Charter Boat: Meerkat

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Licensed For: up to 10 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60
Hours: 2hr / 4hr / 9hr / 10hr / 12hr / 24hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: TRIPS FOR GROUPS, CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS ALL CATERED FOR Wreck, Reef, Shambles and Kidney Banks, 2,3,4,5,6,7 day trips from Weymouth or the Channel Islands, Multiple boat trips, Species Hunts, Specie specific days, Bass,Cod, Plaice, Turbot, Brill, Bream. Beginners welcome, equipment and tuition readily available, Corporate days, evening and half day trips for the kids, even if you don't want to go fishing we can offer a family trip filled with wildlife, great views of the stunning Jurassic coast.
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Fast, Spacious, comfortable and reliable 11m BW Seacat powered by 2x 200hp Nanni Turbo diesel's giving a loaded cruising speed of 15knts+
Facilities: Toilet for all to use, Microwave, Complimentary hot drinks, fish holds capable of keeping fish fresh on ice for up to a week, All the latest safety equipment and Navigational equipment to make finding those fish a breeze. I am more than happy to gut/fillet any fish you wish to keep for the table, it's all part of the service. During the warmer months I endeavour to keep ice on the boat daily to make sure your prized catch is in tip top condition to take home if you wish. (also good for keeping the odd beer cold!)
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The Meerkat is an exceptionally stable vessel both at anchor and on the drift,
At 11 metres x 4.5 metres she has plenty of room for all on-board,
Powered by twin 200hp turbo charged diesels she will cruise very comfortably at 15 knots and will achieve 23 knots at sprint speed.

Safe and Stable.
Safety and Stability is the key to a successful days sea fishing, if you feel safe, secure and comfortable you are far more likely to enjoy your days deeps sea fishing, if you are looking for a good day at sea catching some great sea fish then you have come to the right place!

As a fishing platform, she is excellent, she makes very little fuss in the water due to her very fine entry bows and because she makes little fuss she is also a very dry boat even at speed in choppy waters!

The secret to her stability is due to her being a displacement boat instead of an ordinary planning boat, this means she cuts through the waves instead of crashing over them.

Meerkat Skipper Ryan Casey's Photo
About the Skipper:

Here is a little about my history and how I have come to be the skipper of Meerkat.

I am a born and bread local lad, I started angling at three years old with my dad down on the piers in Weymouth catching a variety of small species, from these first initial adventures with a rod I very quickly became hooked.

My first trips boat angling were again with my dad on his boat Blue Dart which was based in Weymouth. We used to fish the many reef and bank marks in and round the Weymouth and Portland area.
This began my interest in boats and boating and throughout the years angling and boating developed from an initial hobby to a total passion.

I have been an active member of Weymouth Angling Society from a junior taking part in their monthly shore and boat competitions for many years which has allowed me to hone and develop my skills in all aspects of angling.

I was very fortunate in July 2014 to be selected to represent England youth in the Shore Home Internationals held in Montrose, Scotland where we were honoured to win Team Gold.

Also in September 2014 I was again selected to represent England Youth this time from the boat and this time in the World Championships held in Weymouth. We were once again honoured to claim Bronze in this event behind a very strong Italian and French Teams.

2015 Saw me represent England again this time at the world shore angling championships in Holland where I was very proud to be a part of a team that bought home a silver medal.

I really hope that some of my experiences fishing at an international level can be of benefit to all who step foot on Meerkat.

I first got into the world of Charter boat angling in 2011 when I was given the opportunity by Lyle Stantiford, skipper of Supanova in Weymouth to lend a hand and pass on some of my knowledge to his customers at weekends and during school holidays. I very quickly realised that this was my dream job and hopefully one day would become a reality.

I continued with Lyle full time on leaving school in 2013, this was when I really began the learning process of how to be a successful skipper. All the time I was asking questions and noting things down, Marks, Tides, where to be and when etc and also at the same time clocking up my sea time and experience to qualify to sit my yachtmaster offshore practical exam.

In the early part of 2015 I successfully passed my Yachtmaster after 11 hours at sea and a rigorous continued assessment of my ability, seamanship and safety at sea.

I am now the proud new skipper of Meerkat and I am very excited to further my skills and show all you anglers out there what I am capable of!!!

Whether you are a seasoned angler looking for a 4/5 day channel islands trip, a specimen hunter looking for that new PB or somebody who has never held a rod before and just want a fun day out with friends and family then look no further. I am happy to pass on my knowledge and also learn from you, come and enjoy a day with the future of Weymouth's Charter fleet and feed off my enthusiasm for the job and sport.

This Charter has been listed as Wheelchair Accessible. Contact the Skipper for full details.

