Charter Boat: Brigand

Photo of Charter Boat Brigand
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Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60 miles
Hours: 9hr / 10hr / 12hr / Multiple Days Trips
Contact: Kev McKie
Map: Location & Directions
Type of Fishing: Wrecking, Rough Ground, Banks. Specialised Charters for Summer Tope Fishing & Winter Cod Fishing.
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: AquaStar ProFisherman 32.5ft, 15 knots.
Facilities: Toilet, Gas Cooker, Heated Cabin.
Additional Description:

Here on Brigand Charters we cater for all levels of experience, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. Brigand can hold a maximum of 12 people, 2 crew members plus 10 fishing. We welcome individuals, small groups, and full charters.

Fishing equipment is available on Brigand, and may be used at no extra cost, though you can bring your own. However, if equipment is lost or broken, we expect to be reimbursed the cost to replace it. Bait is also available to purchase.

Upon booking the charter, if there is a certain species of fish you would like to target, and you require rigs made and/or bait ordered, let Kev know and he will arrange this. Alternatively, you can bring your own tackle & bait and Kev will assist with rig making if necessary,

The types of charters we offer are as follows:

Off-shore wrecks, banks and rough ground
These charters consist of 10 to 12 hours at sea, fishing mainly for Rays, Huss, Tope, Cod, Ling, Conger Eel, Pollack, Gurnard and all manner of deep water species.

In the Spring and Summer, we mostly target Smooth-hounds, Rays, Plaice, Flounder and Dabs. These trips usually last around 8 to 10 hours, but it has been known for us to stay out for up to 13 hours if the fishing is especially good and at no extra cost!

Winter Cod Fishing
Beginning mid-October and running through till the end of February. Due to fishing in the River Mersey, we are limited to the tides we can fish. Brigand Charters does not fish any tide higher than 28.5 feet as this causes problems with presenting your bait correctly on the bottom due to strong currents and keeping the line free of vegetation. These trips will last from 8 to 10 hours, with the possibility of staying out longer and at no extra cost.

Tackle & Bait
Brigand has on board 10 Shimano Rods, each accompanied by a Shimano Reel loaded with top-quality PowerPro braid. We also carry a wide selection of high quality hooks, leaders, weights, and end tackle.

Baits available:
•Peeler Crab
•Black Lug

Brigand Skipper Kev McKie's Photo
About the Skipper:

Kev is a commercially endorsed offshore yacht master and has been fishing his entire life, from the pond in the back garden of his parents, to battling Black Marlin off the coast of Kenya. With close to 30 years fishing experience, Kev has been a member of several sea angling clubs and was a regular on the North West shore fishing match circuit. On an international level, Kev represented England in the Junior World Championships at the age of 16 in Dieppe, France.

From the age of 16 to 21, Kev worked at Tasker’s Angling on Utting Avenue as a Sales Assistant, offering advice on the rig set-ups for different species, and the best areas, tides and times to fish. Kev also wrote catch reports for the North West which were submitted and appeared weekly in The Angling Times.

Taking a break from competitive fishing, Kev travelled the world for 3 years in search of new angling techniques to increase his knowledge, catching various species of Shark, Tuna, and other large pelagic fish in places such as Cuba, South Africa and Indonesia. Not content with just a two week holiday, Kev has lived and fished in both Australia and Canada for long periods of time, landing jobs working on pearl boats and hand-line commercial fishing boats on the Great Barrier Reef.

Kev owned his first fishing boat before his first car, a Warrior 150 moored at Pwhelli Marina, Wales, where he chased Tope, Bass, and Black Bream around Cardigan Bay. With his travelling days limited, Kev is now pursuing his lifelong dream of owning and chartering his own Charter Boat.

Before owning Brigand, Kev fished from a smaller boat (Bayliner Trophy) in 2012 from Liverpool Marina. Kev did 11 trips in total with friends throughout the year, catching 31 different species of fish, the largest being a 67lb Tope. From this experience, and having fished the area all his life, Kev has recognised certain hot-spots and uses these among his charter destinations.

Kev is friendly, approachable, and always happy to share his knowledge and experience… and will no doubt bore you to tears with the tales of the one that got away.

Latest Fishing Reports

  • 11/2014 Fishing Report by Kev McKie on Brigand (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    Nov 2014 by Kev McKie

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Species caught: Cod, Conger Eel, Dab, Dogfish, Thornback Ray and Whiting.

    During November the Cod fishing in the Mersey just got better and better as the month went on. Our best day ever in the Mersey was in November with 71 Cod boated from 2lb to 6lb 9oz!!! That’s very good fishing anywhere in the UK!!! We also had some good catches of Thornback Rays to 10lb 12oz. One day in November we caught and released 23 Rays along with plenty of Cod, Whiting, Dab and Dogfish.

    The next two months should see the biggest Cod of the season caught.

