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Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60 Miles
Hours: 4hr / 9hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: Ground Fishing - Cod Skate Mackrel Smoothhound ,Bass & Tope a Speciality call for details full time skipper seven days a week.
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Fast Catermaran with 600hp FPT diesel engines & seperate on deck toilet and walk around island wheel house , and the stability of a catermaran is well known .
Facilities: Fantastic fast stable catamaran with massive deck space bait station and on deck toilet. rods/tackle hire hot drinks.
Additional Description:

Please note we are a full time professionally run charter boat not a part time weekender and therfore have up to the minute productive marks avaliability it makes a big difference. We are fully licenced cat 2 up to 60 miles offshore and we are also IMCA certified our boat is a fast stable catamaran with twice the room of many boats & with 600hp twin Fpt Iveco turbo diesel engines for speed and safety for these distances & no more rolling around as you do on a mono hull important if you suffer from seasickness or yer legs aint to good, would you really want to be in a small boat offshore when that unexpected squall or gale blows up, safety for you our customer is our number one priorty: "GIFT VOUCHERS AVALIABLE MAKING AN IDEAL CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY PRESENTS OR JUST A GREAT WAY OF SAYING THANKS" and you can pay safely on line from our web site home page by Paypal at . Our prices include basic rods/tackle hire and all dead baits. Please note we do not recommend alcohol due to safety reasons although a few cans is not an issue but don't forget to much drink can ruin your day at sea and chances of catching fish and can be dangerous on a boat your safety is our priority. We have free tea and coffee on board and a few snacks mid day . An oven is on-board for heating your pasties and pies and hot coffee / tea is available all day, the crew cab is warm air heated for winter comfort. Our catamaran has a bait station for ease of gutting your catch and baiting up and comfortable seating on deck so you wont have to stand up all day & a proper aircraft type self contained toilet on deck.

About the Skipper:

We have been in the charter fishing business for over twenty five years we are a professionally run charter boat in Brightlingsea and the longest established i have also been coxwain/crew on the Clacton-on-sea Lifeboat for twenty eight years holding DTI & Boatmasters Certification plus Yachtmasters Grd 1 & sea survival etc.
Please note you will not be permitted to bring large amounts of alcohol on the boat so if your after a piss up best go to the pub but if you want a great fishing experience your already looking at the right web site !!!!

This Charter has been listed as Suitable for Diving Trips. Contact the Skipper for full details.
This Charter has been listed as Wheelchair Accessible. Contact the Skipper for full details.

November 2018

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  • 5-star Phil Closs (29/09/2015)

    Had the pleasure of competing in a regional fishing competition involving about 40+ anglers fishing out of 6 boats.I had the pleasure of drawing Sophie Lea. The Skipper of the boat, Lea, took us to a mark off Clacton . Boy does he know his stuff. If a certain person can draw 5 loaves and 5 fishes out of the bag then this skipper must be on a higher plane( either that or he has got connections!). We fished either side of a high tide for six hours and we just did not stop bringing the fish in. 4/5lb Codling and skate were in plenty supply. Not sure how many in total we took in the boat but were in the high numbers for codling and a slightly lesser number for Skate. - Whiting, Pouting and Dogfish were in great numbers too. From talking to my mates afterwards who were on other boats they didn't fare not nearly as well, which speaks volumes . Nobody can guarantee fish are out there but if you want the good chance of a good days fishing then a trip out on Sophie Lea would be a good bet.

  • 5-star Sharon Williams (07/04/2015)

    Our family had an an amazing morning out on the Sophie Lee. I was really surprised how fast the boat travelled out to sea and how quickly the rods were all set up ready for us to start fishing. Within 15 minutes of finding the right spot the children had started catching fish! Lee was extremely patient with me and other members of the group who are novices. We were all fascinated by wide range of species that we caught during the morning; Lee gave us lots of interesting information about them all. I would totally recommend this experience for families (our kids were between the ages of 12 and 15), we had a brilliant time and hope to book another trip later in the year.

  • 5-star lynn thurston (12/10/2014)

    bought as a birthday present great boat great day skipper knows his stuff happy to help and takes you to the fish would recommend

  • 5-star Marcin Jerzak (19/10/2014)

    Hi, me and my friends wants to spend good time together so we booked boat, we could't wait to be on the sea and catching nice fich. Beggining of the day was terrible because of bad wheater and strong wind. Lee, for sefaty reason adwise to not go deep into sea and thise was understandeable. We been sad, we plan a nice day, we hit more than 100 miles and finally we been just about to come back home early in the morning. Thise could happying but not with Skipper like Lee, hi find out that we can go fishing on the Estuary of the river, there are not big waves like on open sea and we still can enjoing a day :) Thanks to Him , we catch a lot of Whitening fish and Cods as well. Werry experience and nice person. Well recomended, and we will come back again in 100 %

  • 5-star Andrew Shepheard (18/06/2014)

