Reviews: Valkyrie

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  • 5-star k wid (10/06/2018)

    I am sure this will be rejected however I will try. I have no experience of these gents as charter skippers but as another user of Chichester harbour I find them to be most inconsiderate. They return on a Sunday evening steaming at excessive speed kicking up one hell of a wash. They should keep to the 6 kn limit.

    Skippers Reponse: K wind , I see you start your review with I’m sure this will be rejected, well we except all reviews good or bad that’s how we learn,thank you for your review, we take the speed limit in the harbour very seriously and we are aware of the wash our vessels can creat at low speeds , this is due to the displacement , the speed limit is 8 knts not 6 , you are very welcome to contact us and we will gladly answer any concerns you may have . Kind regards Glen

  • 5-star amir bashir (14/11/2017)

    love to go again its been a really good fishing day with glen

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Amir, it was a pleasure to take you all fishing

  • 5-star James Wolfendale (07/09/2015)

    Another great day out on the boat with glen, this time for a trip at anchor over a wreck....mackerel conspicuous in their absence, but a great day had nonetheless, lots of ling, conger, and bream, as well as pout, bullhuss and a great sun tan :P good banter on board as always, and glen seriously knows his stuff, couldnt reccommend him highly enough :)

  • 5-star Lee Rossie (27/03/2015)

    Top day's fishing with Zak, for the first time. Plenty of mid-channel wrecks fished, some produced while other drew a blank. Glen was out and fishing some of the wrecks together. Zak soon picked up the pace and put us on the fish. Between wrecks we were treated to a pod of Dolphins chasing the bow wave. People pay good money for such trips and here we were with a value add. The sun shone, the wind dropped, and the fish just kept coming, credit to Zak. With the 2nd ice box, so many fish, in use by the end of the trip, top Day, Recommended.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Lee, im sure Zac will appreciate your kind words,

  • 5-star Jim Bater (11/07/2014)

    another cracking day, this time out on valkyrie 7 with Glen. cod, pollock, bass and ling on the boat. as usual Glen worked hard to put us on the fish. can't recommend valkyrie enough, looking forward to my next wrecking trip. but I hope glen leaves his Johnny cash cd at home!

    Skippers Reponse: Got to have Johny Cash on..

  • 5-star MICKY PLEDGE (14/06/2013)

    cracking day !!! bent rod most of the day. Stable boat, plenty of room and help and advice from Glen. Can;t wait to go again. MICKY PLEDGE.

    Skippers Reponse: Well thanks Micky it was nice to have you onboard, did you get the photo ?

  • 5-star Peter Stotesbury (20/05/2013)

    Another great day afloat targeting sport and a tasty supper.Valkyrie 7 is a lovely ,quick,stable fishing platform, I have fished from many top charter boats with many top skippers and anglers Glen is at the top of his game.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Pete,, very kind of you and i look forward to your next trip..

  • 5-star Mike Russell (21/12/2012)

    Had a great day, and Glen was brilliant. Great knowledge and very approachable. The boat is fantastic, with a brilliant cabin, but more importantly, a large and stable fishing platform with live bait tanks. Great boat, great skipper. Will go nowhere else now.

    Skippers Reponse: Hi Mike, thankyou for kind words, i look forward to fishing with you again...

  • 5-star Sid Carter (30/11/2012)

    An excellent days fishing for Cod and Whiting. Valkyrie is well equipped and very comfortable. Glen is constantly attentive and often spots bites before the anglers. He works his nuts off to put you on the fish and is always there to help when needed.h

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Sid, im glad you enjoyed your day and i look forward to fishing with you again soon,

  • 5-star John Faull (01/11/2011)

    Glen always tries hard to put you on the fish. His knowledge is superb and he willingly shares this with his anglers. He's not throttle shy or scared of burning diesel. If the fish aren't having it on a wreck then its lines up and 18 knots cruise to the next one. When fishing in Alderney he gives you long days full of sport, good banter and his tea aint bad either! The boat is superb to fish from with huge stable deck space, large heated anglers cabin, livebait tanks and massive cool boxes. tanks,