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  • 07/08/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    7 Aug 2021 by Philip Higgins

    Due to a few days of strong winds we have been restarting fishing inside probably the most beautiful and possibly the largest harbour in the world and it has been brilliant with some decent sized Plaice, Black and Gilthead Bream, Bass, Gurnard, Hounds, Mackeral and Flounders being landed along with plenty of bait robbing sized bream. Drifting the main channel during quiet periods of boat movements has been the most productive but once the main ebb tide gets away the weed has been a problem.

  • 26/06/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    26 Jun 2021 by Philip Higgins

    Fishing has been top notch the last few days with plenty of Plaice, Bream, Tope an£ Rays but today’s trip had a more sober feel to it where we said goodbye to one of my anglers and spread his ashes at sea, Mike had been a loyal customer and good friend over the years but sadly passed away his son, family and friends arranged the day in respect for their dad and had a fun days fishing and as we steamed home Mike jnr raised a glass toasted his dad Mike with his favourite tipple as we said goodbye to a real nice guy. RIP my friend and we will raise a glass this time next year.

  • 07/05/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    7 May 2021 by Philip Higgins

    For once the weather gods were on our side with flat calm seas, perfect tides and sunshine we decided to fish for bream in the morning and at slack Rays then spend the afternoon drifting for plaice. Once at anchor for bream the action was non stop all morning with over 130 being caught and returned then over to Rays and within minutes a fine 12lb undulate was boated along with congers, dogs then as the tide started to flood a slight SW breeze started which helped push us along on the drift and we were rewarded with several nice plaice the best falling to Pete at 3lb 5ozs . Now the weather has returned to gales and rain we look forward to the next opportunity to fish again.
    If you would like more details on trips please call.
    Philip Higgins

  • 28/04/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    28 Apr 2021 by Philip Higgins

    It is good to see the arrival of Mackeral, Garfish and the sporting Black Bream over the last few days we have seen catches of Bream increase in numbers each trip along with lots of Plaice up to 11/2 lbs not big fish but on the correct tackle these also provide great sport

  • 21/04/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    21 Apr 2021 by Philip Higgins

    We are still waiting for the Bream to arrive after an a spell of cold weather, with the temp rising hopefully they will be here next week on the bigger tides. It is nice to see a few Mackeral showing. The last few days we have concentrated on Plaice and Rays with both being caught in numbers, local angler Keith asked if we could have a spell on the ‘patches’ trying for a bream only to land a double shot of dogfish and plaice. Now we have a spell of strong easterlies confining us to port. If you would like more info or a trip please call
    Tight lines

  • 18/04/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    18 Apr 2021 by Philip Higgins

    Plaice dominate the catches and have been caught in good numbers with many good size fish being landed up to 3lb there are lots of small ones which bodes well for the future. Bream have been illusive this is down to the unseasonal low temperatures and frosts we are getting a few have been landed and as the weather warms up which coincides with big tides this should see them in numbers. On the banks we are getting a few Rays, congers, dogs, whiting and early Mackeral.

  • 10/03/2021 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    10 Mar 2021 by Philip Higgins

    After a long lay off the green light to start chartering on the 29th March with 6 anglers following Covid guidance, as I have not seen my family and missed 2 x 40th birthdays and 1 engagement I am starting on Monday 12th April which falls in line with more businesses opening up inc accommodation, if you would like to spend time on the water catching the sporting Black Bream please call me as spaces are going fast. As the summer species arrive we will be putting plenty of Bass, wreck and the Shark trips, last summer / autumn we spotted Tuna off our coast so there is always a chance one may take a bait being offered for another species. What an experience that would be. Lately during the weaker tides we have had some good fun on the Spurdogs now our attention turns to Turbot for the lead up to Easter.
    Please call for availability

  • 30/12/2020 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    30 Dec 2020 by Philip Higgins

    The weather gods were kind to us to with unbelievable fishing from the moment the anchor hit the seabed we were blessed with fish all day many double and triple shots of whiting and dogfish combos, a Smoothhound took Pete for a walk around the boat, the quality of the fish coming onboard was well above average with the best whiting at 4lb. As we were about to come home we found out that my area had entered into Tier 4 so today was my last trip of the year and thank you guys for making it a special fish filled trip.
    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a safe 2021.

  • 10/11/2020 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    10 Nov 2020 by Philip Higgins

    The latest set of COVID measures have changed my operation to only taking 1 angler , it seems strange to have so much room but if it sorts the problem then it is worth it. The weather has not been brilliant but we have managed a few days fishing for Whiting, Rays and Bass and have been successful but as usual with fishing something comes up you were not expecting and this year it is the late run of Mackeral being caught this week string fulls all the time more than I have seen all season a real bonus. Once the wind drops out the Whiting fishing will be coming into its best so if you fancy the boat to yourself please give me a call, full social distancing measures are in place and a scanning card is onboard for track n trace.

  • 07/10/2020 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    7 Oct 2020 by Philip Higgins

    In between the current gales a small weather window presented itself today, the plan was to do a bit of Plaice fishing then Rays. We started along the beaches drifting towards Boscombe and this proved fruitless with only the occasional pout bothering the baits so we returned to the Swash channel and again very little but we did manage a small plaice so plan 2 came into action we anchored a bank and immediately had dogs and Rays this set the pattern for the afternoon with plenty more Rays, dogs, hounds and Gurnards coming aboard. Newly weds Russell and Karen outfished everyone landing most of the Rays. Chris Knight who is severely disabled was not to be outdone and landed a fine Undulate ray.
    Given the conditions today the fishing was very good .

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