be organised over the phone to make the day as enjoyable for each party. We provide 4/6/8 hour trips, from £30pp and £200 for the whole boat (10 people Max) on a 4 hour trip. For information regarding trips and special requests please call or text us on 07949960222 to booking your fishing trip.

  • 01/11/2019 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    1 Nov 2019 by barry wiseman

    As the cold now sets in and the water temperature drops we will now be targeting our winter species fish out of ramsgate. As the herring shoals move in, we have our last chance at any large bass migrating through and the start of any Codling moving in. The more common fish like the large channel whiting we get out of ramsgate, are now in very good numbers followed by the large thornback-rays easily reaching 15lb & over. By-catch commonly caught out of ramsgate will be Dabs,Pouting,Dog-Fish,Small Eels,Whiting and Rockling.

    As a winter special individual spaces will be £35 and whole boat 8 hour trips will be £250 with a maximum of 10 people. Both included rod hire, tackle, bait and Tuition. For bookings please call 07949960222 & we Look forward to seeing you onboard.

  • 23/08/2019 Fishing Report by barry wiseman

    23 Aug 2019 by barry wiseman

    The hound fishing is picking up with bigger specimens being caught. There are plenty of bass but not in the sizes we’d be hoping for, most bellow the 3lb range but the occasional 6lb+ is coming up from ramsgate. Hopefully as the bass migrate through we should see some better bass in numbers and hopefully some early codling. As the summer is drawing to a end we are noticing a increase in whiting, mackerel, and a very steady stream of large amounts of fish. Hopefully some nice pictures will be uploaded soon.

    Bookings are due to start being taken during the beginning of September as the fishing picks up. September can be one of the best months out of ramsgate with big smooth-hound and bass Fishing. Plenty of other species such as thornbacks,Whiting,Pouting,Mackerel,Dog fish and Cod can also be caught inshore.