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  • 28/10/2018 Fishing Report by dominic wilson on Predator II (Portpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway)

    28 Oct 2018 by dominic wilson

    Report on-board Predator II

    Finally managed to get out on the last sunday in October with Matt White and his boys and we had 11 species...we had Tope(23lb),spurdog(8lb),bullhuss(13lb)pollack and coalies from the harbour entrance(3.5lb),cod haddock,whiting,doggies,pouting and a very rare (and after much discussion!) a poor cod of 3oz! whiting were noticeable by their absence but those that landed whiting and fished them as flappers caught the better sharks. It is proven that whiting definitely outfishes mackerel for the bottom sharks and the common skate are quite partial to it also!

    A date for the lift out at Girvan has yet to be agreed and so,the fishing continues with bookings being taken upto mid/late December providing the wind will let us! Looking at going uptiding for cod this year if anyone fancies their hand....some gear held onboard

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