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  • 01/11/2023 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    1 Nov 2023 by Andy Bridson


    In response to customer requirements to scratch that itch no matter what, we have created a new organic club. Organic to the boat, certainly not organic to the special treats we frequently bring for each other. Conscious that our abbreviated nick names may include, 'The Danglers', 'The Dangling SAC' and every other connotation, we are a group of friends/fishing colleagues who have committed to meeting up at least one a month in the pursuit of catching as many different sea fish species as we can. We are not affiliated to the Angling Trust yet as a club and core membership is free. Our initial members have joined with a £150 joining fee which buys them 2 x trips to the value of £60 and a navy blue Cornish Fishing top valued at £40 complete with embroidery. There is no prize money so no incentive to cheat. We are doing this for our own development and as a means of getting out once a month where the focus will be on seasonal variety vice filling the freezer. There will be two competitions run simultaneously a monthly and an annual. The rules, if they can be loosely called that, are as follows:

    Annual Competition. - For every different species caught aboard Patricia Rose or a Patricia Rose organised trip, you will receive a single species point. If that fish is 100% or higher of the AT Specimen Fish List for that area, then you earn two points. Fishing areas are relative to the port of departure, so in all cases, fishing from Patricia Rose will be measured against Area C South Devon lists. You can upgrade your fish species points should you achieve an annual PB that reaches 100% specimen size from one point to two. EG. You catch a Black Bream in January of 3lb earning one point then catch another one in September of 3lb 8oz (100% specimen). Your original one species point is upgraded to 2 points. It doesn't have to be a nominated species hunting day aboard Patricia Rose to count; you could be out on a wreck trip and catch something new for your annual species list. The winner will be the angler with the most species points at the end of the season. In the event of a tie-break the winner will be decided by the highest number of specimens. If it remains a tie after that, then relax its a bit of fun and no-one cares if we share in joint glory. (If you do, this is not for you)

    Monthly Competition. - Each month there will be a nominated Danglers SAC Friday or Saturday species hunt. (This allows the workers to still get involved). The emphasis will be on variety not quantity. Everyone starts on zero and the usual species points rules stand firm; one point per species, two for a specimen. The winner will earn one point, second two, third 3 etc. The annual winner of the monthly league will be taken from your best 8 scores for the year. If you've only fished 7 your 8th score will be an 8 pointer (max number for the boat). In the event of a tie breaker, we go to species points as above.

    2023-24 SEASON IS 1 NOV 2023 TO 31 OCT 2024. pm Andy to register

  • 21/02/2023 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    21 Feb 2023 by Andy Bridson

    2023 Winter Season
    We took advantage of this year's lack of fish in Jan to get Patricia Rose out of the water. She's due her 5 year MCA inspections and recoding, so some serious investment went into her. Shiny rebalanced props, rudder, and rope cutter upgrades, including new hydraulic lines. She's been back in the water now nearly a month and back to finding some quality fish over this tricky time of year. There's still some great Blonde Rays around despite commercial pressure for the smaller tides with high 20s still being caught. Your other option on small tides now is to look East to the Skerries for Plaice, Turbot and Ray action. Inshore can be tough this time of year but for those willing to try, we've still had Pollok to 16lb and double figure Cod. What people want from the offshore wrecks is hard fighting Pollock and in 220 foot these fish certainly test your gear, biceps as well as your angling skill. Check out our availability calendar for details and WhatsApp me when you are ready to book or want more info. As ever tight lines. Andy, Patricia Rose Charters Ltd

  • 12/2020 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    Dec 2020 by Andy Bridson

    Following the first lock down and the subsequent travel restrictions, the great British 'Staycation' did us proud and here at Patricia Rose Charters we were able to welcome many new customers from a wide range of backgrounds. We have introduced lots of families to the joys of fishing both inshore and offshore and our lady anglers have also produced some very memorable fish including 20lb plus Blonde Rays. As is common when the Blonde Rays come onto the banks, you find yourself , as with most of the year, in competition with those commercial boys who will happily take everything for profit leaving nothing for sport. Our anglers respect the fish and frequently return most big females. As a skipper, I am constantly trying to find the exact mark to drop the anchor to avoid commercial nets and deliver results for the anglers. This often means dropping, setting and resetting several times to find the fish. Just before LD2 we managed to find a patch of good fish producing lovely double figure cod. I took the boat out towards the end of LD2 to give the engines a good run and checked the same mark fishing it with a slow pitch 60 gram jig. Despite the depth and the tide I managed to land a 9lb and 11lb Cod as well as a nice Red Couches Bream. The next time I returned post LD2 with a party of paying anglers it was no surprise that the mark was netted probably taking every last decent fish off it. The start of Dec seen me pick up a SWAF SAC booking and despite the time of year we hit every mark with our target fish and more. On one drift we hit 6 different species. What a day hitting Cod, Black Bream, Ling, Coalfish, big chubb Mackerel, Pollock, Whiting, Scad, Cuckoo and Ballan Wrasse, Squid, Poor Cod, Pout, Pilchard. The weather has forced us into the Sound recently but we continue to get out and are looking forward to getting offshore again to see what the commercial boys have left us. Thanks for your support in 2020, tight lines, merry Christmas, stay safe and here's to a better 2021.

