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  • 11/03/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    11 Mar 2018 by Rich Ward

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III


    After picking away on the wrecks last Friday we all agreed that a run out to the "Wall" was in order for a change yesterday. Nobody had been out there for quite some time so there was a reasonable chance that there would be a days fishing there for us. The conditions were absolutely perfect for a cruise well offshore with glassy calm seas.

    As soon as we arrived and dropped in the rods were bouncing all around the boat. The fish had gathered up there nicely and were feeding well in a fairly big feed mark we had found. Third drift in and up popped a seal, and then another which slowed things up a lot!

    We then started playing a cat and mouse game up and down the ground, trying to keep away from them! Every time we were clear of them we dropped on the fish. They would follow us and we would move again! It went on all day long. Quite comical really.

    Over the course of the day we saw a good number of "doubles" landed and one of the team, Dan managed a "treble" too which was great. All these were caught on the baited Hokkai rigs. Total tally for the day was around 80 fish. Again, nothing big at all with the best fish maybe a shade over 6 lbs.

    We did have a fantastic day with the wildlife sightings too. At 11 am we were visited by a pod of 8 Dolphins leaping and jumping around! What a fantastic sight for this time of year! But the best thing we saw was a Porbeagle shark which circled the boat for about 5 minutes. A big fish too which I reckon was a good 8 ft long and would be in excess of 300 lbs. I have to say that was a very rare sight for this time of year. Food for thought for next year. Might just have a go for them a bit earlier in 2019!

    Available dates in this years Spring competition which starts on April 7th till April 22nd. We still have room on the weekend dates and also midweek and as always individuals are most welcome to join us at any time.

    A nice top cash prize of £1000.00 up for grabs with various other daily prizes.

    Cheers and tight lines

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