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13 lb 5 oz Pollock by Jimmy

13 lb 5 oz Pollock by Jimmy

Date Caught: Feb 2019
Onboard: Silver Halo
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Upcoming Individual Spaces on Silver Halo

Sat 30/03/2019 1 Space 9 Hours £85.00pp
Max group size is six. Slow pitch jigging and lures, looking for cod on the wrecks around Lyme bay/Mid channel
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Sat 13/04/2019 1 Space 9 Hours £85.00pp
Long range wrecking, dedicated Slow pitch jigging trip
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Wed 19/06/2019 2 Spaces 9 Hours £125.00pp
SHARK TRIP £125 per person inc tackle and chum
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Fri 21/06/2019 1 Space 9 Hours £70.00pp
Medium range wrecking upto 45 miles covered
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Sun 04/08/2019 5 Spaces 9 Hours £85.00pp
Max group size is 6. Long range wrecking upto 85 miles covered.
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Sat 17/08/2019 1 Space 9 Hours £125.00pp
SHARK TRIP. £125 per person. Tackle and chum inc
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