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Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: Cat 2 - 0 to 60 Miles
Hours: 8hr / 10hr / 12hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: Wreck - Channel Islands
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Facilities: Tea & Coffee
Additional Description:

Valkyrie 6 is a modern 36ft southcat,fitted with twin 330hp iveco engine a total of 660hp we will cruise comfortably fully loaded at 18 knots, onboard we have a crew cabin with your own galley area and seating for ten people around two tables so everyone can come in the dry while steaming to the marks. Skippered by Zac Cairns

Valkyrie 8 Relaunched in 2019 after an extensive refit, licence to include 10 plus 2 persons, large wheel house with seating for 8 plus on deck seating. Cruising at a comfortable 18knts in most sea conditions will ensure you travel at speed and comfort to our favourite fishing marks. Skippered by Glen Cairns

Our aim is to make your fishing & boating experience as enjoyable as possible.

Valkyrie 6/8 Skipper Glen / Zac Cairns's Photo
About the Skipper:

Glen has fished out of langstone Harbour since he was old enough to hold a rod, now he enjoys taking people fishing so he can share his passion with others.
From the dedicated serious angler to the beginner just looking for a nice day at sea, all are welcome.

Zac started boating with his dad very early on and spent many days/ weeks out mid channel doing what he has come to love, now a skipper in his own wright on valkyrie 6 his noledge is exceptional having covered many tasks from inshore, offshore fishing to the more challenging rolls in the commercial industry,

January 2020

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N.B. Not all Skippers keep this dairy up-to-date. Always check with skippers before making any plans. Last calendar update: 07-Nov-2019

Wed 1st Jan More... Thu 2nd Jan More... Fri 3rd Jan More... every friday is a wrecking day, 12 hrs 100 mile round trip in comfort on our purpose build south cat £100 pp max 8 onboard Sat 4th Jan More... 10 hr trip at anchor on the deep banks, Blondes, spurs, bullhuss max 8 £65pp
Sun 5th Jan More... 10 hr trip at anchor on the deep banks, Blondes, spurs, bullhuss max 8 £65pp Mon 6th Jan More... 10 hr trip at anchor on the deep banks, Blondes, spurs, bullhuss max 8 £65pp Tue 7th Jan More... Wed 8th Jan More... Thu 9th Jan More... Fri 10th Jan More... every friday is a wrecking day, 12 hrs 100 mile round trip in comfort on our purpose build south cat £100 pp max 8 onboard Sat 11th Jan More...
Sun 12th Jan More... Mon 13th Jan More... Tue 14th Jan More... Wed 15th Jan More... Thu 16th Jan More... Fri 17th Jan More... every friday is a wrecking day, 12 hrs 100 mile round trip in comfort on our purpose build south cat £100 pp max 8 onboard Sat 18th Jan More...
Sun 19th Jan More... Mon 20th Jan More... Tue 21st Jan More... Wed 22nd Jan More... Thu 23rd Jan More... Fri 24th Jan More... every friday is a wrecking day, 12 hrs 100 mile round trip in comfort on our purpose build south cat £100 pp max 8 onboard Sat 25th Jan More...
Sun 26th Jan More... places £50pp Mon 27th Jan More... Tue 28th Jan More... Wed 29th Jan More... Thu 30th Jan More... Fri 31st Jan More... every friday is a wrecking day, 12 hrs 100 mile round trip in comfort on our purpose build south cat £100 pp max 8 onboard

Upcoming Individual Spaces on Valkyrie 6/8

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  • 5-star Paul Hopkins (18/01/2020)

    Had a brilliant day on the Valkyrie, at least 4 of us had PB Spurdogs and Conger Eels.
    Glen is a great skipper, always there when you need his help or advice and is a really nice guy as well. Highly recommend this boat if you want a great day out.

  • 5-star mick barry (14/09/2018)

    September 14th to 17th, out with Zac Cairns, on Valkyrie 6, what a wonderful skipper and boat, our crew of 8 suffered a horrendous 7 hour slog to get to Alderney, but on arrival Zac put us straight on the fish, and it didn't stop all weekend.
    There were many pb's recorded during the four days, including Tope to 47lbs, Blonde ray to 24lbs, Conger to 44lbs, Red Gurnard to 2lbs, Black Bream to 3lbs, an Atlantic Chub Mackerel of about a pound and a half, and the highlight of the trip was a fine Couch's Bream of 3lbs 14oz for myself.

  • 5-star k wid (10/06/2018)

    I am sure this will be rejected however I will try. I have no experience of these gents as charter skippers but as another user of Chichester harbour I find them to be most inconsiderate. They return on a Sunday evening steaming at excessive speed kicking up one hell of a wash. They should keep to the 6 kn limit.

    Skippers Reponse: K wind , I see you start your review with I’m sure this will be rejected, well we except all reviews good or bad that’s how we learn,thank you for your review, we take the speed limit in the harbour very seriously and we are aware of the wash our vessels can creat at low speeds , this is due to the displacement , the speed limit is 8 knts not 6 , you are very welcome to contact us and we will gladly answer any concerns you may have . Kind regards Glen

  • 5-star amir bashir (14/11/2017)

    love to go again its been a really good fishing day with glen

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Amir, it was a pleasure to take you all fishing

  • 5-star James Wolfendale (07/09/2015)

    Another great day out on the boat with glen, this time for a trip at anchor over a wreck....mackerel conspicuous in their absence, but a great day had nonetheless, lots of ling, conger, and bream, as well as pout, bullhuss and a great sun tan :P good banter on board as always, and glen seriously knows his stuff, couldnt reccommend him highly enough :)