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Bait & Tackle

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 159 photos uploaded

Scott Christopher

18 lb 14 oz Blonde Ray


9 lb 8 oz Pollock

Bill Thorton

14 lb 5 oz Pollock

Darren Harper

13 lb 9 oz Pollock


31 lb 4 oz Blonde Ray

Cyril Williams

4 lb 14 oz Plaice

Cyril Williams

12 lb Bass


2 lb 12 oz Plaice


3 lb Plaice


10 lb 8 oz Bull Huss

Pair of Blondes

13 lb Blonde Ray


15 lb 5 oz Pollock


17 lb Ling (Common)

Katie Balem

16 lb 6 oz Spurdog


15 lb 12 oz Spurdog

Paul Roper

14 lb 12 oz Smooth-hound (Common)


Latest Fishing Reports and News

  • 16/04/2018 Fishing Report by Ryan Casey

    16 Apr 2018 by Ryan Casey

    Is it the return of the Plaice?

    Well yesterday (16th April) Was are first go at looking for a Plaice or two and with a few other boats trying earlier the week before are hopes were high that we might find some of these red spotty fish. We wasn't disappointed after an hour waiting for the tide to start changing for the better the fish soon started biting and we managed to pull a few out, what was even better all the fish we caught were full of pea mussel so is this the return of are once famous mussel beds? At the moment it is still very early to tell if the Plaice are going to be around all year and happy with there new homes so are hopes cant get to high just yet but time will tell, but im going to put a few dates up for Plaice and Turbot so we can keep testing the area to see if we are lucky enough to have them back.

    Dates for Plaice,Turbot and Brill.

    May 15th 11 hour trip (2 two trys for the Plaice) £60pp

    May 22nd £55pp

    June 4th £55pp

    June 19th £55pp

    For more information or to book a trip please contact me on 07776182782 or

  • 19/09/2017 Fishing Report by Ryan Casey

    19 Sep 2017 by Ryan Casey

    Well the news we've all been waiting for did we catch any sharks or not? and the answer is yes but not just 1 or 2 we had 13 boated in the end with 3 runs also dropped, a total of 9 blues up to 65/70lb and 4 porgies up to 45/50lb and we also seen 4 Tuna whilst we was fishing away. An experience I will never forget and hopefully many more trips down this way with new groups to show them what it's all about.
    A lot of time and preparation this year went into trying to find something new we could offer for our anglers aboard Meerkat and being the first boat to figurer these sort of trips out makes me the first group to try it extremely proud of what we have achieved after only one day shark fishing and two days trying new things around Dartmouth, we've done extremely well on what we have achieved. I would just like to thank the group I had for this trip for coming to Weymouth to travel west and trusting me that I wasn't just a mad man trying something stupid also everyone behind the scenes who helped getting all the little things ready what made it all come together and a massive thank you to Mike Wallis from Wally's Shark rigs who is now a proud sponsor of Meerkat and is supplying us with some of the best quality shark traces you're money can buy and he will be supplying for all of our future shark trips for all our sharking needs.
    If you are looking for 3/4/5 day trips for the future this is the way to go, this would be a rough lay out of what we would be offering.
    Day 1 Plaice fishing on the skerries and bait fishing for the sharks.
    Day 2/3 Targeting the Sharks, all sharking gear will be provided on all these trips. The aim is for everyone to catch a shark and to try have no blanks, so the rods will be shared around in a friendly way to ensure everyone has a chance.
    Day 4 travelling home and trying the wrecks for Pollock and Bass.
    Sorry for all the writing but proud and over excited is the right way to put it.
    If you fancy having ago next year I do have limited spaces available or if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
    Contact me on 07776182782 or
    Please feel free to share.
    Tight lines Ryan

  • 22/09/2017 Fishing Report by Ryan Casey

    22 Sep 2017 by Ryan Casey

    ***** SHARK TRIPS 2018 *****

    We can now safely say we can offer Shark trips aboard Meerkat anything from 3 to 5 days away to Dartmouth.

    Rough lay out on what to expect on a 4 day trip away to this amazing bit of coast line.

    Day 1 Bait/ Ground bait fishing for the Sharks then a drive to the Skerries bank for some Plaice fishing and we are only a 20 minute drive to the harbour then.

    Day 2/3 it will be all about the Sharks leaving in between 7/8 and returning any where between 5/7pm and i will have a restaurant already booked for when we get back for dinner if you want to join us. If the weather is to bad for Shark fishing we will stay around Dartmouth and target all the mixture fishing, Pollock, Plaice, Conger, Huss etc but the aim is to get everyone into a Shark at some point.

    Day 4 Home time:( on the way home we will stop for some fresh mackerel for your tea and if there are plenty top up my ground bait bin, then off to the wrecks to try for some Pollock and Bass.

    The days may change around a little depending on length of trip and also the weather but are main aim is for everyone to have a great and enjoyable time away with no stress involved.

