Reviews: Amaretto IV

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  • 5-star Michael Huntley (15/08/2017)

    Had a brilliant time, my first time fishing on a boat ( catamaran more stable than a normal boat ) Steve very good and friendly. Also thanks to Neil for all the help,rest of the fisherman very friendly and helpful. 9-5 went so quick. Managed to catch 4 Black Bream and 1 Mackrell. I used Dramamine Motion Anti-Sickness Tablets Travel Antiemetic Car/Plane/Sea Nausea 12 Got them from ebay ( from whole-houseuk ) quick and free delivery cost £8.55 at the time. worked really well took 2 an hour before I went and another 2 at midday also used for car journey..Make sure you have hat sun glasses and sun creamsuitable footwear a few layers of clothes, Would book with Steve if I'm ever down that way again!