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368 lb Thresher Shark by Nick lane
Name: Nick lane
Catch: Thresher Shark
Weight: 368 lb
Date: 31 Jul 2016
Charter: Reel Deal
Description: new British record
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  1. Photo Unavailable for Kevin Wyatt 03 August 16 by Kevin Wyatt

    well dunn to that man dont worry about the record mate,,that big old girl swam off to fight another day that is the inportant thing.

  2. Photo Unavailable for Kris Kirtley 18 July 17 by Kris Kirtley

    WOW I never realised u even got thresher sharks in the Channel! (Shows what i know! - although i did catch a cookoo ras near broadstairs and no one on the boat we were on had a clue what it was but me so im not totally thick!) Must have bin a shock as i assume u didnt expect to catch this Beast!Apparently their tails can do serious damage. Id love to actually see ones tail in action provided no one was hurt!

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