Charter Boat: Predator II

Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 20 miles from safe haven
Hours: 1hr / 2hr / 3hr / 4hr / 5hr / 6hr / 7hr / 8hr / 9hr / 10hr / 12hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: wreck / reef,freelining/flyfishing for pollack,uptiding(october onwards),bass plugging,sharking(july-sept)...COMMON SKATE(now targetted)
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: purpose built angling launch 32ft long by 13ft wide (267sq ft of fishing deck),all electronics and fishfinders
Facilities: tea and coffee available...sorry,no toilet
Additional Description:

SEA FISHING in South West Scotland
SEA FISHING from Portpatrick
***MINIBUS AVAILABLE for 30 miles radius around GLASGOW and the central belt(contact IAIN on mobile no: 07753807152)
flexibility is the name of the game!...sailing at a time to suit you and returning back in line with the trip booked ....but before it gets dark.!...I am more than happy for a later departure to suit those anglers that have travelled some distance.I am more than willing to try any type of fishing you want to.I will anchor for uptiding and downtiding,drift the sunken wrecks and rough ground,go freelining for pollack in the kelp shallows and we can go sea fly-fishing and /or plugging for bass or shark fishing in the deeper water of Beauforts Dyke(restriction on numbers for that one!) in an area that stretches from mull of Galloway across to Ireland and upto Ailsa Craig. 2 day trips to stretch further afield to the Isle of Man or the Isle of Arran(tide direction dependant and plenty of notice required to arrange accomadation) are also available .
The boat is a purpose built angling vessel built in 1991(formerly "Yorkshire Lass") that operated out of Bridlington.She is fitted with all the safety equipment in line with the code of practice,and has now got 3-D downvision sonar
She is twin proppellor giving greater manoeverability and at 32 ft long and 13ft wide she is a large boat.The fishing deck area measures 267 sq feet.....plenty for 12 anglers and tackle .....max speed about 11kts.
Rods,Reels(all loaded with braid!) and Tackle are available either as an all inclusive package or just rod and reel hire.
individuals,groups,all ladies,children and youths...all are welcome aboard.
please email or ring for pricing packages for individuals,whole boat or partial boat bookings.I will take under 10's but ask that parental/guardian cover is provided afloat.
For the beginners and " unsure" seafarers I suggest the 2 or 3 hour trips,for the more experienced the trips upto 6 hours seem to suit(in my experience).The veterans of the waves will manage the longer haul upto 12hours.
The trips upto 5 hours are all inclusive of tackle and bait,the longer trips incur tackle and rod hire charges for those without their own tackle
I also offer price packages for those that want the whole boat to themselves but don't have the full 12 anglers
The restrictions of the licencse stipulate that I can only sail in fair weather and fair light and that means that the longer trips are restricted to the summer
Less travelling and more fishing is the order of the day but I will travel further offshore if needs be.

Fishing tariffs: all prices are per person
1hr- £12
3hr-£22 trips from 1-5hr are all inclusive of rod,reel and tackle
9/10hr-£55 the trips 6-12hrs are pp (£10 per rod,reel and all end tackle for those without)
(price rise in 2018 is first for 5 years!)

New for 2018........3hr Common Skate trips,all tackle included and bait(max 6 anglers)....£30pp


Predator II Skipper Dominic Wilson's Photo
About the Skipper:

"Predator II" is my 5th and largest boat and with the arrival of 2018,this will be my 5th year of charter angling in portpatrick.
I completed 22years service in the Royal Navy and have been fortunate to turn my passion into my job! .I have a wealth of knowledge on techniques that I am more than willing to share to help you get the most out of YOUR day. My level of commitment to you the customer is unsurpassed and I will not stop trying for you from trip start til day end.I will be honest with you about the state of the fishing when you enquire and offer info about the best tides and times to suit you.I will do my upmost to accomodate every requirement of yourselves.I cant guarantee the weather or fish,but I can guarantee maximum effort on my part for YOU! If you enjoy the day out,tell your friends...if you didnt,then tell me!
From me,you can expect diligence,humour,commitment and enthusiasm..."Zeal does not rest!"

This Charter has been listed as Suitable for Diving Trips. Contact the Skipper for full details.
This Charter has been listed as Wheelchair Accessible. Contact the Skipper for full details.

