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  • 17/02/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    17 Feb 2019 by Philip Higgins

    The last 2 days have seen the weather go from bright blue skies and flat calm seas to cold overcast skies and increasing winds and the fishing followed the same pattern, on Friday we were rewarded with beautiful warm weather and the fishing was superb with plenty of quality Spurs, Tope and Rays coming aboard all day and armed with this I thought Saturday would prove just as good although the predicted forecast was not as favourable but seemed do able so we decided that we would venture as far as the conditions would allow us. Arriving at the boat on Saturday morning we found the boat covered in a hard frost and flat calm conditions, once the anglers were aboard we decided to go the distance even though we knew the weather would deteriorate at some point. On arrival the tide was a bit too strong but as soon as it cut the bites started with a few fish coming aboard no where near as many as the day before but the quality was good with Dan setting new PBs for Tope and Spurdog. As the tide turned the wind started so we headed inshore to find a few small whiting and dogs.
    Overall a couple of very good days fishing for February.
    If you fancy a day out please call
    Tight Lines
    Philip Higgins

  • 03/02/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    3 Feb 2019 by Philip Higgins

    A small weather window allowed Poole Town Anglers to get afloat and head offshore in search of Spurdogs, the tide was perfect as we arrived and anchored the mark then within 5 minutes we had the 1st Blonde Ray followed immediately by a Thornback and other fish including small congers, hounds, dogs and Whiting. As the tide changed I re anchored and again we were into the rays with Pete Smith hooking into a decent fish which had other ideas than to be landed and after a 20 minute fight Pete's hook let go now the tide was getting too strong so we headed back inshore to find a few smaller fish and a nice Dab for Chris.

  • 21/01/2019 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    21 Jan 2019 by Philip Higgins

    After a few days of unsettled weather the chance to venture out came on Sunday with sunshine and calm seas, the fishing was steady all day with plenty of Whiting, Dogs, Pout and as a bonus a few Rays and Congers. Matte landed his PB fish a Conger weighing in at 25lb on his light gear which proved challenging but fun. Today the forecast was favourable to start with forecasted increasing winds and a storm front following so we went for it and were rewarded with flat calm seas. We decided to fish a bank 8 miles out knowing that the strength of the tide would only allow a couple of hours fishing but those 2 hours produced some fine fish Whiting to 4lb 4 ozs, Undulate Rays to 13lb and plenty of dogs and small Eels. As predicted the tide beat us and we headed inshore to another bank and were immediately rewarded with more Whiting and a couple more Rays. Overall we had more fish yesterday but today the quality was far superior.
    Philip Higgins

  • 22/12/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    22 Dec 2018 by Philip Higgins

    Due to a long run of bad weather the fishing has all but ceased, on the odd occasion I have managed to get out we have found fish. I would like to wish all my friends and new friends I have yet to meet a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • 04/12/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    4 Dec 2018 by Philip Higgins

    After a week of gales yesterday offered a weather window, the day was always going to be difficult as it was a very good friends funeral which at the appropriate time a 2 minute silence was observed for him. The bites started immediately and carried on all day even through the hardest part of the tide with plenty of Whiting, Dogfish, Pout and more Congers. The sea was remarkable calm after all the weather we have had and it was lovely and warm a real pleasure to be out there. As the tide eased we landed 2 lovely Bass falling to Kim and Wayne and the Whiting size increased. Again the next few days are a washout but keep looking at the weather and as soon as it calms down I will be going I have spaces most days so if you fancy a trip please call and I will do my best to get you out on the day of your choice.
    Tight Lines

    Philip Higgins

  • 25/11/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    25 Nov 2018 by Philip Higgins

    Due to the series of strong winds we have endured for the last few weeks fishing has been very limited and I have earned loads of ‘brownie points’ at home. When we have managed to get afloat the fishing has been good with plenty of Whiting ranging from small to medium, lots of Conger Eels up to 12lb many not much bigger than a common eel which bodes well for the future, the usual dogfish, pout and the odd ray but as a bonus some quality Pollack have been caught with the latest falling to Mark Turner using light tackle aimed at Whiting weighing in at a respectable 13lb. The Cod have yet to arrive but the other fish will keep you on your toes with an average of a fish every other drop. If you are available and fancy a trip please call.

  • 28/10/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    28 Oct 2018 by Philip Higgins

    The last 3 days fishing have been in strong North West then North and today in North East winds with some gusts up to 28 kts over the cliffs but the fishing has been exceptional for the time of year with 50 plus Plaice every day along with loads of big Garfish, Gurnards and a few Black and Gilthead Bream. The conditions under the cliffs with the wind in these directions affords us plenty of shelter and the anglers have enjoyed the fishing although breezy and cold the closeness to shore means it is calm. Once the weather settles our attention will turn to Cod and Whiting so wrap up warm and come and join us.

  • 21/10/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    21 Oct 2018 by Philip Higgins

    This week has been a bit unpredictable the early part of the week the water was so coloured that it affected the fishing but as the week progressed the water cleared and normal fishing was resumed with some quality fish inc a superb 21lb 12 ozs Undulate Ray for new angler Wayne. Yesterday we went offshore and found plenty of Tope ,Eels , small Pollack and a few Bream which unlike previous years were smaller than expected. Today we ventured out to try something new and found plenty of quality Plaice and some early Channel Whiting. Since the Bass restrictions have been lifted we have not landed one over the boat imposed size of 46cms so their have been a few lucky fish returned. It has been refreshing to see the Whiting come in early and the size has been better than usual for the start.
    More updates to follow

  • 26/09/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    26 Sep 2018 by Philip Higgins

    Plaice fishing today was phenomenal with over 150 being landed by 5 anglers. The average size was just about legal landing size but only 14 fish over 33 cm were kept many lucky Plaice exceeding that size were released as the lads enjoyed the fishing but did not want to take anymore home

  • 25/08/2018 Fishing Report by Philip Higgins

    25 Aug 2018 by Philip Higgins

    The last few days have seen the Mistress Linda fishing in the Swash Channel and along the beaches, the results have been excellent with plenty of Bream up to 1lb 12ozs and small to medium Plaice. On a short evening trip the Sunseeker team were treated to a couple of hours full on Bream fishing with over 50 being landed along with a few Mackeral. Excess weed has restricted fishing the Swash for most of the tide but if you time it to miss the weed the results are worth it. Local club Albion SAC decided to try for a Trigger Fish to no avail but fishing along the beaches landed lots of Plaice, Bream, Gurnard and a few Red Mullet the best weighing in at 1lb 6ozs caught by Keith Trim.

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