Charter Boat: Jean K

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Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Additional Description:

With plenty of room for 12 anglers. She is designed for the angler in mind. Fitted out with top quality, 'state of the art' equipment. She has navigational capabilites second to none.

She is built for charter angling work being fully licensed and insured for 12 passengers and carries a 60 mile code of practice certificate. She is definietly the best value for money boat working from Whitby at this time. GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE. Make great Christmas or birthday presents.

Jean K Skipper Kevin Marsden's Photo
About the Skipper:

The Skipper never stops working his socks off when he's out there from the start of the day to the very last minute. Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced angler 100% effort and service is given on every trip.

April 2018

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  • 5-star carl hyde (19/09/2017)

    After four cancellations due to a run of northerly winds, a break in the weather saw us steaming out to an off shore wreck. As usual, Kev had a plan which put us amongst the fish from the first drop. Cod and ling into double figures, pollock, haddock, colies and a cracking gurnard made for another top day on board Jean K. Many thanks Key, looking forward to the next trip

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the review Carl. Nice to see the weather play ball for a change as well.

  • 5-star david newman (17/05/2016)

    Just a quick mention to kevin skipper of the Jean K out of Whitby Charter-Skippers Kevin took us out yesterday . Beautiful day no wind flat sea. Due to the poor fishing the day before kev decided to steam out to the horizen First 2 wrecks nothing and so on we whent out to the wall 25 miles.still nothing . Kev must of spent a fortune trying to find us fish. However just a handfull was had . Massive thanks to kevin for trying so hard If you want value for money Jean K and kevin are the ones for you.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the reveiw david. fishing been hard due to the may water. lets hope it improves for your next trip. Thanks kevin.

  • 5-star like fishing (02/10/2015)

    excellent 1st time experience on the jean k,wall to wall cod from the start unbelievable ,great set of lads and the skipper kevin is the most helpful and knowledgeble skipper i have met, he could put his boat on a 5pence piece never mind on a wreck, as i stated the overall experience was brilliant, thanks again kevin, gordon

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for a great review Gordon. Hope to see you again.

  • 5-star carl hyde (26/09/2015)

    fantastic day on board Jean K , steamed out to a wreck 20 miles off shore where we were straight on the fish. skipper Kev worked hard all day to make sure we stayed on the cod all day. thanks for a cracking day Kev, we will be back again soon

    Skippers Reponse: thanks for the review Carl. see you soon.

  • 5-star Andrew Marshall (16/09/2015)

    Great weather good fishing ,plenty of cod about another excellent day aboard Jean k. Great set of company with the other lads watched over by whitbys no 1 skipper thanks for another super day Kevin andy

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Andy, I couldn,t agree more.

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7 lb 10 oz Cod


7 lb 3 oz Cod


18 lb 4 oz Ling (Common)


16 lb 10 oz Ling (Common)


10 lb Pollock


7 lb 12 oz Pollock


12 lb 2 oz Cod


17 lb Cod


17 lb 4 oz Ling (Common)


11 lb 5 oz Cod


9 lb Pollock


10 lb Cod


12 lb 2 oz Cod


14 lb 12 oz Cod


9 lb 4 oz Cod


9 lb 13 oz Cod


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 08/11/2017 Fishing Report by Kevin Marsden

    8 Nov 2017 by Kevin Marsden

    Had a small party of 5 on today. Tried a couple of offshore wrecks,ended up with 60 fish in total, most fish between 5 and 8lb. Pictured is Colin with 2 cod about 8lb each.

  • 20/08/2017 Fishing Report by Kevin Marsden

    20 Aug 2017 by Kevin Marsden

    Some nice fish coming aboard at the moment. Ling and cod over 17lb today. Pictured is Dave from Croft s.a.c.with a 17lb cod. Cheers Kevin.

  • 01/04/2017 Fishing Report by like fishing

    1 Apr 2017 by like fishing

    hello all had a run out on the jean k yesterday 1st april 2017,on getting aboard kev the skipper said were going straight out to what they call the wall 25miles off Whitby, first drop after arriving couple of codling kev tried all day searching for the fish after a realy pleasant days fishing the boat over all took about forty cod a couple of ling and pollock it turned out to be the right decision to go far out as on our return the jean k took 2nd and 3rd in the days heaviest fish with a 7lb and a 6.5lb cod, all in all a realy good start to the wreck fishing season, cheers kevin, gordon

  • 01/10/2016 Fishing Report by Kevin Marsden

    1 Oct 2016 by Kevin Marsden

    Been a while since my last report, was off on sat 1st oct with a mixed group of anglers. Caught some nice cod between 7lb and 9lb. and some nice pollock up to 10lb 2oz. Pictured is Simon England with the best two pollock of the day.

  • 02/10/2015 Fishing Report by Andrew Marshall

    2 Oct 2015 by Andrew Marshall

    Steaming out for some 2.5 hours the anticipation grew. At last the first wreck to try but alas only producing a couple of fish after 3 attempts. Kevin very decisively, and politely gave the command to move quickly to the next wreck only 1.5 miles away. Right down ya go lads came the skippers shout within minutes every rod on the boat bent treble,it was a start I haven't seen in years. It was indeed all hands on deck throughout this absolutely super day landing string after string of cod and more cod. Kev did his usual by fine tuning the drifts to give us even more time each run, whilst running around the boat with his net very skilfully landing up to 5 fish at a time, but looked like a butterfly enthusiast dashing around. What an absolutely cracking day for all of us catching what must have been some 300 fish between us. Thanks Kevin and see you again soon.
    Andy and pete