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  • 22/05/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    22 May 2019 by jon old

    Wednesday 22nd May 2019 bit lumpy with a southeast wind managed to head out north to a mark which generally is kind to us. Biggest bass of the evening fell to Paul Layton pictured here along with some decent smoothounds, some really good whiting too along with the ever present spotty dogs being their usual pain. All good sport though, had couple thornbacks when evening fell, i did expect more than that but had a reasonable session all round to be honest. Good banter most enjoyable , thanks to all the lads look forward to next one. Cheers Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 18/05/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    18 May 2019 by jon old

    May 18th 2019 weather was great for once few thornbacks pictured here with Ian Blyth catching the most today! Only one reasonable size smoothound rest of them small pups biggies should be about soon i would imagine. Decent whiting for this time of year and a spotty dog every 5 mins at times a pain but all sport. No bass today but thats fishing. Cheers to everyone was a great day enjoyed it.Big thanks to Geoff riley (Ipswich) for organising all the lads much appreciated. Doing a evening trip this Wednesday 22nd 6pm till midnight limited space usual number if interested. Cheers Jon (High Flyer 2) 07920043979

  • 13/05/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    13 May 2019 by jon old

    Went out Mon 13th May 2019 with DXB Water Company headed out to deeper water fished in just over 100ft produced couple of thornbacks best one just over Small smoothounds today nice to see them getting thicker hopefully big ones following shortly, plenty of spotty dogs all day along with the whiting. No bass today tide was probably bit weak for them . Not bad day for a light easterly wind to be honest. Big thanks to Derek for organising the trip Jeff pictured here was the winner today spend your pound wisely!!!! Many thanks looking forward to next one. Jon (High Flyer 2)

  • 05/05/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    5 May 2019 by jon old

    Bringing us to date Sunday May 5th bit lumpy from previous day, held inshore picture of Trevor Pankhurst with only thornback today had first smoothound of the season which was nice to see well done Kevin, with usual spotty dogs and whiting to make up rest of the day. Hopefully this weather will go away soon getting a joke really, looking forward to this weekend need to target some bass weather allowing. Website up to date

  • 21/04/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    21 Apr 2019 by jon old

    Flat calm seas today made a lovely change with wall to wall sunshine, last of the spring tide so water a bit on the strong side decided to fish inshore. Picture today of Peters roker of just under 6lb best one today, was accompanied with the usual whiting and spotty dogs making up the sport. Bit foggy today to try the bass grounds as in the shipping lanes so that was a non starter saftey first, hoping to have a look this thursday 25th still got a few places keeping an eye on the weather as not brilliant from the south east. Big thanks to all for Sundays trip much appreciated, wasnt the busiest but steady most of the day and the weather was perfect! Many thanks Jon. High Flyer 2

  • 14/04/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    14 Apr 2019 by jon old

    Lost Sat 13th April managed to get out Sun 14th April 2019 not the best of days in a easterly wind best thornback here with Arty of just over 5lb usual spotty dogs and whiting to make the day up. Got places left thursday 25th April anyone interested, full up over easter following weekend had cancellation so places available at moment on 27th/28th April 2019. Cheers . Jon (High Flyer 2) 07920043979

  • 07/04/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    7 Apr 2019 by jon old

    Sunday 7th April bit of a strong Northerly all day little bit lumpy ended up with couple skate , best one pictured here with Kevin Lowan 6lb 3oz returned female along with the usual spotty dogs and whiting during the day enough to keep us interested. Not thick on the ground yet but improving all the time few places left for this Sunday 14th 07920043979 if interested. Cheers to all the lads at the weekend for putting up with the wind and the rain!!! All the best Jon. High flyer 2

  • 30/03/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    30 Mar 2019 by jon old

    Saturday 30th March 2019 flat calm conditions nice smooth sea with a weak tide headed 13 miles out to a bank i used to line years ago unfortunately nothing but odd spotty dog and whiting so headed in south of Lowestoft ended up with Will pictured here with best thornback of the day just shy of nine pounds the usual whiting and spotty dogs only one small dab today bit strange. Lost Sunday 31st due to strong North east wind hoping to get out midweek will keep you posted. Big thanks to all the lads for saturday Dean for organising all the lads and washing down much appreciated. Few places left next Sunday April 7th if anyone interested be looking for more rokers. Until then tight lines people.
    Jon (High flyer 2)

  • 05/03/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    5 Mar 2019 by jon old

    Just a quick update managed to get out Sat with lads off the USA base fishing bit slow to start bit of a strange day with no seagulls or seals was like they knew something! We lost the sunday with storm Frier looming so nothing to report from that. Ended up with a few whiting as expected the first spotty dog of the season(returned) as pictured here with Bobby i was pleased to see it i must admit! Few dabs came in of all sizes when we moved onto the mud in all not a brilliant day but enjoyable, no codling today not so sure its going to happen for us here in Norfolk, just waiting for the thornbacks to make a show now as there the next quarry. Will keep you posted losing tomorrow 55mph southerlys wed 6th March so next trip Sat 9th March see what happens. All best . Jon (High Flyer)

  • 24/02/2019 Fishing Report by jon old

    24 Feb 2019 by jon old

    Another weekend of whitting and few dabs bit on the slow side due to the big tides now ending, reports of doggies and odd skate at night bit further south so hopefully not too long before they arrive up this end. Will just have to put up with things the way they are could still get a spring codling run you never know. Got space this sunday at moment or following wednesday 6th march midweek. Until then tight lines people. Jon (High Flyer 2)

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