March 2018

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  • 5-star tony PHILLIPS (01/08/2016)

    Good luck for the season Dominic, really enjoyed my days out with you, hope your 200lb'er comes to fruition mate this year, can't wait till up there for lifeboat week. as said good luck

    Skippers Reponse: many thanks for the support,look forward to seeing you

  • 5-star Ron Howe (30/10/2016)

    Just to say a big thank you for all the hard work you have done over the past year for both clubs (Sliver lure s.a.c and Glasgow & District ) and will see you next year

  • 5-star Ron Howe (30/10/2016)

    Just to say a big thankyou for all the hard work you have done over the past year for both clubs (Silver lure and Glasgow & District) and will see you next year all the best.

    Skippers Reponse: Many thanks Ron,its been a pleasure....more of the same quality fish next year as this(hopefully!)

  • 5-star steven frost (17/09/2016)

    The boys from GR contracts had a great days fishing out on the preditor 2 you could not have picket a better day or a better boat and a top notch skipper veary frendly and moast off all veary helpfull thanks for a good Dominic the first off many

    Skippers Reponse: thanks steven,really glad you enjoyed the day

  • 5-star david mclean (07/09/2016)

    The pirelli boys from carlisle had another great day out on PREDITOR 11 (3rd trip) . skipper dom was great and helped everyone on board throughout the day.We all caught a bag full of various fish.look forward to our next trip. tight lines DOM.

    Skippers Reponse: always a pleasure,see you next year,thanks again

Bait & Tackle

Latest Catches 584 photos uploaded

skipper dom

32 lb Tope


17 lb 8 oz Bull Huss


8 lb Tope


4 lb Tub Gurnard


24 lb Tope


34 lb Tope

skipper dom

17 lb Spurdog


16 lb Spurdog


84 lb Common Skate


14 lb Bull Huss


18 lb Spurdog


54 lb Common Skate


14 lb Bull Huss

skipper dom

3 lb 8 oz Tub Gurnard


12 lb Bull Huss


5 lb Tope


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 11/2017 Fishing Report by dominic wilson

    Nov 2017 by dominic wilson

    Hi all,well that confirms the end of the season as the boat was lifted out at Girvan yesterday for 5 months in the shed.Looks like a new starboard gearbox required plus oil cooler and (potentially) a new shaft.
    I am aiming to be back in the water for the week starting the 5th march 2018.

    bookings are now being taken for next year,telephone 07739231331
    The best of the year were:
    common skate...204lb
    red gurnard ,,,4lb
    the mackerel arrived late april and as I write this are still here in the deeper water

  • 28/10/2017 Fishing Report by dominic wilson

    28 Oct 2017 by dominic wilson

    The final trip of the year saw plenty of fish and a variety of species.......huss were hooked and dropped(apart from 1),there were 4 good tope runs (1 landed).we caught: tope,huss,doggies,mackerel,herring,scad,whiting,haddock,coalies,grey gurnard,pouting.
    The largest fish of the day was a 32lb tope caught by myself and a 17.5lb bullhuss by a customer.there was also an 8lb tope

  • 14/10/2017 Fishing Report by dominic wilson

    14 Oct 2017 by dominic wilson

    managed to sneak out with a gap in the weather! we caught loads of small whiting,about 40 mackerel,some grey gurnards and a couple of huss.we also caught 2 tope at 24/34lb and a super tub gurnard at 4lb.
    pictured is the best tope at 34lb

  • 09/10/2017 Fishing Report by dominic wilson

    9 Oct 2017 by dominic wilson

    period 8th & 9th Oct.......
    finally the wind eased and we managed to put to sea.On the sunday we had a few mackerel,some plump cod and haddock,loads of bait sized whiting which we flappered ,about 15 huss,all doubles with the best at 14lb and over 70 spurdogs that ranged from 12oz to 8lb.....never seen such small spurdogs! and they were coming up 2/3 at a time! we also had 3 common skate hooked and one landed at 54lb.
    On the monday,the quantity of fish was less but the size was bigger.we landed about the same amount of huss upto 14lb,we landed 15 spurdogs in the 12-14lb range with the best at 18lb and a couple around 16lb.we also hooked 3 commons but landed only one at 84lb.again,the preferred bait was whiting flapper.

    the boat is coming out of the water during early november til the beginning of march.
    bookings are now being taken for 2018 please ring on 07739231331

  • 28/09/2017 Fishing Report by dominic wilson

    28 Sep 2017 by dominic wilson

    Had charlie dunn and the boys on on the 28th and we managed nearly a full day but a strengtening wind cut us short.
    the boys got whiting,haddock,mackerel,all 3 gurnards(best 3.7lb tub),tope,huss and spurdog.
    the tope was tiny at 5lb,the huss averaged 14lb and the 2 spurdogs weighed around the 12lb mark
    most fish caught on whiting flapper but salmon fillet(!!!!) also worked as did the mini mackerel.
    pictured is vinny with his tiny tope