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Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60 Miles
Hours: 8hr / 10hr / 12hr / 24hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: 10 Hour wreck and reef fishing trips from £50 Each, with full tackle hire available.
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: ProCharter P4, 12m long and almost 4m across, Sea Urchin has loads of deck space, so you won't be shoulder to shoulder with other anglers. The powerful Perkins engine gets us out to the fishing grounds quickly and being Euro 3 Spec. you won't be inhaling exhaust fumes all day.
Facilities: Flushing toilet in separate cabin for privacy, microwave and hot drinks available via skipper. Sheltered area with seating to the rear of wheel house to allow you to get out of the elements.
Additional Description:

The name Sea Urchin has been synonymous with top quality boat fishing in Whitby for many years. Mick Leonard’s original “Sea Urchin” built a reputation and boat fishing legacy of the highest order. When Mick retired in 2010, Pete Rose started the next chapter with the sturdy and very “orange” Sea Urchin II. Not one to rest on his laurels, Pete continued to build and further enhanced the heritage when he launched Sea Urchin III; Whitby’s only Pro Charter P4 charter boat.

Launched, brand new in 2016, Sea Urchin III has been a huge step forward. Fitted with the latest electronics and a powerful Perkins M300C engine, she can get out to the wrecks fast and outrun the bad weather to get us back in. Onboard there is a sheltered area to get out of the weather, plus a flushing toilet to keep things comfortable. The deck space is huge giving everyone ample room to fish. A central area to store tackle boxes and bags, plus bait cutting areas front and rear, keep the deck space tidy. Each angler has a dedicated fish box which is stored in a bespoke drawer system. No more lifting boxes or having them fly around in bad weather. Built for comfort, stability and speed, Sea Urchin III has it all.

Trip Information:

General - Throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn we generally fish the wrecks and reefs out of Whitby for Cod, Ling and Pollock. In addition to the wreck and reef fishing, in Winter we offer uptiding trips for Cod on the inshore grounds around Sandsend, Kettleness and Robin Hoods Bay.

Our trips in Spring, Summer and Autumn commence at 07:00 hrs prompt; so please make sure to be on the charter boat pontoon (opposite the Endeavour pub) for at least 06:30 - 06:45 hrs. If the tide level requires the use of the Swing Bridge at 07:00 hrs then we need to be sat on the water waiting at 06:55 hrs. Late anglers can cost the whole party precious fishing time, so if you are late, the boat will not wait for you.

Winter uptiding trips see us leave Whitby around 07:30 hrs and come back in for around 16:00 – 16:30 hrs; Spring, Summer and Autumn trips have us back at the pontoon for roughly 17:00 hrs where you can finish off your filleting, if you haven’t already done it at sea (recommended).

If you are not staying in Whitby the night before your trip, we recommend you arrive early (05:00 – 06:00 hrs) in the morning to get a chance at a decent parking place. It can be particularly busy through the summer months and although the pay and display car park on Church Street has space for around fifty cars, it fills quickly (parking for the day in the Church Street park costs £9.00).

Once you’ve got the car parked, it’s worth a stroll to the excellent Singing Kettle which is always full of skippers and excited anglers, for one of their excellent breakfasts (open from 05:30hrs daily). If you need to grab any bait or tackle for the day, Paula and Malcolm at Hook, Line and Sinker on Church straight will be pleased to see you, and sort you out.

Don’t forget to book your dates for the Whitby Charter Skippers Association Festival early so you get the exact date and tide to suit your or your group. Most years, anglers leave it to the last minute and then struggle to get a good tide and space; don’t let it be you this year. The tide tables are available via either the skipper; or you can see the next 28 days on the availability page of the calendar.

Many anglers enjoy a post-fishing pint and The Fleece, Endeavour and Middle Earth Tavern are all popular Church Street pubs, where anglers can always be found discussing their day at sea over a cold beer.

Sea Urchin IIl Skipper Andy Savage's Photo
About the Skipper:

As an Angler and Angling Coach. I have been an avid fisherman from the age of four, my fascination and passion for the sea was ignited by my Dad, who first took me fishing off the Marine Drive in Scarborough for Codling, Dabs and an odd Pollock throughout the 1980's. A twenty five year career in the Armed Forces saw me travel and fish all around the world, for everything that swims, from Sharks to Sea Bass; but the hallowed grounds of the North Yorkshire coast have always stolen my heart.

