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Skylark Directions and Location: Pick up from the Golden Ball Slipway (Near the Speedboat huts) on sandside, Scarborough unless the skipper specify's otherwise.

***ALL BOOKINGS PLEASE CALL THE NIGHT BEFORE AROUND 7pm to ensure the trip is going ahead as planned***

Long Stay Parking is Available.

West pier and Quay Street,
Parking charges apply 9 am to 6 pm
all year round
1 hr is £2, 2 Hrs is £3, 6 Hrs is £5.50, 24 hrs is £6.50

Marine Drive
Parking Charges from 1st March to 31st October.
1 hr is £2, 2 Hrs is £3, 6 Hrs is £5.50, 24 hrs is £6.50
From the 1st November to 28th February
its FREE

There are also several disabled spaces opposite the Golden ball slipway which are long stay and free of charge to the disabled.

Costs Correct at time of publish

During Peak times please allow plenty of time to get parked

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