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  • 03/2020 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Mar 2020 by David Hancock

    In light of recent developments we feel that as a responsible charter boat it is correct that we suspend taking trips for 6 weeks.
    This is for the safety of our families and possibly yours.
    We will review the situation at the end of April .

    We welcome enquiries and bookings for the summer and autumn.
    Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.
    Please stay safe and follow the Government guidelines.

    Best regards,

    Gutting because we've caught some cracking fish over our last few trips, 12/15 skate a trip, good hounds showing, a few congers, heyho let's stay healthy !

  • 01/2020 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Jan 2020 by David Hancock

    Plenty of availability after the end of January, please book as early as possible to get the best tides etc.

    We are proudly hosting the Home Internationals at Milford Haven again this year and looking forward to seeing you all for some great trips.

    Unless we have a huge spike in diesel costs the prices of all trips are the same as the last few years. Hopefully there will be no need to increase them .
    If you'd like to know some options for accommodation for sharking trips etc, please call me,

    Tight lines,
    07774 294 959.

  • 02/2019 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Feb 2019 by David Hancock

    Come on down !

    Get those bookings in for spring/summer.

    Great fishing on offer from plaice and turbot on the banks, bass and pollock on the reefs to monster Porgies offshore !

    The first puffins have arrived, Spring is on it's way.

    07774 294 959.

    Facebook Haven Boat Charters.

  • 02/2019 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Feb 2019 by David Hancock

    Get your bookings in for summer Shark fishing from the UK's most productive port.

    Remember that for general fishing if we have 4 or more anglers, we go !
    All rods and tackle available on board.
    Fresh bait available daily from our local tackle shops, who will deliver to the boat on the morning.

    Sightseeing trips to Skomer & Skokholm throughout the Puffin & Seal seasons.

    Long distance Wrecking and Reefing our speciality.
    Book early for the best tides.

    Always happy to chat and advise,
    We really are here to help !

    Keep it tight,
    07774 294 959
    excelangling AT
    Facebook, Haven Boat Charters.

  • 12/2018 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Dec 2018 by David Hancock

    Get your bookings in for the 2019 sharking season.

    Exciting plans for the new season as we explore new grounds.

    Reefing and inshore trips available.
    Family friendly trips in sheltered waters.
    All equipment and tackle available if needed.

    Come on down !

    07774 294 959.

  • 07/2018 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Jul 2018 by David Hancock

    Inshore and offshore, the fishing is red hot in West Wales !
    Good catches of pollock & cod on the reefs.
    Huge catches of Spurdogs on the correct tides, over 70 in 3 hours last week.
    The Shark season is now full steam ahead with some great catches.
    See calendar for availability,

    Keep it tight,
    Facebook Haven Boat Charters
    Tel, 07774 294 959
    Website has lots more info

    A cracking 120lb + Blue Shark for Jacob.

  • 01/2017 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Jan 2017 by David Hancock

    Evening trips and daytime trips going well,
    Plenty of decent fish being caught both in and outside The Haven.
    Remember with over 20 miles of sheltered navigable waters we very rarely cancel a trip.
    All winter maintenance now completed, we are available all year.
    Book early for Reefing at the Hats & Barrels, Sharking trips at the Celtic Deeps from Milford Haven etc.
    Diary is open !

    Keep it tight,
    07774 294 959.

    Facebook Haven Boat Charters
    Twitter @Havenboatfish
    website for availability calendar and deposit payments

  • 11/2016 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Nov 2016 by David Hancock

    Remember we are available all year round, even when all the other boats are layed up !
    Full time, professional, happy skipper !!!!

    We are taking bookings for Sharking and general trips for 2017, the diary is OPEN !

    Cod are currently showing in The Haven, cracking fishing in beautiful, calm waters .
    4 or more and we go fishing .
    The offshore wrecks are stuffed full of prime winter Pollock, pick calm weather and a small tide !
    Come on down .

    Keep it tight,
    07774 294 959.
    Facebook Haven Boat Charters
    Twitter @Havenboatfish
    Full calendar on website,

  • 06/2016 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    Jun 2016 by David Hancock

    We were honoured to be one of the boats used for the prestigious RAF v Police boat angling final.
    I must say the guys from both teams were an absolute pleasure to have on board and certainly fished well .
    The practice day showed up the usual expected species, various Wrasse, Pollock, Cod, launce, dogfish and a few more . We had bonus fish such as a cracking Blonde Ray as well.
    On the match day the wind was kind to us and the first session drifting on the reefs was in calm water which made it easy. Very soon a stream of Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoos, Pollock, Cod, Coalfish and more was coming onto the boat, great fishing.
    For the second 2 hour session we anchored over a sandy area. Initially we caught a couple of dogfish but the fishing seemed slower than we had expected. On the practice day we had caught Dabs and Dogs prolifically.
    Soon if became apparent as to what had changed as a Spurdog was bought to the surface, then another, then another ! These voracious predators had moved the normal species out.
    The lads quickly responded and changed rigs from 3 hook scratchers to single and double flowing traces with beefier hooks and line. Soon it was pandemonium on deck as we landed and returned 88 Spurdogs in the allotted 2 hour session. Well done lads, you were awesome !
    For the third session we anchored over rocky ground, to be honest it was a bit of an anticlimax after what had just happened but the lads still fished intently and put a few more species that we hadn't already recorded onto the score sheet.
    A very pleasurable and memorable day, for all the right reasons,

    Thank you.

    Keep it tight,

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    Twitter @ Havenboatfish

  • 05/2016 Fishing Report by David Hancock

    May 2016 by David Hancock

    As our colonial brothers say, the bite is hot !

    Some great eating pollock caught by Phinney's gang from the little old US of A,
    Nice 'n' easy to catch and tasty treats for tea , awesome fishing .
    The inshore reef fishing is epic , yee ha !

    On the smaller tides we've been after the various inshore sharks.
    Tenby & District Angling Club ably assisted by James L and Cai found 5 species of sharks,
    including a nice 21 lb Tope for club Officer Nev and a cracking 32/35 lb Tope for James L.
    Plenty of Bull Huss around the double figure mark coming to the boat.
    Fresh or frozen Mackeral seems to be the preferred bait.

    Club President Mike found a cracking specimen Red Gurnard, showing that class always shines through !

    Come on down,
    07774 294 959.

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