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  • 09/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    Sep 2020 by Iain Barron

    Fish Here There and Everywhere, Brighton Fishing 22 August 2020

    Tuesday 18th- 23rd The week’s weather was stunning for some Brighton Fishing with the Brighton Lure Boat, with the boat booked out every day, With a number of challenges set by my fishing crews, and Father & Sons day, a week to look forward to . . .

    Father and Son Onboard the Brighton Lure Boat

    Tuesday, Jack & Paul This proved rather challenging with the neap tides, bright sunshine, anticipation was boundless, first up had a couple of guys from Twickenham, inshore areas can be difficult when there’s not much tide, as skipper we have to make it happen, and with first drop-offs then Jack hit into a schoolie 3 in total for him but we managed to find a few fish for Paul But no silver for him, over the 4-hour session. Mackerel, Gunards, Wrasse and 3 Schoolie Bass.

    Another Family Adventure Sea Fishing With Brighton Lure Boat

    On Wednesday we had Amiz, Theo, and Marcus Father and son Day talking to Marcus he is private secretary to Priddie Patel, that was enough politics in one sentence for me, as the previous day weather stunning for some Brighton Fishing on the Brighton Lure Boat.

    An early start was required, the fish again proved tough to find but tracking them on the sounder always helps the situation, mackerel were in abundance but we needed silvers to get the excitement level up, which duly happened on the popular inshore mark, The schoolies although small proved fun and all 3 guys went home happy, also caught Gurnards Mackerel.

  • 15/08/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    15 Aug 2020 by Iain Barron

    Course Fishermen to Sea Fishermen, Fishing the Sussex Seas

    Saturday morning 3 hour Taster Session

    we were greeted with overcast and dull conditions, First aboard was, Conner & Ben, bestie friends form the Midlands on a weekend visit to Brighton, both course fishers,we ventured out on to the glass sea, explained how we use the lures, and the actions they produce, lure and loaded we started the adventure, Firstly I was not surprised by there casting method for a couple of lads just turned 16 years old, and willingness to learn , we dipped the lures in to the offshore reefs which proved hard work, a quick move to another area, and we found fish, Conner hooked a lovely bass around 4lb, Ben was getting takes, possible cuttlefish which proved to be a bit of nuisance all morning, in the end, 3 bass landed and returned, and happy lads went back to Leicester, I’m sure we will see them again very soon.

  • 19/08/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    19 Aug 2020 by Iain Barron

    First Codling For Brighton Lure Boat, Caught with Family Duo, Sussex Sea Fishing

    Next up Father and son, Roger and Harry are onboard the Brighton Lure Boat The neap tides and the sunny weather can either turn the fish on the feed or switch off, again as previous days Mackerel were coming to the boat easily, it was just a case of finding the fish and what there interested in.
    Moved slightly offshore to an area that had produced and I was proved right, a couple of drop-offs and then Harry’s rod was hit solid, possible Ray, nope a fine 3.5lb codling which duly went into the oven I’m told for supper along with some jumbo Mackerel, this was the only trip that didn’t produce bass, 5-6 drop-offs and possibly the neap tide, tomorrow’s another day . . . But a first Codling for Bright Lure Boat, and smiles all round.

  • 20/08/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    20 Aug 2020 by Iain Barron

    Mirror, Mirror on The Brighton Seas, Where Be The Bass Please

    Thursday Roger & Martin, We were met with a stunning mirror sea to fish the Brighton Fishing waters and 2 seasoned anglers on board, the task set neither had caught a bass could we deliver, well after pass couple of days. I was hopeful, neap tide slightly increase in height, again a first happened for BLB, whilst using the slow jig, Roger says fish on, slight bend in the rod, around 1lb plaice!! Then both had there the first cuttlefish, but we wanted Silvers and then, Martin had successfully captured his first bass, plus mackerel and Gurnards and cuttlefish. Roger already having the plaice, never happened before the last cast of the session and he hooks into his first-ever bass, the smile says it all. They went with mackerel for dinner and I’m sure to see them again s

  • 02/09/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    2 Sep 2020 by Iain Barron

    Sea Fishing The Bank Holiday The 1st Of Many! 3 September 2020

    The Bank Holiday Sea Fishing adventure Lived up to its reputation of being a hot and sunny day, an early start sees our regular fisher Dave and Brian, the sea was like a mirror with a small swell, as previous trips to the first mark proved the timing is right and you can get into the fish.

