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  • 25/06/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    25 Jun 2016 by Nick Gough

    A great 4 hour Wrecking Trip

    not ideal tides for the wrecks but as slack water was halfway through the trip this gave the anglers the ideal opportunity to have a go on the inshore wrecks.

    The anglers managed to get several Cod, Ling and pollock with a great stamp of fish showing

  • 24/06/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    24 Jun 2016 by Nick Gough

    Some of the fish caught on todays 8 hour

    A great day with a variety of species caught from the rough ground, clean ground and wrecks.
    Overall the lads manage to catch 8 different species throughout the day.

    overall the best fish caught was a 11lb Thornback ray with a second fish just slightly behind it just over 10lb, all the rays were returned today unharmed to fight another day, which it great to see.

    we even got a glimpse of the Queen Mary Passing by

  • 13/06/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    13 Jun 2016 by Nick Gough

    Photos from our 3 hour trip today on the wrecks

    we only had a few customers but they still managed to catch a good amount of fish with some nice stamp cod and ling showing up.

    They also caught loads of strappy ling which were returned

    We still have several spaces for a 3 hour wrecking trip tomorrow fishing 9.30 till 12.30

    £20 Adults £15 for under 16s Including use of rods, reels tackle and bait, (No Additional Costs and we fish rough ground and wrecks)

    if you're interested in booking please call 07939025881 for details and booking.

  • 12/06/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    12 Jun 2016 by Nick Gough

    Some of the fish caught on todays 8 hour wrecking trip.

    Fantastic day out with a good mix of fish showing and plenty of banter.

    Overall the lads managed to catch over a 100 fish

    And we had a few mackerel too

  • 11/06/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    11 Jun 2016 by Nick Gough

    We finally got a trip out today after the strong winds we have had for the past week or so making the sea unfishable.

    Photos showing some of our customers catch in Today's 5 Hour rough ground trip, nothing massive with majority of the fish been cod around the 2 to 4lb area with a few touching 5lb the lads managed to board over 50 fish in total with a few nice pollock showing and several billet

    Not ideal conditions today with very little tide and a lazy swell but still very promising when the anglers managed to get a few nice fish a piece.

  • 29/05/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    29 May 2016 by Nick Gough

    Photo's from today's 6 hour morning trip

    Sea Conditions were not ideal with a good amount of lift in places, so we took shelter from the northerly winds and targeted Thornback rays as the tide eased we braved the swells to have a last hour having a go for Cod.

    Overall the lads had a great day which turned out to be quite a species hunt as they managed to catch 25 thornback rays, a Spotted Ray, 2 Brill, a Lessor Spotted Dogfish, several dabs and a good few codling.
    heaviest Fish was a 6lb 8oz Thornback Ray

    All but 5 of the largest rays were returned to fight another day as well as the brill, and Dogfish as the anglers wanted to try a skate wing.

  • 19/05/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    19 May 2016 by Nick Gough

    Photos from our 8 Hour Trip Today

    Some belting fish turning up today with a 9lb 4oz Pollock Boarded as well as two 8lb Cod.

    overall the anglers had a good selection of cod, Pollock, Coalfish and a Ballen Wrasse.

    Not bad fishing for inshore with neap tides hopefully as the tides build we see even better catches

    The water is clearing in patches but looks like the algae is starting to discolour it too.

  • 18/05/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    18 May 2016 by Nick Gough

    The last few weeks we have been really struggling to get out with sea conditions and with poor conditions the fishing has been quite slow.

    Finally we get our second 3 hour trip in of the year and yet again like the first some fantastic Pollock and a several codlings.

    Joint heaviest fish was two Pollock just shy of 8lb both nearly identical.

    Alot of size codling were returned to fight another day

    We only had 5 anglers fishing who managed to catch 2 to 3 fish each

  • 09/04/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    9 Apr 2016 by Nick Gough

    Finally we got our first 3 hour trip out this year and what a trip.

    The party managed to catch 3 good size cod 3 lesser spotted dogfish and a monster 12lb Pollock.
    All the anglers onboard where all novices and first time to sea angling and what a treat they have had today with great fishing.

  • 09/04/2016 Fishing Report by Nick Gough

    9 Apr 2016 by Nick Gough

    Photos from our 5 hour trip today.

    The 8 anglers today managed to catch 20+ thornbacks 3 lesser spotted dogfish a dab and whiting.
    Heaviest just under 10lb and several around 5lb.

    All the fish we returned un harmed after photos.

    We also had a great wildlife trip too with a young porpoise and seal surfaceing around the boat while fishing and we even saw a few puffins, razorbills, gannets, and guilimots while travelling back

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