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19 lb Blonde Ray by Arthur

19 lb Blonde Ray by Arthur

Date Caught: Sep 2018
Onboard: Sea-Juicer
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Upcoming Individual Spaces on Sea-Juicer

Fri 05/04/2019
Individual Day spaces available day Plaice & general fishing
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Sat 06/04/2019 8 Hours £50.00pp
Individual Day Spaces Available Plaice & General Fishing
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Sun 14/04/2019
Offshore Blonde rays & Spur dogs weather permitting
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Wed 17/04/2019 4 Spaces 9 Hours
Individual day spaces available Smoothound / rays / Early Bream
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Sat 20/04/2019
Individual Day Spaces available Early fishing For bream
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Wed 01/05/2019
Individual Day Bream / Smoothound & Rays Spaces Availale
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Fri 03/05/2019
Evening Trip 4.30 till 9pm
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Mon 06/05/2019
BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY Individual Day Spaces Available Bream Fishing
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Fri 10/05/2019
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Sun 12/05/2019 10 Hours
Individual day Experimental day new marks/ methods
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