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  • 09/2019 Fishing Report by stuart belbin

    Sep 2019 by stuart belbin

    caught over the summer

  • 03/09/2019 Fishing Report by stuart belbin

    3 Sep 2019 by stuart belbin

    Hi Well it's been a long time since I put a report on here but I thought a review of the summer fishing would make a good report, After a poor winter fishing season the spring arrived and yes we were fishing for Thornbacks with good numbers of fish up to 16lb then when the weather warmed up we started to see good numbers of Bass , there were lots of fish from 30 to 40cm and a good number fish over 42 cm and at least the anglers could keep a fish each unlike last year when it was catch and release, but that's another story, So with the late spring Bass and Thornback fishing, the better weather arrived and so did the Smoothounds with good numbers of double figure fish caught up to22lb, So fishing was close inshore with good mixed bags of Bass, Smoothounds and Thornback rays , Oh yes, there might have been a number of Dogfish as well..... well you can't have everything. I have downloaded the best pictures of the fishing over the spring and summer.

  • 22/10/2016 Fishing Report by stuart belbin

    22 Oct 2016 by stuart belbin

    last week myself and my son scott (on the Galloper)were lucky enough to be joined again by the England boat team for a squad weekend. The weather was far better than last year which was a bonus. We were able to get out of the estuary both days and fish a mark an hour or so out. Both boats had 9 anglers on board. They were fishing two sessions each day with a short break to change positions around the boat half way through. as there was a bit of organising each morning and a debrief each afternoon there wasn’t an awful lot of time left for fishing. Thankfully there was still enough time as there are plenty of fish about to keep the rods bending. On the first day the lads to fish 5 hours over all and the second day just 4 hours over all. This didn’t stop us getting some good numbers of fish in a short space of time. The lads had loads of treble shots of whiting and dogfish as well as good numbers of roker (thorn-back rays) they even had several double shots of these. By the end of the first day the lads had managed 60 roker between the 9 rods on my boat alone. Not to mention all of the whiting, dogfish, dabs and even a stray eel. The second day didn’t disappoint either with good numbers of roker again. this time 40 in 4 hours fishing which the lads were pleased with again. the roker weren’t a huge stamp but big enough to count on the size limit the lads had set. They all seemed pleased with smiles all around as they left and yet again were a pleasure to take out.
    The fishing in general has been good locally and the settled weather helps. The stamp of roker has started to get a bit better over the past week or so and there is the odd codling showing too. Ive got a bit of availability left this year for individuals and boat bookings and im also taking bookings for next year. Please call for more information on 07850234077

  • 09/06/2013 Fishing Report by stuart belbin

    9 Jun 2013 by stuart belbin

    Still plenty of THORNBACK RAYS around with SMOOTHOUNDS and BASS in numbers .

  • 28/05/2013 Fishing Report by stuart belbin

    28 May 2013 by stuart belbin

    Good numbers of THORNBACK RAYS around and not many DOGFISH the fishing and the weather has improved, Its good to see the anglers return ALL the big females that are full of eggs ,

  • 24/03/2012 Fishing Report by joe smith

    24 Mar 2012 by joe smith

    Had another great day out with stuart, we left mersea at about 6:45, we stemed out for half an hour or so. it was a beautful morning and there was not a wave on the water. We started fishing about 7:30 and within 10 minutes or so, there were 3 nice roker on the boat. After that the fishing was steady for a few hours until high tide we the fishing went a bit quite and only had 1 roker on slack water, but as soon as the tide started running again we had some more roker. We finish up with 16 roker to 12lb and 30+ whiting . thanks for the great day stuart.

  • 26/02/2012 Fishing Report by joe smith

    26 Feb 2012 by joe smith

    Had another good day with stuart again as always. we left mersea at about 7:00 am, we steamed out for about an hour, it was a beautiful day and the sea was flat carm. As soon as we had started fishing there wear fishing coming aboard, and the fishing was good for the rest for the day as the tide was running. then high water came and the fishing easied up. So stuart had desided to have a move to a spot a bit closer to home. we started fishing as the tide was ebbing, and had one more small cod and i missed a CRACKING bite. then we had a slow ride home. in the end we had 32 cod up to 5lb and we had some good whiting to about 1.5lb. we had the most fish out of all the boats fishing in the area all thanks to stuart.
    thanks for the good a mate.

  • 12/02/2012 Fishing Report by joe smith

    12 Feb 2012 by joe smith

    Had a good day out fishing with stuart today, i got on the boat about 6:45 but we had to what for a couple of lads because they were running a bit late. As soon as they got on the boat we steamed out for about an hour and and was a the marker in no time, we where fishing at the bottom of a band, we arrived at the mark just as the tide started to run, so where had a good few hours fishing on the tide. we didn't have to what long for the first couple of bites and after that we where having fish all day long. in the end we ended up with 30 codling all about 3/4 lb and couple closer the 5lb and we had about 10 whiting. thanks for the good day stuart.

  • 27/08/2011 Fishing Report by joe smith

    27 Aug 2011 by joe smith

    27th august 2011
    had a great day fishing to day, we left mersea about 7:10 in the morning a we steamed out for about an hour, trying to get to a mark about 20 miles out of mersea, as we go a little way out the sea became a little bit lumpy so we could not get to the mark the skipper wanted to. so we went to another mark which was just on the side of a sand bank. at first as the tide started runing we were only getting doggys but after about half hour we started to getsome little tope and smoothhound pups and a couple of whiting and i had a 6lb male thornback.then the tide slakened off and the boat was swinging around and we did not get much. but when the tide picked up again we had 2 bass about 3/4lb some more whiting and little tope and we started getting some nice smoothhounds, then it went quiet agian for some unknown reason and on the last cast of the day i had a 16lb smoothhound :) what a fish and a great day fishing , in the end we had 30 dogs 5 whiting 5 small tope 2 nice bass and about 10 smoothhounds at all different sizes and 1 thornback

    thanks stuart and dave

  • 08/05/2011 Fishing Report by Simon Gentleman

    8 May 2011 by Simon Gentleman

    What a fantastic day out.

    We were a bit early for our trip, but this was no problem to our skipper Stuart. We left as dawn was breaking and cruised for about 45 minutes before reaching our spot. Stuart was friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable as he patiently explained the required techniques for fishing. Most of us were complete novices so we appreciated the input. It only took about 30 minutes for the fish to start biting. My son Mark hooked his first ever dogfish and was elated. Not long after my twelve year old daughter got a large skate, she struggled to hold it for the photo! After that all of us hooked a variety of species and sizes. Whether you are an experienced angler or total newcomers like us I can't recommend this charter highly enough. We all had a fun and memorable day.

    Many thanks Stuart.

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