    Wear do I start got told 55 ponds for quality rod and tackle bait got their for first trip with this joke of a skipper did not even shake my hand and say hello he then had to get fuel for boat that took forever then said did I get bait had to go to bait shop for rag worms as we got to fishing point was told net up top and that was it he spent 3 hrs in cabin as we tried to get some fish that was clearly not their then when he did come out we asked to move did not tell us to reel up just started engine up moved half a mile if that to sit for two hrs one fish caught that went back when said it pointless staying hear turned round and said might as well go in earlier so done 5 hrs fishing and went in to be told that's 110 pounds please as I payed for my dads Father's Day present this is worse trip ever been on nice boat but wrong skipper total money grabber

Bait & Tackle

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 123 photos uploaded


15 lb 2 oz Smooth-hound (Common)


6 lb 2 oz Bass


2 lb 1 oz Cod


3 lb 1 oz Cod


3 lb 2 oz Cod

Few codling now being caught

3 lb 1 oz Cod


4 lb Bass


8 lb 2 oz Bass


6 lb 2 oz Bass


7 lb Bass


6 lb 2 oz Bass

Ricks bass

7 lb 10 oz Bass


3 lb 2 oz Tub Gurnard


14 lb 5 oz Thornback Ray


15 lb 2 oz Thornback Ray


2 lb 1 oz Bass


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 01/10/2018 Fishing Report by Lee Bollingbroke

    1 Oct 2018 by Lee Bollingbroke

    Police nationals again 1st October 2018 and six boats competing on the day with thirty six anglers a great day out for every one and thanks to Ian Hinchcliff for all his hard work getting it organised, all the boats picked up from Brightlingsea harbour Essex. The day was a little blustery but the sun was out and every one enjoyed them selfs. I am pleased to report that once again the winning boat was Sophie Lea Brightlingsea based Cat skippered buy myself Lee Bolingbroke with 637 points 2nd Was Gloria B skippered buy Terry Bolingbroke with 596 points 3rd was Derick Moles boat Eastern Promise from West Mersea with 394 points 4th Boat was Galloper Skippered buy Scott Belbin West Mersea with 367 and 5th Enterprise from West Mersea skippered buy Chris Mole with 315 points. Thanks to Ian for all his help and booking the venue at Brightlingsea.

  • 04/10/2017 Fishing Report by Lee Bollingbroke

    4 Oct 2017 by Lee Bollingbroke

    The Police nationals were held on the Essex coast on the 4th October 2017 with Charter boats from Brightlingsea West Mersea Bardwell and ports from the Crouch and Southend helping out, these national competitions are organised with a lot of hard work by Ian Hinchcliff and these events have become so very successful and we all thank Ian for holding then off our coast.
    Despite strong westerly winds all boats were able to get out due to the sheltered Essex coasts with its shoal and sand bank sheltered areas to find fish and results at the moment were Sophie Lea from Brightlingsea with the 1st and 2nd places I will update this post with the 3rd place boat when I get them.
    All the anglers enjoyed there trips with twenty plus boats competing in this event catching rays hounds dogs whiting bass and dabs and I would like to thank all the skippers that endured and did there best in a very windy and rough day. Photo of anglers boarding the boats from Brightlingsea Essex.

  • 09/07/2017 Fishing Report by Brian Forsyth

    9 Jul 2017 by Brian Forsyth

    Well were to strart it was a long drive north London to Brightlingsea, but so well worth the effort. Met Skipper 8-00 and set sail for fishing grounds what a contrast to our last trip this boat is pure luxury. Got to spot just after 1hr got set up and baited again Lucy into first thorny then David what a good start went quiet for a while as we got some sun plus skip made tea & coffee hes a better skipper ??? and honest just as coffee came James was into something could,nt get it to move of seabed in came nice thorny Aj caught bass i had smoothound Paul caught biggest David had most as we have trophys for both so all in all we had a fantastic day not a lot of fish but hey there is another day if it was easy we would,nt go. Many Many thanks to Skipper Lee for a fantastic day out we all had a great time thank you Ps ( we will bring flask next time ha ha ha appreciated B.N.Forsyth Alias (Finsbury Park Mob cheers)

  • 07/01/2017 Fishing Report by Lee Bollingbroke

    7 Jan 2017 by Lee Bollingbroke

    I don't normally post on here but I feel its necessary to get out there in the sea fishing world that there is plenty of good fishing here in the Thames estuary as the pictures clearly show from this weekend 7th January ok there is a shortage of cod but rays whiting dabs even some small bass are plentiful so don't put your rods away come and support the charter boats and you may be very surprised at the great fishing there is to be had.

  • 29/10/2015 Fishing Report by Lee Bollingbroke

    29 Oct 2015 by Lee Bollingbroke

    Police sport uk eastern region 2015 boat sea fishing competition was held from Brightlingsea Essex on the 28th October and the results were first for the third year running was the charter boat Sophie Lea from Brightlingsea skippered by Lee Bolingbroke second place Gloria B from Brightlingsea skippered by Terry Bolingbroke third place was Enterprise from West Mersea skippered by Chris Mole fourth was Eastern Promise from West Mersea skippered by Derrick Mole and last but not least was Razorbil from West Mersea skippered by Stuart Belbin.