Bait & Tackle

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 41 photos uploaded


10 lb Pollock


14 lb Pollock


9 lb Pollock


10 lb Pollock

Peter Thatcher

9 lb Pollock

Dave Harper

13 lb Pollock

Dave Harper

15 lb Pollock

stuart cross

12 lb Pollock

James Wolfendale

23 lb Ling (Common)

Dean White

11 lb 8 oz Pollock


1 oz Cod


9 lb 14 oz Bass


14 lb Pollock


27 lb Cod


17 lb Cod


40 lb Sunfish


Latest Fishing Reports and News

  • 01/04/2016 Fishing Report by stuart cross

    1 Apr 2016 by stuart cross

    Fishing report by Stuart Cross on Valkerie

    Me my Dad and my son Andrew [aka mini me] had a good bash at some Pollock on Friday with Zac. He had a very sore throat, so Dave the crewman had to sing for him as the wreck came up. Its only Andrews second time wrecking so I showed him once more how to drop retrieve and drop again. Second wind up one 12lb Pollock to Andrew followed by a massive grin. When the score sheet read Bri 4 Andrew 4 me 0 I was getting twitchy. ‘Can I have a go with your rod?’ Andrew asked. Now they were on identical reels and I stupidly opted for the faster retrieve reel due to the low neap tide. ‘He’s got 4’ I thought ‘this will let me catch up’. Stupid me - 2 doubles on two drifts to Andrew and I’m still fishless. Zac is now grinning just as much as Andrew and Bri - its not going well. Andrew then topped it off with telling me [so that everyone could hear] that ‘I could reel in the next one he caught’ which by the way was a bass [returned] the only one of the day.
    The fish were high on slack 30 -40 turns coming right down to the bottom as the tide was in mid flow. Scores Bri 7, Andrew 7 plus the bass including 4 doubles. I came third, stop laughing Glen it’s not funny. All in all it was a great day with a nice bunch of chaps, I’m now taking up knitting- until next time!

  • 16/06/2013 Fishing Report by Steve L

    16 Jun 2013 by Steve L

    Many thanks to Glen & his Son for a cracking days wreck fishing Weather was a little choppy to start with but thanks to the great training from his dad Zack had us bang on target , With all of us making great catches of bass, Pollock, & odd pouting,
    This was only my second trip out & I thoughly enjoyed every minute of my day & am looking forward to my next trip. rest assured we all will be visiting Glen & the boys again, Many thanks . Steve

  • 16/06/2013 Fishing Report by Peter Stotesbury

    16 Jun 2013 by Peter Stotesbury

    Great day on Valkyrie7 with Glen on the wheel. At the first wreck a steady catch rate of Pollack falling to brighter coloured sidewinders and shads. The last of the ebb tide we tried hard for a cod or two but just came up with Pollack 6lb to 10lb. Having had some practice even the less able where catching. Glen then moved us to a small wreck again looking for cod but this wreck was also full of Pollack. With a few fish pushing 12lb it was time to move on again looking for cod. We hoped to find some Mackerel for bait but these were absent the fish were coughing up a mixture of Spratt, Herring and cuttlefish. Conditions became brighter and the lure colours with yellow and orange worked best. Glen tried a third wreck this finally produce 3 cod two too hopping with twin tails and 1 to feathers. There was a bonus bass and a ling. The fish were feeding high in the water up to 60 turns up which was good as with slow retrieve and a bit of care some went back for another day.
    We ended up with about 20 fish per rod with 12 fishing. I switched to using 8" lures trying to find a bigger fish and was rewarded with one of 14lb, the best until a 15lb fish surfaced.
    Even the weather behaved for a change with the forecast doing as it said the wind decreasing all day.
    Valkyrie 7 had plenty of room for 12 and is very dry and stable even at 18knotts. There was a swell and steady chop on the sea but unlike most cats does not lift up in bows but remains level cutting through rather than over the sea. The tea making is good with constant hot water from the water boiler. Highly recommened for a great day out!

  • 04/2013 Fishing Report by Glen Cairns

    Apr 2013 by Glen Cairns

    Sunday 21st April - Hayling - Valkyrie 6 (Zac Cairns)

    The first wrecking trip for the club this year. The first trip with Zac at the helm.

    At seven o'clock with ten members aboard and we headed out to the banks to try for a few mackerel.
    The north side of the bank produced a few mackerel for bait, as did the south side but we only ended up with a dozen or so.
    The next stop was a small wreck well inside french waters where we were soon into good sized pollack on sidewinders and storms of various colours.
    After a few drifts that just produced pollack and the occasional pout the activity seemed to stir the ling into action as well so we tried using baits. The ling proved to be unfussy, as besides artificials, they took fresh and frozen mackerel as well as cuttle and squid.
    Not wanting to take too much from one wreck we then went off to a larger one a few miles away where we had more pollack and ling and lost a lot of lures bravely trying for cod (unsuccessfully).
    The fourth stop was just a couple of drifts over another wreck which also had pollack and ling and then we headed back toward Hayling.

    Some of us opted to just gut their fish on the way in, others also removed their heads as well, and some actually filleted theirs.

    A great trip. Well done Zac!. A flat sea, little wind, a bit of sun and everybody had ling (up to 22lb) and most had pollack (up to 15lb) to take home.

    Biggest fish was a Nigel Cross's ling of 22lb and Roy Hebburn and Mick Doody shared the honours for most species with 4 each.

    [Report by Jim]

  • 08/12/2012 Fishing Report by RICHARD SAXBY

    8 Dec 2012 by RICHARD SAXBY

    Sorry for late report.
    fished on Valkyrie on 8-12-12.
    lots of whiting, pout, doggies, thornbacks, spotted rays, poorcod and a lunker cod of 31lb 8oz to Paul.
    another great trip in perfect winter conditions.
    cheers Glen.