    I only have a few dates available for the rest of the winter season, please get in touch if you would like to get in on the action.

    Notable charters

    17/11/14 – I had 9 anglers on-board, they totalled:

    31 Cod from 2lb to 6lb 8oz,
    10 Thornback Ray to 8lb 4oz,
    Whiting, Dab and Dogfish.

    28/11/14 – I had 9 anglers on-board, they totalled:

    71 Cod from 2lb to 6lb 9oz,
    Whiting and Dab.

    29/11/14 – I had 9 anglers on-board, they totalled:

    67 Cod from 2lb to 4lb,
    Whiting, Dab and Dogfish.

    Fish of the month goes to 13 year old Matthew Swrd, who caught a 10lb 12oz Thornback Ray on his first ever boat trip. Well done Matthew! You win a free individual trip to use whenever you wish.

  • 31/10/2014 Fishing Report by Kev McKie on Brigand (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    31 Oct 2014 by Kev McKie

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Species caught.
    Conger Eel, Whiting, Pouting, Cod, Pollack, Ling, Mackerel, Sprat, Thornback Ray, Dogfish, Bullhuss, Dab, Gray Gurnard and Poggie (hook nose).

    October was a very good month for Brigand, offshore we where still catching all the summer species. Inshore the cod season had started with a bang, seeing catches of up to 32 sizeable cod per trip, along with thornback rays, whiting, dabs and dogfish.
    On one trip in the Mersey in October, we caught a very rare species of fish. Never seen on brigand before it's called a Poggie, also known as a hook nose. It just goes to show you never known what you are going to catch, that's the thing I love about fishing.

    Fish of the month goes to Francis Warilow, from Liverpool with his 25lb 8oz Conger Eel, that was returned to fight another day. Well done Francis you win a free individual charter to use when ever you wish.

    Notable charters.
    On the 16th, we had seven anglers from Taskers angling onboard for there monthly trip. The lads fancied having a go for the cod and rays in the Mersey, they caught.
    26 Cod from 2lb to 3lb 3oz,
    6 Thornback Ray to 8lb,
    Whiting, Dab and Dogfish.

    On the 30th, we had a full boat of individual anglers onboard. I told the lads the Mersey was fishing well, for cod and rays. We didn't get many rays, but we did get into the cod. Here is what they caught.
    32 Cod to 3lb 10oz,
    2 Thornback Ray 9lb 8oz,
    Whiting and Dogfish,

    Kevin Mckie
    Brigand Charters

  • 09/2014 Fishing Report by Kev McKie on Brigand (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    Sep 2014 by Kev McKie

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Species caught: Ballan Wrasse, Bullhuss, Cod, Conger Eel, Dab, Dogfish, Gurnard (Gray, Red & Tub), Herring, Ling, Mackerel, Pollack, Poor Cod, Pouting, Scad, Smoothound (Common & Starry), Sprat, Thornback Ray, Tope and Whiting.

    After the very poor August we had, September has been a breath of fresh air. The weather could not have been better for the time of year, the water was clear and there was lots of Mackerel, Herring and Sprats around which brought all the other species of fish back to Liverpool Bay - including dolphins, seals and a big sun fish that swam around the boat one day!

    Notable Charters

    06/09/14 - We had a group of individuals on-board and decided to give the River Mersey a go as we had not fished there for about a month.

    The lads enjoyed the day catching 14 Thornback Ray to 8lb 1oz, Whiting to 1lb and Dogfish.

    18/09/14 - We had a group of anglers who booked to go wreck fishing. Most of the wrecks were poor, but on the last two wrecks we landed on a few fish to keep the lads happy!

    They caught 22 Pollack to 8lb 3oz, Tub Gurnard, Red Gurnard, Gray Gurnard, Pouting and Mackerel.

    20/09/14 - We had Southport S.A.C on-board they wanted to go wreck fishing for Pollack. I told them the wrecks where very hit and miss, so we decided to anchor a small wreck on a big patch of rough ground.

    They all enjoyed the trip catching plenty of fish and totalled 12 species, Bull Huss to 12lb, Ling, Cod Dogfish, Mackerel, Tub Gurnard, Red Gurnard, Gray Gurnard, Whiting, Pouting, Poor Cod and Dab.

    Fish of the month goes to Nigel for catching a 13lb 11oz Bullhuss, Nigel wins a free individual trip to use when he wishes. Well done Nigel!

  • 20/09/2014 Fishing Report by tony shortall on Brigand (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    20 Sep 2014 by tony shortall

    yet another great days fishing with kev for the lads from southport sea angling club, the mackeral have been thin on the ground this year but kev put us on them and after bagging up off we went to fish a wreck to total 12 species including bull huss to 14lb all the lads caught fish and had a geat day out not forgetting rounding the trip off with kevs famous chicken curry nice one la, kev even arranged free parking!! looking forward to the winter cod fishing, any anglers wanting to go charter fishing should call kev first..

