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  • 05/03/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    5 Mar 2019 by jon old

    Just a quick update managed to get out Sat with lads off the USA base fishing bit slow to start bit of a strange day with no seagulls or seals was like they knew something! We lost the sunday with storm Frier looming so nothing to report from that. Ended up with a few whiting as expected the first spotty dog of the season(returned) as pictured here with Bobby i was pleased to see it i must admit! Few dabs came in of all sizes when we moved onto the mud in all not a brilliant day but enjoyable, no codling today not so sure its going to happen for us here in Norfolk, just waiting for the thornbacks to make a show now as there the next quarry. Will keep you posted losing tomorrow 55mph southerlys wed 6th March so next trip Sat 9th March see what happens. All best . Jon (High Flyer)

  • 24/02/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    24 Feb 2019 by jon old

    Another weekend of whitting and few dabs bit on the slow side due to the big tides now ending, reports of doggies and odd skate at night bit further south so hopefully not too long before they arrive up this end. Will just have to put up with things the way they are could still get a spring codling run you never know. Got space this sunday at moment or following wednesday 6th march midweek. Until then tight lines people. Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 18/02/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    18 Feb 2019 by jon old

    Well weird weekend of Feb 16/17th 2019 to be honest the weather was fine bit lumpy sunday to start but no rain at least! Tides were great mid range, perfect water colour and 5.5 degrees on the sounder but all we could manage were few whitting and flatties both days with sunday worst day. No seagulls to speak of and only a couple of seals was bit like a ghost town being the only boat out on Sunday. Got a midweek trip this wednesday 20th few places left will look to go off if weather allows at this rate i will be glad to see some spotty dogs in to keep us busy . As always big thanks to everyone for the weekend good banter as usual i cant afford all these cherry bakewells and mars bars you lot keep eating cos im not keeping you busy reeling in! Will report back midweek with better news hopefully till then tight lines .
    Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 08/02/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    8 Feb 2019 by jon old

    Well been a testing start to febuary coping with the strong winds which only seem to be the weekend and calm during the week! The water temperature has dropped to 5 degrees no excuse now for codling to show. we have had a few small ones nothing worth a picture , still hoping we are going to get a spring codling run soon. The whiting still about odd decent one among them not as prolific as they were but they seem to do that this time of year then return. Dabs making up the sport at slack water of all sizes to be honest i cant wait till return of the spottys and skate wont be long! Wishing my life away again. Going to lose this weekend of 10/11th feb due to the weather bit disappointing but least were safe on dry land. Website up to date with availability or if you have a certain day will try make a trip up for you. Soon as were out again will report back. tight Lines. Jon (High flyer2)

  • 27/01/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    27 Jan 2019 by jon old

    Nearly end of the month in this new year of 2019 been a bit testing with the weather and lack of cod here on the east coast. We still been relying on the whitting not bothered with any pictures as who wants to see strings of them? Bit of a change with some nice dabs turning up all sizes so been bashing them on the bank on slack water for a change . Have only managed one trip offshore on the 12 mile bank could only manage decent size whitting bit of a disappointment but hoping if this cold stays with us the codling could show shortly and we all be back to normal! Looking forward bookings already gone for weekends right through to december website up to date soon as deposits are paid unfortunately insisting on it from now due to so many letdowns in previous years its become ridiculous. Deposits are fully refundable on bad weather or good excuses not ive had too much to drink the night before and wont bother to turn up, you cant run a business like that. Will be doing some special trips this year keep eye for them, plus secured a deal with local commercial vessel fresh supply of hermits and prawns top quality baits for the smoothies and skate looking forward to spring. Lost this weekend of Sat 26th/Sun27th with 55mph winds so cancelled trips as expected will see if we can get out midweek . Until then leaving you with our gift voucher ideal with birthdays presents etc all available here on website. Tight lines to you all. Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 01/01/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    1 Jan 2019 by jon old

