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  • 08/2018 Fishing Report by Scott Belbin on Galloper (West Mersea, Essex)

    Aug 2018 by Scott Belbin

    Report on-board Galloper

    The last few months have seen us enjoy some of the best weather imaginable from west mersea and thankfully the fishing has been able to match it on most occasions. My last report on here was late spring so I will bring you briefly up to date from then.
    By the time the main bulk of thorn-back rays started to move out at the start of june we already had the summer species around in good numbers to take their place. Smooth-hounds have been fairly consistent throughout the summer with good numbers of the smaller fish at times. This year saw the best season in several years for tope with most boats finding a few decent fish. our biggest went over 55lbs and was caught by billy who made the trip down from north Norfolk several times in search of tope and this was his biggest.
    We started off the bass season with some cracking fish on board. the biggest so far fell to chris at 12.4lbs which came just an hour or so after a 10.12lbs bass for steve who was out that day. We have seen several mixed in with our general trips too and as ever the estuary is full of schoolies which are great fun on our 3-4hr trips. Unfortunately having to return all all of the bass has disappointed some of our anglers but they are a pleasure to catch anyway which keeps most people pleased.
    There have been several stingrays come out the last few weeks, we were lucky enough to find a small one which matched to small angler who caught it. Charlie was a few days shy of 8 years old when he had his first stingray. These fish are as rare as hens teeth so im sure may a well seasoned angler would be envious of him or any others who managed to boat one this year.
    Over the coming weeks the summer species should continue to keep us occupied, September approaches we should see the thorn-back rays picking up in numbers again. these will be mostly small fish at first but the stamp; should increase as the autumn progresses. There’s plenty of time for bass and hounds as yet but it wont be long until we start thinking about cod. After seeing a few more this spring hopes will be high that the blackwater estuary and beyond will be productive again throughout the winter.
    I have a few spaces left in august and September, I keep my calendar and last minute bookings up to date on here but for more information, weekly reports and availability please visit or call 07956411528

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