    Like previous trips, Dave was first in, and the bass safely returned, again we experienced drop-offs at least three within space of 5 minutes, they just seemed to be mouthing the tails of the lures and dropping. Brian had a hard take and we good fish on coming to the boat, one last dive, the bass threw the hook, he mentioned where he fish’s they only get Thornback rays.

    I was determined he would catch his first Bass Sea Fishing onboard the Brighton Lure Boat, all the while the time slipping away Dave has another 2 good fish in 15 minutes, couple photos, and back they went to fight another day.

    Brian still plugin away hits into a Tub gurnard his first fish of the day and not his last, checking the sounder out all was quiet, so we moved offshore to a wreck, Fish showing as in previous reports but nothing doing.

    Sea Fishing The Reefs With Brighton Lure Boat

    The last 30 minutes moved inshore to a reef, again was hard work, personally believe the day before winds had ruined the clarity, we carried on, and last cast saloon, not for the first time Brian has his first not big but it’s the thrill and the experience he was after.

    With 3 more Brighton Charter Fishing trips planned for the Brighton Lure Boat for the week, it looks like another hard week was ahead

  • 31/08/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    31 Aug 2020 by Iain Barron

    Brighton Lure Boat Blow Away Monday Blues

    Our first sailing is with Dave Arthur, a great supporter of Brighton Lure Boat, we motored on down east to few marks which have been producing some quality fish, with the sea state we moved out to a wreck off Saltdean, having speed like we have over 30kts we were onto the area in no time at all.

    Brighton‘a seas can throw up the odd anomaly now and again , we were hoping for some good bass fishing, that’s not how it turned out.

    Dave was first in , quickly followed by me , both bass 2/3lb great fun on lite line and gear, we retraced our trail over the area, and Dave’s rod was hit ferociously with line being stripped, he said don’t think this a bass!! How right he was !! 11lb 4oz Pollock!! We continued on and as the day grew so did the wind's which put paid to anymore fish , it was fantastic morning, 4 Species , 5 Bass,Pollock,Shad and Dave’s first mackerel and Pollock of the year!!!

  • 30/08/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    30 Aug 2020 by Iain Barron

    Sunday mornings , are for lay ins, and w v ith the afternoon session cancelled due to the wind, Brighton Lure Boat had an early start, and after recent blow hopefully the Bass would show up.

    Mick kicks off the busy week ahead for Brighton Lure Boat, meeting at crack of dawn we headed out, very overcast and rather grimy sea and rain!!

    Shore Lure Catcher to Brighton Lure Boat Catcher

    Mick, I found out fished for England fly team at Rutland water, he found this rather stressful and decided to give up and started lure fishing from Shoreham beach where he had success.

    He mentioned he was struggling to catch a descent Bass , I said he will catch fish, a big statement to make with rain coming down, fish moving on the surface, and nothing showing on the sounder!

    Brighton Lure Boat Experience Mission Accomplished !

    We moved down to a spot which normally produces, we weren’t disappointed, Mick first into a fish and a broad smile said it all, we had long drift under the cliffs, with fish showing and baitfish being driven to the top, by Bass & Mackerel, I was hopeful for another feast. Mick into his second fish of the morning, and coupled with 4 drop-offs, we continued our drift. . .

    Brighton Lure Boat smart move!
    We moved out to a wreck and within minutes Mick’s rod is hit , his 4th for the day, and Brighton Lure Boat seventh and last, the wind had picked up but the sun shined and all in a great morning for a first timer on the Brighton Lure Boat

    I’m sure we see Mick again very soon . . . .

  • 10/09/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    10 Sep 2020 by Iain Barron

    Colin’s Bass-tastic Thursday on Brighton Lure Boat! 13 September 2020

    Our first trip out on Brighton Lure Boat was with Aaron and Colin, Aaron is becoming a regular lure man with us, Colin having travelled from Oxford and first time out with us and having 4 previous bookings cancelled we new we had to get on the fish for him. He was use to using 20lb class rods and metal booms and Red Gills, which we use the weighted version.

    Brighton Lure Boat has taught us to be patient in our approach when we have new guys on board, within minutes Colin was onto his first Bass and the day proceed well.

    We headed out and met with a big swelling sea, due to the previous winds, forecast was for it to settle, we first arrived on a wreck with fish showing on the sounder as was very hopeful, and first in was Aaron with a small Bass , followed by Mackerel and small Pollock, Colin joined in with Bass.