My first proper "wrecking trip" took place on my birthday in 1992 and having ben told the stories by other Whitby anglers, of boats almost sinking because of the weight of Cod they had caught (three doubles at a time, 20's for fun!!), had me a quivering "wreck" on the day of departure. Two hours later, when I was projectile vomiting like there was no tomorrow and sliding around the deck in a cocktail of fish slime and puke, things didn't seem so glamorous!! However, that was just the start of things to come, and I have boat fished the area around Whitby extensively for most of my adult life.

I am passionate about customer service and will do what is necessary to ensure you have an enjoyable day on Sea Urchin. My goal each day is for all anglers to catch fish and I will put pressure on myself to achieve this. Over the years, on the majority of boats, I have seen little guidance given to the first time anglers (apart from, drop it down there, and wind it up when you get a bite). Everyone starts from somewhere; so if you want to start your sea fishing journey with Sea Urchin, I can guarantee that you will get as much, (or as little) assistance as you require. We all have to start somewhere. There are absolutely no guarantees in fishing, but on Sea Urchin we will never be found lacking.

August 2021

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N.B. Not all Skippers keep this dairy up-to-date. Always check with skippers before making any plans. Last calendar update: 20-Sep-2021

Sun 1st Aug More... Good Tide - 4.65m

Tiberiu (Tibi) - x 6
Paul Duffield - x 2
Matt Fuchs - x 4
Mon 2nd Aug More... Good Tide - 4.46m

Allan - x 4
Paul Shaduwa - x 2
Stan Mathews - x 1
John Weetman - x 2
Gaz Townend - x 1
Tue 3rd Aug More... Good Tide - 4.33m

Jamie Skow - Full Boat
Wed 4th Aug More... Good Tide - 4.43m

Egavas Ydna - Full Boat
Thu 5th Aug More... Good Tide - 4.62m

Dave Crellin - x 2
Dave Oxborough - x 2
Keith Mccance - x 3
Matus Antalic - x 1
Shane Chapman - x 1
Paul Mason - x 1
Fri 6th Aug More... Good Tide - 4.84m

David Howarth - x 7
Gareth Sykes - x 2
Gordon Yates - x 1
Sat 7th Aug More... Ok Tide - 5.05m

Rob Waterworth - x 3
Dave Coverdale - x 4
Nick Ball - x 2
Alan Knaggs - x 1
Sun 8th Aug More... Larger Tide - 5.24m

Anthony Hall - Full Boat
Mon 9th Aug More... Larger Tide - 5.40m

James & Alan - x 2
Nick Chandley - x 2
Hugh Grime - x 1
Kev Martin - x 1
Faroquii - x 2
Tue 10th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.53m

Stuart Whitehouse - x 4
Ian Fitzsimmons - x 1
Nick Gray - x 2
Alan Knaggs - x 1
Wed 11th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.60m

Ian Fitzsimmons - x 1
Ashley Valentine - x 2
Paul Williams - x 5
Thu 12th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.62m

Dave Danforth - Full Boat
Fri 13th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.58m

Individuals welcome.

Jeff Turner - x 1
Gabriel - x 3
Adam Snowden - x 2
Tim Land - x 2
Sat 14th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.46m

Jake Westwood - Full Boat
Sun 15th Aug More... Larger Tide - 5.27m

Rob Wright - x 2
Adrian Preston - x 4
Rafal Kosatka - x 2
Matus Antalic - x 1
Gus - x 1
Gabriel - x 1
Mon 16th Aug More...

Ok Tide - 5.02m

Allan - x 4
Mick Garnett - x 2
Jonny Hanson - x 2
Paul Mawson - x 1
James Webster - x 1
Tue 17th Aug More... Longer 12hr Trip

Good Tide - 4.81m

Philip Cantwell - x 1
Gary Townend - x 1
Andy Townend - x 1
Ian Kellock - x 1
Gordon Yates - x 1
John We…
Wed 18th Aug More... Good Tide - 4.64m

Don & Lynsey - x 2
Stan Mathews - x 1
Lek - x 1
John Weetman - x 2
Ian Derbyshire - x 2
Thu 19th Aug More... Good Tide - 4.76m

Don & Lynsey - x 2
Carl Madin - x 3
Keith McCance - x 1
Jonathan Evans - x 2
Keith Ward - x 2
Fri 20th Aug More... Ok Tide - 5.00m

Rob Gummerson - x 3
Alex Rotari - x 7
Scott Carnegie - x 1
Sat 21st Aug More... Larger Tide - 5.28m

Rob Waterworth - x 2
Aston Killoran - x 4
Zak Swales - x 1
Mel Parish - x 1
Bud Pearson - x 1
Sun 22nd Aug More... Big Tide - 5.52m