  • 08/2014 Fishing Report by Kev McKie on Brigand (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    Aug 2014 by Kev McKie

    Photo of the Fishing Report

    Species caught: Pollack, Cod, Whiting, Mackerel, Pouting, Red, Sapphirine, Gray, and Tub Gurnard, Sprat, Weaver, Launce, Bullhuss, Dogfish, Ballan Wrasse, Scad and Dab.

    Not many skippers are honest and I think I am too honest for my own good sometimes. August was one of the worst months I can ever remember in Liverpool Bay. This was due to all the bad weather we have had, we only managed 5 days at sea. When we did get out the water was very murky with only 6ft visibility at best. This made the Mackerel hard to find for bait, and the wreck fishing was very hard with only 15 to 20 sizeable fish per trip.

    All we need is a week of nice weather in September and the fishing will be back to it’s best.

    Notable Charters

    On August 5th, I had a group of nine anglers who wanted to target the wrecks and rough ground.

    Fishing was very poor and we done a lot of miles to find just a few fish. Visibility was also very poor, but here is what they caught:

    15 Pollack to 7lb 5oz,
    3 Cod to 3lb,
    Mackerel, Tub Gurnard, Gray Gurnard and Pouting.

    On August 8th, I had a group of inexperienced lads onboard. The plan was to go fishing for Rays, Huss and Tope. But the mackerel where very hard to find, so we decided to change the plan and just drift the roughy ground with baited fathers and jelly worms. They caught:

    Pollack to 3lb, Codling, Dab, Ballan Wrasse, Red Gurnard, Tub Gurnard, Gray Gurnard, Sapphire Gurnard, Dogfish, Bull Huss, Sandeel, Whiting, Weaver and Mackerel.

    Also during August Kevin went on a fishing holiday to Norway with his fishing club Bold S.A.C. He caught a monster 290lb Halibut, that Kevin fought for over 40 minutes on Shimano 30lb class rod and an Accurate 400 reel loaded with 50lb Berkley braid. Not only did he catch the Skjervoy Fishing Camp record Halibut, but it is also thought to be the biggest ever landed by a UK angler.

    Fish of the month winner goes to Dez Baskavill for his 14lb 10oz Bullhuss, caught on his first trip on board Brigand. We done Dez you win a free individual trip to use whenever you wish.

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  • 5-star Nick Shennan (29/11/2014)

    Another fabulous days fishing with Kev aboard Brigand - 67 keeper Cod!! Great set of lads, fantastic fishing, decent weather, brilliant curry from the skipper... what more could a man wish for? Ok, perhaps there is one or two other things, but you ain't gonna get them in the middle of the Mersey :) Good to see you again Kev - looking forward to the trip on 29th December... Cheers!

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the review Nick, it was a good day on the Mersey. See you on the 29th!!!

  • 5-star steven hilton (19/11/2014)

    First time out boat fishing, and it will not be my last!! I was a bit apprehensive about it being my first trip and not knowing anything but Kev soon put me at ease and had me baited up and fishing. His help, advice and knowledge throughout the day was unbelievable and his guidance was very much appreciated. I caught 7 codling, 6 of which were keepers, 1 thornback ray and 3 whiting, and the rest of the boat were all catching too. The chicken curry and continuous tea and coffee kept us all going through the day and the banter on board was great. I will be booking again soon without a doubt and cannot wait to get on board Brigand again. Thanks a lot Kev!

    Skippers Reponse: I am so glad you enjoyed your first boat fishing trip onboard my boat. Think it's safe to say you are hooked now ha ha, looking forward to seeing you onboard again soon. Thanks for the review.

  • 5-star Colin Evans (18/11/2014)

    Another.cracking day Kev, I had the dab for lunch on Wednesday and just had some of the cod for lunch today, just looking now to see if we can fit a few more days in before the next trip at the end of December, thanks again mate, great day, good company and I learn something every time I come out with you

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the review Colin, glad you enjoy your time on Brigand. See you on the 3rd.

  • 5-star Pete Chant (18/11/2014)

    great day out

    Skippers Reponse: Cheers Pete, glad you enjoyed the trip.

  • 5-star Peter Kent (17/11/2014)

    At 55 years of age and never fished since i was child, this was a great way to enjoy my first fishing trip on the River Mersey courtesy of Brigand Charters and Skipper Kevin Mckie.. It was a fantastic day and even though Kev baited my rod and cast out for me, I took great pleasure in reeling in 8 cod 1 dab 1 whiting +1 ray. There was 7 of us on the boat and Kev could not do enough for us all to make sure we enjoyed our day out. Food and beverages where provided for us and you have to taste the Chicken curry that Kevs Dad made, it was the best i have ever tasted. I am hoping to go out again with Brigand charters in the near future and can highly recommened them to anyone thinking of having a great day day fishing on the Mersey.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the review Peter, hope to see you on brigand again soon.

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