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  • 09/10/2017 Fishing Report by dominic wilson on Predator II (Portpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway)

    9 Oct 2017 by dominic wilson

    Report on-board Predator II

    period 8th & 9th Oct.......
    finally the wind eased and we managed to put to sea.On the sunday we had a few mackerel,some plump cod and haddock,loads of bait sized whiting which we flappered ,about 15 huss,all doubles with the best at 14lb and over 70 spurdogs that ranged from 12oz to 8lb.....never seen such small spurdogs! and they were coming up 2/3 at a time! we also had 3 common skate hooked and one landed at 54lb.
    On the monday,the quantity of fish was less but the size was bigger.we landed about the same amount of huss upto 14lb,we landed 15 spurdogs in the 12-14lb range with the best at 18lb and a couple around 16lb.we also hooked 3 commons but landed only one at 84lb.again,the preferred bait was whiting flapper.

    the boat is coming out of the water during early november til the beginning of march.
    bookings are now being taken for 2018 please ring on 07739231331

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