Jimmy - x 7
James Lister - x 1
Mon 23rd Aug More... Big Tide - 5.68m

Dave Danforth - Full Boat
Tue 24th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.75m

Rob Huntley - x 5
Matt Unsworth - x 3
Wed 25th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.73m

Jamil - x 5
Victor - x 2
Jon Topping - x 1
Paul Holland - x 1
Thu 26th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.63m

Dave Danforth - Full Boat
Fri 27th Aug More... Big Tide - 5.45m

Jeff Turner - x 1
Gabriel - x 4
Kev Martin - x 1
James Lister - x 1
Ian Kellock - x 1
Sat 28th Aug More... Larger Tide - 5.22m

Steve Kendal - x 2
Lucy Stevenson x 5
Alan Knaggs - x 1
Neil Winter - x 2
Sun 29th Aug More... Good Tide - 4.95m

Nicholas Ball - x 2
Abid Sultan - x 1
Charlotte Mulligan - x 2
Tim Briggs - x 1
Adam Snowden - x 2
Jonathan Evans - x 2
Mon 30th Aug More... 14hr Trip

Good Tide - 4.64m

Nicholas Ball - x 2
Ian Kellock - x 1
Jamie & James - x 2
Ken Wood - x 1
Rich Anscombe - x 1
Dave Carmody - x …
Tue 31st Aug More... Good Tide - 4.37m

Allan - x 7
Del Moran - x 2

Upcoming Individual Spaces on Sea Urchin IIl

Thu 23/09/2021 10 Hours
1 Space Available AUTUMN FESTIVAL Big Tide - 5.72m Individuals Welcome Neil Pickard - x 1 Ken Wood - x 2 Craig Henshaw - x 2 Jurijus Vilimas - x 2
View details
Fri 24/09/2021 10 Hours
1 Space Available AUTUMN FESTIVAL Big Tide - 5.61m John Randerson - x 2 Andy Lavan - x 1 Raymond - x 4
View details
Thu 07/10/2021 10 Hours
2 Spaces Available Larger Tide - 5.80m Wreck Anchoring Trip - £65 Per Person - Only taking 6 anglers Individuals Welcome - Contact Skipper for more information. Tim Poxon - x 3 Tony Richards - x 1
View details
Mon 11/10/2021 10 Hours
3 Spaces Available Big Tide - 5.56m Individuals Welcome Rafal Rafara - x 5
View details
Tue 12/10/2021 10 Hours
2 Spaces Available Ok Tide - 5.19m Individuals Welcome Shaz - x 8
View details
Wed 13/10/2021 10 Hours
3 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.81m Individuals Welcome Steve Walsh - x 5 Dave McMillan - x 2
View details
Tue 26/10/2021 10 Hours
7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.91m Will sail with 3 anglers. Individuals Welcome Del Moran - x 3
View details
Wed 27/10/2021 10 Hours
8 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.65m Will sail with 3 anglers. Individuals Welcome Doug Terry - x 1 Martin - x 1
View details
Sat 06/11/2021
2 Spaces Available Big Tide - 6.00m Individuals Welcome Artur Kabartz - x 6
View details
Sun 14/11/2021
8 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.80m Will sail with 3 anglers. Individuals Welcome Keith McCance - x 2
View details
Fri 26/11/2021
8 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.55m Will sail with 3 anglers. Individuals Welcome David Melnyczuk - x 2
View details
Tue 30/11/2021
7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.84m Will sail with 3 anglers. Individuals Welcome Dave (Del's Opo) - x 3
View details
Fri 10/12/2021
7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.89m Sea Urchin CCC - Christmas Codling Competition - Biggest Codling of the day wins £150, bottle of Champagne and Sea Urchin Hoodie. Individuals Welcome Ian Kellock - x 1 Jamie Skow - x 2
View details
Wed 15/12/2021
6 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.88m Sea Urchin - Christmas Species Hunt - Most number of Species caught on the day wins £150, Bottle of Champagne and a Sea Urchin Hoodie Individuals Welcome Ian Kellock - x 1 Jamie Skow - x 2 Charlie Hewitt - x 1
View details
Thu 23/12/2021
7 Spaces Available Ok Tide 5.01m The Sea Urchin CBC - Christmas Boat Champs - Heaviest total weight of fish the day wins Trophy, £200, bottle of Champagne and Sea Urchin Hoodie. Individuals Welcome Ian Kellock - x 1 Jamie Skow - x 2
View details
Sat 09/04/2022
SPRING FESTIVAL 7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.25m Will sail with 4 anglers. Individuals Welcome Gaz Townend - x 3
View details
Sun 10/04/2022
SPRING FESTIVAL 7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.10m Will sail with 4 anglers. Individuals Welcome Gaz Townend - x 3
View details
Sat 04/06/2022
7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.95m Will sail with 4 anglers. Individuals Welcome Keith McCance - x 3
View details
Wed 06/07/2022
SUMMER FESTIVAL 7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.88m Will sail with 4 anglers. Individuals Welcome Rob Huntley - x 3
View details
Fri 22/07/2022
SUMMER FESTIVAL 7 Spaces Available Good Tide - 4.69m Will sail with 4 anglers. Individuals Welcome Richard Lund - x 3
View details
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Reviews Unaccepted: 1
  • 5-star Nick Chandley (09/08/2021)

