• Kurt Lander of Yellowfin, Newhaven

    I find the site fantastically easy to use. It is very important to my business because I have received enquiries from all over country and have even had bookings from Europe. I find it so easy to load in all my pictures and add comments. Where else could I get such good advertising?...

    Please continue the good work. My business relies upon what you have done and would not be the success that it is without it.

  • Gethyn Owen of My Way 2, Holyhead

    I'm at the point now, that CBUK is part of my daily routine, if I update my website, I need to update CBUK with similar information. From an initial thought of 'I can do without the hassle', my opinion has come full circle to thinking I'd be foolish to ignore such an impressive marketing tool.

  • Allan Skinner of JFK Two, Tyne

    I can safely say that second to my own website CBUK draws much more, interest and positive feedback of any other listings on websites or forms of advertising we do ( including paid adverts in sea angler etc).

  • Colin Penny of Flamer IV, Weymouth

    The format is very good and the business enquiries have improved tenfold... The feedback about the site from my customers have all been positive.

  • Dave Elliott of Ocean Warrior 3, Newhaven

    I registered on Charter Boats UK just after a month ago. The initial registration was easy and quick to set up which was great. I have noticed more telephone enquiries recently which will hopefully mean more business in the future.

    The website is very user friendly as you can find almost everything you need in one site.

  • Bob Marshall of Duke IV, Ramsgate

    I waited a long time to get on the new website but it was worth the wait... Overall a well designed easy to use website with a good personal service. Best of all its FREE!

  • Hamish Currie of Predator II, Red Bay

    I would just like to say that the CBUK is the dogs b*#~$^s. It’s easy to use and I get loads of enquires from it. It’s very important to our boat and offers great advertising.

  • Malcolm Collins of Just Mary, Poole

    The website is bigger and better than ever before with interactive capabilities rarely found on a non subscription site.

  • Dave Saunders of Kelly’s Hero, Brixham

    I am hard pushed to think on how you could improve your site even further!