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Bang Tidy Directions and Location: Based from Dale, Pembrokeshire, (SA62 3AX) all trips leave from Dale Pontoon,
(alternate departure point by arrangement only)

Milford Haven approx 9 miles away, Haverfordwest approx 12 miles away, St Davids / Solva travel time (road) 45 mins.

Pembrokeshire council run Car Park in centre of village, bring change.
Cafe top of pontoon for light snacks, cracking all day breakfast opens 10am.

If you have family with you, Dale Bay is an RYA recognised training area for all watersports, so you get to fish, they get to get wet. Brilliant!

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ACCOMMODATION IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA: Please email me for info on where I know that will happily accept anglers,
I will return email with a few providers we have excellent relationships with.

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