Reviews: Osprey

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  • 5-star nick smith (28/05/2018)

    May Bank holiday see's the Arthur Talbot Memorial smoothound compition take place, and what a fab comp it was this year. With banter from the moment people met on the harbourside until I left to go home, and no doubt continuing with those left at the pub.
    In total 131 hounds were landed between the 17 angler's that fished, Osprey winning best boat with a total of 80 hounds landed, with 51 landed aboard Teddie Boy.
    Michael Webber Griffiths was not to be out done though and succeeded in putting one of Teddie Boy's angler's onto the biggest fish of the day, with a hound of 14lb 3oz which allowed Dave to take the coverted biggest hound trophy.
    The ole seadog Steve Webber dispite finding the number's just couldn't find any bigger fish, though he was hampered by having Chris (who is now looking for anyone with knot tying abilities to give him a few lessons) and Phil who insisted on dropping fish amongst his crew.
    Steve did manage to find the number's though and put Malcolm into the hot spot with a total of 15 hounds, allowing him to lift the trophy for most hounds caught, narrowly beating Matt's tally of 14, also aboard Osprey. As you could imagine with both angler's either side of me the banter was getting fairly lively as the comp drew to a close.
    Dispite being a smoothound comp and with the majority of angler's using hardback crab only, there were still other species caught which included the rare bristol channel dogfish, conger, some nice huss and thornback rays
    As always another fantastic day, good people, good weather and plenty of fish.

  • 5-star nick smith (26/11/2017)

    As a regular angler aboard both these boats I can highly recommend them, both skipper's are very helpful and friendly, keep the kettle on, and most importantly like to keep you on the fish. Young Mikey is not only a very good angler but with the support and knowledge of his dad is well on his way to becoming one of the best skipper's in the channel. If you are looking for cod, rays, hounds or just want to fish the middle bristol channel area then I highly recommend giving Steve and Mike a call.