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5 lb Lobster by Simon

5 lb Lobster by Simon

Date Caught: 19 Apr 2019
Onboard: Sally Ann Jo
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Upcoming Individual Spaces on Sally Ann Jo

Sun 26/01/2020 1 Space
individual spaces
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Fri 28/02/2020 4 Spaces
Weymouth pollock competition
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Fri 27/03/2020 7 Spaces
Weymouth pollock competition reserve date
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Sat 28/03/2020 8 Spaces
Wrecking, individual spaces
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Mon 13/04/2020 6 Spaces
Bream, turbot, plaice?
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Sat 18/04/2020 8 Spaces
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Sun 19/04/2020 6 Spaces
Bream, plaice etc
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Fri 24/04/2020 6 Spaces
Weymouth turbot/brill competition
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Sat 02/05/2020 8 Spaces
Plaice . bream, turbot, brill etc
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Mon 01/06/2020 8 Spaces 9 Hours £55.00pp
Individual spaces available targeting flatfish, plaice, turbot, brill.
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