  • 01/10/2020 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    1 Oct 2020 by Andy Bridson

    Thanks for the support over the Summer months, we have managed some very memorable trips and it is has been our pleasure to host old friends and new and share in your memories of your visit to Britain's Ocean City. Trish and I have worked very hard thru the COVID-19 restrictions to ensure we and our customers have stayed safe and we have still been offer you a level of customer service you have all come to expect aboard the Patricia Rose. Lot's of our new customers have opted for the half day exclusive package and enjoyed being spoilt with individual coaching, free rod hire and the usual refreshments and good banter. In September we tried the Skerries again and the fishing didn't live up to the expectation but it was still nice to watch a huge Bluefin Tuna breaching at the back of the boat over slack water and those that persisted were rewarded with some nice tasty Plaice. The dolphins and tuna have been pretty consistent on most trips and even turned up recently as we anchored up on the banks for our first annual Blonde Ray hunt at the back end of Sep. This was new to many of the anglers on the boat that day and watching their smiles after a 20 minute tussle with these fantastic sporting fish was pleasure enough for us. It demonstrates the fragility of the mark though, that as we arrived in our first chosen area, a commercial netter had lost his net over that mark and this ghost fishing tackle has been reported to Ghost Fishing for their removal. We will try again this next small set of tides and see what scraps we have been left behind for our sporting anglers who might take the odd male fish while choosing to return most after a photo and especially those big females. You gotta love a big female Blonde !

    We operate all year around but go slightly into tick over mode after half term and are very much at the mercy of the weather but it won't be long before we are up the river Cod hunting as we have picked up a few on the reefs while they wait for the water temperature to drop before coming up river. Finally a reminder to all that the tides are out for next year already and some of the better tides are already getting snapped up by clubs and whole boat bookings. We will of course continue to support our many individual anglers, but remember to book early to avoid disappointment. Tight Lines friends and fellow fisherman.

  • 07/2020 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    Jul 2020 by Andy Bridson

    Well, that was certainly entertaining! After squeezing in one job a month for Jan & Feb 'LOCKDOWN' a word that will be the highlight of this year. The story of our lockdown went something like fighting for some parity of govt support while trying to keep the boat in good working order ready for now. Sincere thanks to my very close mates who helped keep the boat running over the lockdown period. We did fish while running the boat, I have not hidden that fact but you cannot leave a 38 foot boat against the wall and expect to turn the key after who knows how long and expect it to work. The picture is Alan with a lovely 16lb Common Ling taken from the side of a wreck we visited on one of our extended engine running periods. As the lockdown eased, we received some light from local govt and started to operate at 50% of our coded maximum, 2 metres socially distanced with a slightly higher prices to be able to sustain our costs. We are now operating at 75% of our maximum for mixed groups so 9 in total and have dropped our prices back down again. Clearly if you come with your large extended family group we can stretch this to 12 as required. Since we have started trading again, we have a lot to catch up but the fishing has been good with a couple of trips to the Skerries producing lots of lovely tasty Plaice as well as a surprise Tope. We've had some great Spurdog and there is a British Record out there for anyone who wishes to claim it. Additionally we've had Turbot, Bass, Pollock, Cod, big Whiting, Blue Sharks and Ling as well as the usual suspects. August's bookings are looking healthy so book early to avoid disappointment and don't forget our club and and multiple day booking discounts, call Andy or Trish for full details. Once again thanks for your support over this difficult period and see you soon.