    A great day out that my son and I had been really looking forward to. Everything fell into place and Andy, Pete and the other people on the boat went the extra mile to help a pair of novices have a successful and very memorable trip. Highly recommended and I’m sure we’ll be back!

    Skippers Reponse: Thank you for the kind words Nick. You both did brilliantly; took on all the advice and fished really well. Looking forward to seeing you on board again soon.

    Best Regards


  • 5-star simon cheung (02/08/2021)

    our team went with Andy yesterday ,great day out pleanty fish my friend Alan cught a 13.5 pounds ling ,10 cods+ 2 pollocks lot of mackerals ,thank you to Jamie working hard untangle our line and help me solve my reel birds net problem.highly recommend.

    Skippers Reponse: Thank you very much Simon. We love having you boys on board. You all fished really well. See you again soon.

    Kind Regards


  • 5-star Phil Ross (01/12/2018)

    Another cracking day out onboard sea urchin III. Rained most of the day, but a good bag of fish to take home. Thanks Pete (have a good Xmas).

    Skippers Reponse: nice to have you and dad back enjoy the crack with you both .you have a good holiday to and hope to see you soon .

  • 5-star karl crossland (05/08/2018)

    Yet another cracking trip bucket of macky lots of cod pete top skipper and thr young lad on deck ever helpful always buzzing about sorting people out top lad ..thanks for the tip realy helped my bad arm lol.. Cheers pete

    Skippers Reponse: thanks for the revue karl really appreciated good having you aboard top angler knocked a few nice fish up .hope to see you again .

  • 5-star Terry Hill (26/02/2017)

    Party of 7 from Doncaster came expecting bad weather but it was kind for us.caught about 30 fish for the boat doing uptideing. None of us are experienced but great help from Pete and we caught was coddling pouting Dog fish.we loved the day and all loved the banter.petes a great captain and trys 100% to put us on the fish..pity sea lion was following us for first hour but some on the boat loved it.enjoy it holiday Pete and see you soon.terry.

Bait & Tackle

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 167 photos uploaded


10 lb 8 oz Ling (Common)

Jim Lister

12 lb 8 oz Ling (Common)

Derek Wilson

6 lb 8 oz Cod

Gilbert Jr. II

10 lb 4 oz Ling (Common)

Gilbert Jr.

9 lb Ling (Common)

Gilbert Jr.

7 lb 8 oz Ling (Common)

Gilbert Jr.

7 lb 12 oz Ling (Common)

Tim Briggs

10 lb 4 oz Ling (Common)

Norman Taylor

11 lb Cod

Den Fitzgerald

11 lb 11 oz Ling (Common)

Norman Taylor

8 lb 12 oz Cod

Simon Ullyot

11 lb 12 oz Ling (Common)

Kev Cashmoore

5 lb Cod

Norman Taylor

5 lb 8 oz Ling (Common)

Nick Massingham

5 lb Ling (Common)

Stephen Cashmoore

3 lb 12 oz Cod


Latest Fishing Reports and News

  • 18/09/2021 Fishing Report by Andy Savage

    18 Sep 2021 by Andy Savage

    The bigger tides have returned again, but there is a silver lining to every cloud…

    The first of the 5m tides started yesterday, so we decided to split the day between drifting the rough ground when the tide moved fast and then jumping on a few wrecks at slack water.

    The rough ground hasn’t fished particularly well of late, but we got a reasonable picking of mainly Ling yesterday, which was encouraging. The Ebb tide fished better than the flood, and everyone went with either bait traces or Hokkai’s.

    Pick of the fish were a 12lb 8oz Ling for James Lister and Stephanie helped herself to a 10lb 8oz Ling.

    Everyone picked off a few fish to take home, which is always the aspiration on Sea Urchin.

