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  • 09/10/2019 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    9 Oct 2019 by Andy Bridson

    Another weekend lost to the weather offshore and the rain will wash out the river.
    Mid way through Oct and the boat is growing a beard through inactivity. High winds and big swells have kept the newly refurbished Patricia Rose alongside. There's no sense forcing a bad trip just for a payday. You will break before the boat but that is no reason to fish when you can't even hold bottom. Never mind, the excitement is building for the winter cod season and despite the horrendous rain of late, I am hopeful that the river will fish well this winter based on early signs on the inshore reefs a month ago. The next round of trips will be over the weekend 19 20 Oct 19 weather permitting.
    Good luck to the Royal Navy Squad fishing from the shore in Portsmouth this week at The Inter Services Shore Championships.
    Well at least the weather gives me chance refresh the business logo and order new merchandise for my anglers. Tight lines boys, see you soon. Andy