  • 28/12/2019 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    28 Dec 2019 by Andy Bridson

    Well December is always a bit hit and miss with the weather but we have managed a few trips. We've had a couple up the river but the Cod have eluded us so far. Mates have had more success from the shore so maybe time to dust off my Centurys. We were fortunate on 7 Dec to deliver a cracking mixed day for a whole boat booking. Most recently and to finish off the year we ran an individual places reef trip on Sat 28 Dec. We had anglers travelling as far as near Preston, way up North. This dedicated pair were rewarded were some hard fighting Pollock on light gear. Dale G had the best fish of the morning with a near 8lb fish. On the ebb the fish quality dropped off but stayed consistent around the 4-6lb mark mixed with a few clunky Whiting. Enough to keep everyone busy. To book search Patricia Rose Charters on most social media platforms

  • 07/12/2019 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    7 Dec 2019 by Andy Bridson

    As well you all know, this time of year you fish the weather not the tides. Yesterday we had a poor tide but a small break in the horrendous weather of late so we were fortunate to welcome another new crew aboard Patricia Rose. The crew travelled down from London for a corporate team building day out and needed 8 rod hires, bait and some instruction. I picked up some good quality rag worm from Sea View Angling and added some squid and mackerel to the mix. I also added crab scart and chunked sandeel to a rubby dubby bag and we avoided the worst of the wind over tide in the morning by putting the anchor down on the river in the hope of a codling or few. While action was constant, the novice crew had mostly Whiting which happily went well into keeping size. Lunchtime came and we went for a change of tactics hitting the species around the famous Plymouth drop-off. They bagged some lovely live baits and other species and then we pushed out into the building sea state to an offshore reef. Big quality white fish were in short supply but they were kept busy until the drive home beckoned and we steamed back in.

  • 17/11/2019 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    17 Nov 2019 by Andy Bridson

    Hello again folks, this weekend we were blessed with some favourable weekend weather for the first time in a long time. We had a club booking for the South West UK Armed Forces Club on Sunday but like all clubs , they were struggling to get guys to commit so I agreed to cap their costs, add some individual regulars and run the weekend as an individuals weekend with a special offer of 20% off for those individuals that wished to fish both days. Three of my anglers decided to do this so got two days afloat for £80. Saturday started lumpy and the overnight Strong Wind Warning did little for everyone's confidence when I picked them up at 0700. We went back to a great little live bait mark which was holding perfectly sized Joey Mackerel the week before only to find a pod of dolphins had also found the same mark. With limited live bait we went for it and had a good day hitting lots of Squid and a few white fish. One angler was keen to take home an eel for the pot so we took the unusual step of boating and killing a 38lb eel which he took home to chop up into steaks. Regulars to Patricia Rose know my Conger recipe is to boil it for 3 hours in a bucket of stones and then ditch the eel and eat the stones. :-) The wind and conditions improved all day and we had a great ride home at 18 knots as the sun set in the West, the lads cleaned up their fish and the boat and got back at a sensible time for the drive home.
    Sunday was a different day again starting like a mill pond allowing us to bang out the miles and hit some of the Eastern inshore reefs and wrecks. Before we hit the wrecks we had a bit of a reef drift and banged out a lucky Angler/Monk fish of about 10 lbs. As the tide dropped we went East looking for more of it and with not a lot of tide running it was always going to be hard work but we had a few half decent Pollack, lots of Octopus, Squid, Red Gurnard and the usual suspects. The wind kept us drifting at a half decent rate so we didn't anchor on Sunday. I'm sure the lads will remember the novice mistake of the skipper hanging onto a squid a second too long and getting a face full of ink while trying to lower it into a bucket instead of just throwing it. We came back across at the end of the day closer to Plymouth into a rain squall which combined with a lack of fish on our final mark just about put the final nail in the coffin. Still with a few tired lads after two days hard fishing the early finish was a blessing

  • 09/10/2019 Fishing Report by Andy Bridson

    9 Oct 2019 by Andy Bridson

    Another weekend lost to the weather offshore and the rain will wash out the river.
    Mid way through Oct and the boat is growing a beard through inactivity. High winds and big swells have kept the newly refurbished Patricia Rose alongside. There's no sense forcing a bad trip just for a payday. You will break before the boat but that is no reason to fish when you can't even hold bottom. Never mind, the excitement is building for the winter cod season and despite the horrendous rain of late, I am hopeful that the river will fish well this winter based on early signs on the inshore reefs a month ago. The next round of trips will be over the weekend 19 20 Oct 19 weather permitting.
    Good luck to the Royal Navy Squad fishing from the shore in Portsmouth this week at The Inter Services Shore Championships.
    Well at least the weather gives me chance refresh the business logo and order new merchandise for my anglers. Tight lines boys, see you soon. Andy