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  • 5-star Jeff Tugwell (25/03/2018)

    Great days fishing yet again with 4 pollock up to 12lb and a bonus cod on the last wreck cheers mate see you soon.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks very much enjoy the fish, your a star thanks for all
    your help rebuilding and repairing Yellowfin over the years.

  • 5-star darius dapkus (24/03/2018)

    Thanks for a good day out definitely back very soon

    Darius- Luton

    Skippers Reponse: Hello Darius thanks you are very welcome any time.

  • 5-star Paul Wilkins (11/03/2018)

    Fantastic days wreck fishing on the yellowfin with the skipper Kurt and deckhand Simon yesterday, 29 pollock caught biggest of the day 14 lbs, great boat to be on Kurt has a great knowledge of the wrecks and really does everything to get you on the fish, Simon's extremely helpful he doesn't do a bad cuppa tea either lol . I highly recommend Kurt and the yellowfin thanks for a great day

  • 5-star Paul Wilkins (11/03/2018)

    We had a great day out wrecking on the yellowfin with the skipper Kurt and deckhand Simon yesterday with 29 pollock caught and a few lost biggest of the day 14 lbs. I highly recommend Kurt and his boat great to have a skipper that does everything he can to get you on the fish, Really enjoyable day thanks, kurt, and Simon

    Skippers Reponse: Hello Paul Thanks very much for your custom all welcome anytime, glad you all had a good day and thanks for the review.

  • 5-star haig McNaughton (01/12/2017)

    I had a brilliant day out in Dec 2017 and caught my first cod can't tell you how happy I was ,Yellowfin is a great boat to go on if your a first timer with really helpful skipper ,and I highly recommend it .

    Skippers Reponse: Hello Haig you're welcome any time, glad you had a good day,
    hope you enjoyed your fish, don't forget we have now started
    Wreck fishing for Pollack. Hope to see you soon.
    Happy New Year to you.

  • 5-star Mark Hamilton (13/08/2017)

    Another great day with kurt pleanty of fish brill turbout and Ray's. And many more spiescies ageing the skipper did his upmost too put us on the right. spot kurt never stops trying As as usual we were there last charter inn

    Skippers Reponse: Hello Mark thanks for your custom its good to see that big smile Turbots & Brill & Blonde Rays bring to your face. All the best see you soon.

  • 5-star Alpesh Junkbwoy (13/05/2017)

    My first wreck fishing trip caught 8 pollock in total and 7 in a row. With a great skipper Kirk of the Yellowfin and who really went the extra mile (or 10) for us to catch fish. A real pleasure to be on board. Cant wait for the next trip with the guys highly reccomended from novice to expert

    Skippers Reponse: Alpesh enjoyed your company on the boat a good crew good banter looking forward to fishing with you all next month Cheers.

  • 5-star marian spirea (12/03/2017)

    Excellent day out , best team crew !!!

    Skippers Reponse: Hello Marian thanks very much Excellent customers Excellent anglers always welcome

  • 5-star Dane Rudolph (18/02/2017)

    We had 9 off us out on the 18/2/17 and to be honest we where all struggling as it was low water until midday,kurt done his most to put us on the fish and it finally paid off on the last wreck we visited, non stop action for 1hour my arms were dead we ended up with 21 pollock on board with at least 10 lost (angler error) out of the 21 fish 6 were in the double figures biggest going 13lb 4oz . If you want a skipper that ain't afraid of the amount of fuel they use or the speed they go to get out on the spots and that goes that extra mile to make sure he has done the best he can then kurt is the no he don't pay me nor do I do return favours.

  • 5-star Sorin Miu (17/02/2017)

    Amazing fishing day again on Yellowfin!Kurt managed to put us on the fish again!Great skipper,fantastic day,big fish!It just can't get any better!Can't wait to get out there again! Sorin M.

    Skippers Reponse: Sorin thanks very much, you and your lure make a good team keep up the good work.
    All the best to you.

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