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  • 11/10/2017 Fishing Report by Malcolm Collins on Just Mary (Poole, Dorset)

    11 Oct 2017 by Malcolm Collins

    Report on-board Just Mary

    Hi All, as we head swiftly into Autumn and beyond into Winter I would urge my Anglers to watch to see the constant low pressure systems that are thrown at us from across the Atlantic. In my humble opinion it will become a case of taking every opportunity that is offered to us to get out to Sea, there will be many days when we are to remain on the mooring unable to venture out. So if the Skipper says, 'There's an opportunity to go fishing'..... then get off your backside and go ! You cannot plan ahead for good days and your booking may well stand a good chance of being cancelled and rebooked.....maybe several times. So my message is simple, if an opportunity arises then get on 'Just Mary' and come fishing, the good days are sure to be outnumbered by the bad days when it comes to the opportunity to get out to Sea.....ta Malc.

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