    All Shark gear will be supplied at no extra cost and ground bait will be provided free of charge. If for some reason we cant get enough ground bait before your trip an extra little cost will be asked for so we can buy you some fresh fish for are ground bait mixture but its a maximum of £15pp and that is last resort.

    We will have 9 on the boat to keep the cost down for everybody and there will be 6 rods out for the Sharks so i will be managing a time schedule so its fair for everybody. If we are coming to the end of the day and there are a coupe of people with no fish then we will let them have ago and if that doesn't work on the second day they will be on the rods first. The aim is for everyone to have ago and to keep it as fair and as cheap as possible. as we are fishing for the Sharks and its not your turn i am happy for you to fish on the bottom for the Whiting/ Gurnards or Mackerel as long as they are not catching are other rods.

    I can book all B&B for you but if you fancy finding some where your self just ask and ive got a big recommendation list.

    Prices for a 3 day trip is £250pp, 4 days £340pp, 5 days £420 or for a Whole boat booking £750 a day. Please allow on top for your B&Bs.

    If you have any questions about these type of trips please feel free to ask on 07776182782 or

    Dates in 2018 for these time of trips.

    July 16th to the 19th 4 day trip. 5 Spaces available

    October 8th to the 11th 4 day trip. 1 Space available

    If i get enough interest for a 3 day trip i will start one off.

  • 05/05/2017 Fishing Report by Ryan Casey

    5 May 2017 by Ryan Casey



    The idea of the trips is to give the opportunity to new anglers looking at having ago at the sport or for a family down on holiday wanting to come out and have a lovely evening to show the kids what its like to be by the sea side. 99.9% to catch a fish.

    For just £30pp for a 4 hour trip we supply all the gear and bait also hot drinks on the way out and on the way home, so all you need to bring is your self some food and warm cloths. If you have your own gear and bait it is £25pp.

    Species you have the chance of catching on one of these lovely evening trips.

    Tope and many more.

    Here is how to find us. in the next couple of days i will be on google maps.

    so please go onto google, type in there search bar ( Meerkat/ Gypsy boat fishing for beginners)
    and hopefully that will show you are position in Weymouth.

    If you have a problem finding us or have any questions please don't be scared to ask us on 07776182782 or

  • 02/11/2016 Fishing Report by Ryan Casey

    2 Nov 2016 by Ryan Casey


    Great Response for this one for next year already 11 spaces already SOLD so only 9 spaces remaining. Be quick folks to avoid disappointment!!!

    £1000 UP FOR GRABS IN 2017!!
    So then all something new for 2017. Myself and Ryan on Meerkat have teamed up to design a new Specimen League for Supanova and Meerkat for 2017.
    The league will run throughout 2017 and be made up of 8 different Sundays throughout the year. Each trip will be focussed on one particular species. Only the designated species will count each day.
    We have come up with the idea so people can really see what Weymouth has to offer apart from the obvious species.
    Each angler will be expected to attend all 8 dates throughout the year, if an angler is unable to attend then they will be expected to pay for their spot unless an alternative can be found. Each anglers 7 highest scores will count towards the grand total at the end of the year so if you do miss one or have a nightmare comp then you can drop your worst score.
    It will cost each angler £60 to enter the league for the year, plus payment of one trip up front as a deposit.
    The entry money will go 100% to prizes and a buffet presentation at the end of the season.
    So.......... points are scored based on our local area specimen weights. e.g if one month we target Turbot and the specimen is 10lb a 10b fish is worth 100 points and a 5lb fish is worth 50 etc etc i'm sure you get it!
    There are 20 spaces up for grabs, 10 on each boat. If you have a preference to what boat you fish on then that's fine just let me or Ryan know, we want to keep it fun but at the same time show off some of the fantastic specimens Weymouth has to offer.
    The Beauty of this is anyone can catch a big one and be in with a chance of the money at the end of the season.

    Specimen League dates 2017
    26th February Pollack £75pp
    2nd April Spurdogs £55pp
    9th July Turbot/Brill £55pp
    13th August Undulate/ Blonde Rays £55pp
    24h September Black Bream £55pp
    29th October Congers/Bull Huss £55pp
    12th November Ballan Wrasse £55pp
    10th December Whiting £55pp

    (where there are two target species the best specimen of the two will count as your score for that comp)
    Should a specie not turn up and myself and Ryan decide to change the target specie you will be informed with plenty of time but we will try our best to not deviate from the plan.
    If a comp is cancelled due to weather then unfortunately the diaries do not allow for rescheduling but most are inshore trips so there are nearly always options to target what we need to somewhere.
    1st overall £1000
    2nd overall £500
    3rd overall £250
    Tackle prizes for the following:
    Best Specimen Overall
    Best Specimen Meerkat
    Best Specimen Supanova
    If you are interested or would like any more info then please message me on here or contact;

    Lyle 07976876667
    Ryan 07776182782