    Skippers decision to move closer to shore was the right one, with tide building and bait fish showing the chance of something descent was high. Colin is first in with stunner of a female, weighed on the boat just over 5lb, he said made it worthwhile Just catching this and wasn’t bothered if he didn’t catch anything else…….Well that didn’t happen, Aaron in to another Bass, his 4th of the day.

    Colin had one more Bass , and wanted some Mackerel, which the Brighton seas gave him, The Bass count a new record for a single session for Brighton Lure Boat 12, 4 each was the score count, Colin’s day ended with him taking 1 Bass and Mackerel back up the M23 to Oxford.

  • 03/09/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    3 Sep 2020 by Iain Barron

    Pirates Spotted On The Brighton Seas 3 September 2020

    We had the great honor of La Barbe Bleue, join us for some lure fishing on the Brighton Seas. For those not knowing your French, La Barbe Bleue translates to Blue Beard. He is also known as Simon, top gardener, and keeper of Brighton Marina, he’s the guy that makes the Marina look colorful.

    We thankfully had great weather on the Brighton Seas for the first few hours and was hopeful of good return as of the previous day. Well, the silvers didn’t disappoint, back to where yesterday’s feast happened, and the first cast yours truly was straight into a bass, quickly followed by Simon. He was well chuffed that 10 minutes in we were 2 on the board already. The next cast he hits into another Bass, which was landed, photo opportunity kissed and put back, could this be another brilliant day.

    Chasing The Bass and Mackerel Into the Reefs of the Brighton Seas

    The Brighton Lure Boat moved west on the Brighton Seas to another reef where I had success earlier in the week. We positioned up and the first drift produced another good fish, Which didn’t disappoint. Simon all the time getting takes even on the drop once I showed him a small technique which he hadn’t seen before. The sounder was showing well with baitfish, and we had around 5/6 shoals of mackerel driving than to the surface and making the sea boil. I did wonder if this put the bass off our tiny lures, we had a couple more fish.

    The breeze started to increase and our sunny day became overcast dull and grey. Which for some reason made the fish disappear the score count 7 landed 2 lost at the net and 5 drop-offs.

    Brighton Lure Boat This Week

    For the last three days over 20 Bass caught and all were returned, If anyone is lucky enough to catch the Bass that has a hook and Black Minnow in its mouth please let me know!

  • 02/09/2020 Fishing Report by Iain Barron

    2 Sep 2020 by Iain Barron

    Simply The Best, 10 Of The Best. Brighton Sea Fishing 1 September 2020

    A busy week ahead for some Brighton Sea Fishing and first up today returning for a second run on the Brighton Lure Boat, Theo & Izzy, both course anglers, and now very keen lure anglers, last time out on the Brighton Lure Boat we had stunning weather along the Brighton Coast, with the neap tide, optimistic for today’s weather and tide we were hopeful the Brighton Seas would produce a bounty.

    We moved out of the Brighton Marina to met with a bit of swell and sunshine, the two lads were in deep conversation about Brighton Sea Fishing and the morning ahead, The Brighton Lure Boat had to stop due to the enormity of the shoal which showed on the sounder, we followed this for a few minutes only for it to disappear as quickly has it had shown.

    They say, football is a game of 2 halves, our first 90 minutes was pretty dull hardly anything showing only a few takes but nothing concrete, so we moved out further and the next 90 minutes was full-on, Theo was first to catch, his words I think “I have something!”

    Well a stonking first Brighton Bass for him, this was what I was hoping for a constant stream of takes and fish. Izzy was next, with me at the same time, that’s a first for me, who gets netted first, Izzy in the net. Followed by mine, quick dual photo of the catches, and back they went. Our count for the morning or the second half was 4, with Theo having the best fish of the day, the baitfish were abundance plus some topwater action by Bass munching happily around the gulls.

    An hour in and our count is up to 6 with 4 drop-offs, 35 minutes left on the clock could we get to double figures, Our next drift around Izzy into a fish, then Theo seconds later also hits into another silver. Again who gets the net, Theo landed, quickly followed by Izzy’s fish.

    Tick, Tock For Brighton Sea Fishing

    Time running out could we make 10 fish in total, that was the challenge, and yes achieved with the last cast of the day, on the score count Izzy 4 Theo 2 yours truly chipped in with 4 as well.

    The hard work put in by the boys and listening paid handsomely. Well done and good luck in your college year ahead.

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