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  • 21/05/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    21 May 2019 by Philip Higgins

    The last few days have provided some excellent fishing with plenty of Bass up to 6lb many being sizeable but small and nearly all being returned, not even taking 1 fish per person, as the tide eases we have caught some nice Plaice Gurnards and a bonus Turbot. At anchor over slack water we have been plagued with tiny Conger Eels and a few Undulate Rays.

  • 10/05/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    10 May 2019 by Philip Higgins

    The trip today was planned as an offshore trip but with the predicted northerlies we choose to try new marks closer to home instead of Bream of which we have had plenty, the 1st mark produced a few dogs, Tope and pout so a change of location was needed. We looked at several marks and decided to try a bank we had crossed but not fished within minutes we had bites with more dogfish and reasonable sized Whiting coming aboard followed by lots of congers then Steve’s rod nearly came out of the rod holder and after a good battle he landed a new PB Bass of 14lb which was released to grow bigger, not resting there he then landed a nice lobster which he also returned. Overall a great day with plenty of fish and new marks in the plotter

  • 06/05/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    6 May 2019 by Philip Higgins

    The last few days has seen the weather turn from the hot Easter back to hat and gloves time but the fishing has remained good with plenty of Bream being landed and released, lots of mini species and a few rays mostly Undulates. Last week I did another barbless hook trial, landing 82 Bream whilst only loosing 2 during the fight , all were returned without touching the fish and one lucky fish who had another hook protruding from its mouth we removed that as well, it certainly did not stop him feeding.
    All the best

  • 17/04/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    17 Apr 2019 by Philip Higgins

    Great day on the bream with over 60 being landed and mostly returned, the trial with barbless hooks is going well with NO fish lost and all easily unhooked, the fish are very finicky and in tight pockets which involve several moves to locate them but well worth the effort for Gee it was a fantastic trip when he landed his 1st Black Bream and broke a couple of PBs for other fish. If you fancy a bream trip please give me a call.

  • 09/04/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    9 Apr 2019 by Philip Higgins

    The last 2 days have seen plenty of Bream being landed and returned, Monday was fished in perfect conditions but lacked fish in good numbers , Tuesday forecast was one of easterly winds and heavy rain fortunately the wind was not as fresh and the rain held off until late afternoon but the Bream fishing was the best this season with everybody on board in double figures not big fish the best may have been 2lb but plenty of sport for all. We also landed a very rare species for Poole a Mackeral along with Bass, Plaice, Wrasse, Dogs overall a couple of good days. Glad to see the Bream are starting to feed as last year they did not arrive until 19th April. Early for us and very welcome.

  • 20/03/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    20 Mar 2019 by Philip Higgins

    As the spring equinox is upon us and the tides are massive we choose to go Plaice fishing and what a result that was with everyone catching lots of small to medium sized Plaice, we decided that we would only have 4 drifts in anyone spot to see if there were any better concentrations of plaice but everywhere we stopped we were immediately into the same sized fish. It was also the start of our season long barbless hook experiment in conjunction with a local authority and the initial feelings are it went well with 16 fish landed and no fish lost all with easy release even when deeply hooked. Next test will be Bream and over the season all species will be targeted and recorded.

  • 27/02/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    27 Feb 2019 by Philip Higgins

    Philip Butler, after taking Phil fishing last week and posting a report which included him I was informed that on that date it was his 86th birthday and the one thing he wanted was to catch a specimen size fish, well congratulations on reaching such a fine age and still fishing and congratulations again on catching a specimen Spurdog.

  • 27/02/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    27 Feb 2019 by Philip Higgins

    Stunning Spurdog weather
    Yesterday was one of the best February days I have ever had at sea, the weather was superb with flat calm seas and beautiful sunshine, we ventured out to fish for Spurdogs enjoying the smooth journey. We arrived just as the ebb tide was easing and once at anchor were quickly into small eels and the odd Spur as the tide eased and we thought it should get better the bites stopped completely as though a switch had been turned off, my colleagues to the west were still catching so a move was in order, as we were steaming I noticed a few contour lines on the chartplotter ahead of us so I slowed and came across a bank I had never fished before which was showing plenty of life. We set the anchor and started fishing which proved slow just as we were thinking of moving the fish gods turned the switch back on and all hell broke loose with spurs everywhere and the sizes were awesome with a total of 39 spurs landed and 30 of them over the Wessex specimen size the best falling to James at 23lb 4ozs.
    In amongst the Spurs were some nice size Tope around the 30lb mark and a few straps. In all considering it is February and 18 degrees warmer than this time last year we had an excellent day including getting a bit of an early tan as a bonus.

  • 17/02/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    17 Feb 2019 by Philip Higgins

    The last 2 days have seen the weather go from bright blue skies and flat calm seas to cold overcast skies and increasing winds and the fishing followed the same pattern, on Friday we were rewarded with beautiful warm weather and the fishing was superb with plenty of quality Spurs, Tope and Rays coming aboard all day and armed with this I thought Saturday would prove just as good although the predicted forecast was not as favourable but seemed do able so we decided that we would venture as far as the conditions would allow us. Arriving at the boat on Saturday morning we found the boat covered in a hard frost and flat calm conditions, once the anglers were aboard we decided to go the distance even though we knew the weather would deteriorate at some point. On arrival the tide was a bit too strong but as soon as it cut the bites started with a few fish coming aboard no where near as many as the day before but the quality was good with Dan setting new PBs for Tope and Spurdog. As the tide turned the wind started so we headed inshore to find a few small whiting and dogs.
    Overall a couple of very good days fishing for February.
    If you fancy a day out please call
    Tight Lines
    Philip Higgins

  • 03/02/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    3 Feb 2019 by Philip Higgins

    A small weather window allowed Poole Town Anglers to get afloat and head offshore in search of Spurdogs, the tide was perfect as we arrived and anchored the mark then within 5 minutes we had the 1st Blonde Ray followed immediately by a Thornback and other fish including small congers, hounds, dogs and Whiting. As the tide changed I re anchored and again we were into the rays with Pete Smith hooking into a decent fish which had other ideas than to be landed and after a 20 minute fight Pete's hook let go now the tide was getting too strong so we headed back inshore to find a few smaller fish and a nice Dab for Chris.

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