    Well happy new year to you all from the High Flyer 2. As always we hope for a better year was quite testing at times 2018 with mackerel being scarce, easterly winds constantly in the summer, only a few tope boated this year as well, the lack of cod here on the east coast and the warm water we have had to deal with quite alot so big thank you to all the anglers who have persevered with it and supported us throughout the year. On the plus side 2018 had us in the Sea Angler twice with 17lb 9oz thornback our best to date and a 18lb smoothound also a boat record for us , millions of sandeels on the feathers plus some nice gurnards which seem to be making a comeback. The thornbacks this year were in abundance very few kept well done for the conservation guys and they lasted right through till december due to warm water i suppose. Looking ahead still struggling with the cod this end at the moment but that could all change the few we caught i havent bothered putting up all within the 2/3lb mark and returned to grow and the thousands of whitting just dont make a photograph! Keep in mind those small wrecking tides and get your date booked in early saves disappointment will drifting some distant banks soon as water clears keep eye out for specialist trips along with our tope specials that everyone loves lets hope we have a better season all round god knows we deserve it! Until then hope the hangover fades and the chocolates have all been eaten and get back to normality website up to date will be pleased to see you at some point. Happy New Year to you all. (Jon ) HIgh Flyer 2

  • 17/12/2018 Fishing Report by jon old

    17 Dec 2018 by jon old

    Dont forget a gift voucher is a great present ,this can be taken at any time during 2019, you will receive in the post the voucher with leaflets and flyers and relevant information, just follow the paypal link below and leave your details. Look forward to being of service in 2019. Merry xmas and happy new year to you all. Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 25/11/2018 Fishing Report by jon old

    25 Nov 2018 by jon old

    Well its been extremely testing month or two plenty of whiting too many to be honest at times a pain. We shouldnt moan but we do, still getting the odd spotty dog and thornback thrown in. nothing has gone to plan like a normal season, this year has been a strange one with a abundance of rays this year but hardly any mackerel only a few tope as well, but millions of sandeels and big launce on the feathers. The wind has been relentless i cant remember when it was like a sheet of glass this summer only the odd day without wind. Its been the most trips since we have been chartering that i have had to cancel due to the weather bit testing to say the least. We are still waiting for our cod to arrive reports of plenty further north just the odd one or two for us at the moment hoping these strong easterlies might have dropped the water temperature for us . Despite all the doom and gloom we have been kept busy by the whiting of all sizes without them we would be worried but that could all change with the promise of a bad winter round the corner so we keep being told. Big thanks to everyone for there continued support of High flyer 2 i have stopped putting strings of whiting up as caused stupid comments on facebook stuff that i personally havent got time for and running a full time charter vessel to all the legal requirements from IFCA fish rules to codes of practice etc the effort put in to please everybody from the catering side to paperwork and advertising, phonecalls, boat maintenance, skipper refreshment courses the list goes on these pathetic individuals who know nothing of our local area try to do damage over the internet so i thought best to wait till few codling arrive for our next batch of photos. We are already taking bookings for 2019 please think ahead all those wanting to wreck fish on those precious weak tides , also those self employed take advantage of a corporate day to claim against your tax with full receipt provided, and our night trips will go ahead soon as we get a few more cod. New brochure will be out in the not to distant future , if anybody wants A4 flyer as advertised here please ask will send laminated copy out were very much appreciative of you helping us out. Well until then tight lines everyone . Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 11/11/2018 Fishing Report by jon old

    11 Nov 2018 by jon old

    Sunday 11th November 2018 very windy weekend lost yesterday but managed a day as wind turned south west giving us a bit of shelter inshore. No cod today for us water temperature has increased again by 2 degrees now standing at 10.5 degrees started catching spotty dogs straight away i knew we wouldnt get any cod, plenty of whiting all day the lads from Ipswich kept a few for the table, one small thornback returned only other species was a small pouting, in all a busy day with the whiting but nothing special. Big thanks to the lads for sticking the weather photo today of Andrej Syrbu team was enjoyable day despite the weather. Cheers Guys. Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 04/11/2018 Fishing Report by jon old

    4 Nov 2018 by jon old

    Bit of a testing few weeks weatherwise managed a few trips hoping the cold was going to stay but looking mild again with these strong southerlies! Few pictures from today Sun 4th Nov 2018 few small codling rest whiting and still odd thornback around. Big thanks to everyone for supporting the High Flyer 2 fingers crossed for these cod making a show this year. Tight lines everyone. (Jon )

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