  • 16/09/2021 Fishing Report by Andy Savage

    16 Sep 2021 by Andy Savage

    Another beautiful day on the inshore wrecks today.

    A smaller tide, light winds and plenty of sunshine was just the tonic. It meant the drift speed of the boat was perfect and we got a lovely tan at the same time!
    The quality Codling we found yesterday, were a little elusive today and we mainly picked up Ling and a couple of stray Pollock. The first wreck on slack water produced a dozen strap Ling to 4lb, so we moved on in the hope of something better. The second wreck gave us a nice picking of 2-3 fish a drift for a couple of hours, including two Ling, just over 10lb.

    We dropped onto one last wreck before heading for home and the first drift saw six anglers in at once, which was brilliant. It was one of the classic; wish we’d come here a bit earlier moments. Squid and Mackerel did the business as usual, but I did see a couple come up on Razor Clams. The shads stayed in the bags as we were hoping for a big old fish, which usually come to the bait traces.

    Talking of bait traces: we’ve had a number of potential big fish lost by people fishing with 50-60lb trace line. We recommend (and provide) bait traces tied on doubled-up 100lb mono. A big Ling will make short work of thinner mono with its abrasive teeth.

    All in all, another thoroughly enjoyable day with some great lads.

  • 15/09/2021 Fishing Report by Andy Savage

    15 Sep 2021 by Andy Savage

    Stormin’ Norman smashes em’ up……

    As hoped for; the action on the smaller tides continued. We had Simon Ullyot and his friends on board today, and a nicer group of gents you’d be hard pressed to find.

    We decided to stay on the inshore wrecks again, which proved to be a little tricky at times with a stiff breeze and tide together making a quicker drift than anticipated throughout the morning. We fished three wrecks during the day, with some great results. The first wreck gave a good start, with all but one angler putting a fish or two over the rails. Ling up to 7lb with a couple of smaller Codling had us looking for something a little bit better after an hour or so.

    The second wreck was a complete fail, but we moved on quickly, to a large wreck which perfectly matched our drift line. Things then moved to another level. We picked away nicely for the next three hours with anything from 2-5 fish per drift. Norman Taylor was the star of the show, landing some quality fish most drifts. His 11lb Codling was an absolute cracker.

    With the friendly banter flowing all day, we ended up having a couple of Ling around the 11-12lb mark, but the dury was out as to who had the biggest. Simon Ullyot pinched it by 1oz from Den Fitzgerald with an 11lb 12oz Ling.

    A lovely day out with a great group of lads. See you next year boys….

  • 14/09/2021 Fishing Report by Andy Savage

    14 Sep 2021 by Andy Savage

    Today was a day for ducks, or people with webbed feet, as it rained cats and dogs for much of it!

    The weather didn’t deter the mixed group of lads on today, who ranged from highly experienced to complete novice. After the morning #mackerelfest we stayed on some of the inshore wrecks, as the tide had finally dropped back below 5m; allowing us to drift at a more moderate speed. The first wreck was surprisingly unproductive, with nothing coming up in three drifts.

    A short move saw things improve significantly, and we picked away nicely for most of the remainder of the day. Ling up to 9lb and Codling to 6lb, with 2-3 fish a drift on average. Squid and Mackerel cocktails on pennel rigs and muppets were the most productive, with everyone having a good few fish to take home….except my good friend Pete “Got no Sea Legs” Chambers who was badly as a dog all day and never even dropped a rig down after the mackerel bash!! Don’t give up Pete.

    With small tides for the next few days hopefully the good fishing will continue.

  • 10/09/2021 Fishing Report by Andy Savage

    10 Sep 2021 by Andy Savage

    The last couple of days have seen some massive tides at Whitby: but some beautiful weather and some great anglers have made them very enjoyable days out. Despite the challenging conditions, we still managed to pick off a few fish.

    Yesterday we had another go fishing wrecks at anchor, which was once again a learning curve. Jamie Skow managed a decent Cod and a Ling off a wreck which with the big tide, we would have drifted over at 2.7 knots, which was encouraging.

    Today we ran off to fish some ground at 9 miles. Charlie Hewitt was the star of the show, snaring a new Pb Ling of 11lb 8oz and steadily picking away all day. Marius brought a group of his friends along who hadn’t fished much at sea before, but it didn’t take them long to get to grips with holding bottom. A mix of mainly Ling and Codling came aboard, with 2-3 fish per drift. Baited Hokkai’s dominated the day today, but bait traces with muppets proved deadly at slack water. Both Squid and Mackerel took their fair share of fish.

    Well done boys, see you next time.