Charter Boat: Shy-Torque III

Boat and Skipper Details

Licensed For: up to 12 passengers
Code Of Practice: 60 Miles CAT 2.
Hours: 8hr / 9hr / 10hr / 11hr / 12hr / 24hr / Multiple Days Trips
Type of Fishing: Wreck - Rough Ground - Uptiding, Cod, Haddock, Ling, Pollack, (Red Gilling) - Shark ( Porbeagle )
Tackle Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Bait Available: Yes - Contact Skipper
Boat Specification: Bullet DS38 Islander. Twin Engine ( 750HP )
Facilities: Heated Anglers Cabin. Tea/coffee (on request)
Additional Description:




Whitby's only TWIN ENGINED charter boat. She is Whitby's most popular, powerful and fastest angling boat winning more angling competitions and daily prizes over the last 30 years than any other boat in Whitby. Sponsored by the top name in sea angling "SHIMANO" Shy Torque III is the best known of all the charter boats in Whitby and probably the North East coast and has a track record second to none.

The boat is available for filming with television companies or for private hire too. We can hire the boat out to the council and also any diving groups.

The boat is fully licensed and insured and has a code of practice "Category 2 " with the RYA allowing us to travel up to 60 miles. (Please ask to see certificate if required) Only a handful of Whitby charter boats hold this category of license and insurance. If you sail beyond the boats designated area of work, then the insurance for that boat (which covers you as an angler) does become null and void. It's a good idea to check in case of any eventualities!!!

For your best chances of a great days fishing from Whitby the Shy Torque III is your best option by far. If you want to book the boat as a club we do a special rate for teams of 8 or less. Please ensure that you have the full money for the places you have booked (whether it be full boat or individual bookings) as we will have been turning people away on the strength of your booking.

Next year’s dates have now been sorted for the competitions here at Whitby 2019.
The Spring competition dates are April 13th to April 28th INC. Big cash prizes!!
The Summer competition dates are June 22nd to July 14th INC Get yourselves a trip booked to have a chance of winning a prize worth up to £5000.00 in pound notes!!
The late Summer competition dates are September 7th to September 22nd INC You can book any places as from now. 07733 233352. 01947 603472

When you consider that some of the other charter boats in Whitby are charging on average around £50.00 for a day’s fishing (this includes the slow boats!) then the £53.00 that we charge for individuals for the day is more than worth it. We can give you so much more time fishing than the others!!! Plus with the added advantage of staying completely DRY in wet conditions.

The boat is just under 40ft in length and fitted with the "Islander" style wheelhouse. There is oodles of space per angler (unlike some of the boats in Whitby) as we can fish right around the boat from stem to stern! The "ANGLERS CABIN" also ensures that you can arrive at the fishing areas DRY and arrive back home DRY. There are no other charter boats in Whitby (in our size range) that can offer a full team TOTAL cover like we can.
REMEMBER, if you are paying less than what we charge there WILL be a reason for it!!! Individuals are welcome on the boat. Gift vouchers are available for trips every year and would make an excellent gift / birthday / Xmas present.
The full 2019 tide table for Whitby is now available. Please call for details or visit the site.
"We are totally committed in providing an unrivaled service every day we sail"

Shy-Torque III Skipper Rich Ward's Photo
About the Skipper:

Started going to sea with my Dad when I was just 5 years of age !! Started working as a charter skipper full time at the age of 18. Over 40 years experience at sea!! This is my full time job ( not just working on weekends ) working every day the weather permits 12 months of the year. I have been working as a charter skipper longer than any other charter skipper in Whitby. Over the last 25 years we have won more angling competitions than any other boat in Whitby ! Very proud of the boat keeping her in immaculate condition at all times. We also have a crewman when we are taking newcomers to the sea angling game. Both Adam (my son) and myself will be there to assist you throughout the day to try and make your day as enjoyable as possible.

You are welcome to give me a ring to discuss your trips anytime between 8AM & 8PM.
Look forward to sailing with you soon. Rich.

This Charter has been listed as Suitable for Diving Trips. Contact the Skipper for full details.
This Charter has been listed as Wheelchair Accessible. Contact the Skipper for full details.

October 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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N.B. Not all Skippers keep this dairy up-to-date. Always check with skippers before making any plans. Last calendar update: 21-Oct-2018

Mon 1st Oct Room for 9 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Excellent tide. Will sail with just 3 anglers.

Bill B 1.
Tue 2nd Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Excellent tide. Will sail with just 4 anglers. Wed 3rd Oct Room for 7 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Excellent tide!!

Peter Reynolds 2.
Bill B 1.
Thu 4th Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Excellent tide. Will sail with just 4 anglers. Fri 5th Oct Excellent tide!!

Pete Robinson 1.
Steve Brookes 4.
John Moore 2.
John Davies 3.
Sat 6th Oct Excellent tide.

Steve Bulliment 2.
Graham Stansfield 2.
Simon England 1.
Andrew Birmingham 5.
Sun 7th Oct Chris Beaumont . Boat 10. Mon 8th Oct Room for 5 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Will sail with just 4 anglers.

Wayne Wigan 1.
Pete Reynolds 2.
Mark Woodwards 2.
Tue 9th Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Will sail with just 4 anglers. Wed 10th Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Will sail with just 4 anglers. Thu 11th Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Will sail with just 4 anglers. Fri 12th Oct J. Bonamassa. 8. Sat 13th Oct
Sun 14th Oct Mon 15th Oct Tue 16th Oct Wed 17th Oct Thu 18th Oct Fri 19th Oct Sat 20th Oct Excellent wrecking tide.!

Simon England 1.
Andrew Birmingham 5.
Graham Stansfield 2.
Alan Sutcliffe 1.
Chris Wilson 1.
Sun 21st Oct Excellent tide.

Phil Walker. 8 boat.
Mon 22nd Oct Excellent tide.

Chris Shuttleworth. 8 boat.
Tue 23rd Oct Room for 9 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Good tide. Will sail with just 4 anglers.

Alan Ashcroft 1.
Wed 24th Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Will sail with just 4 anglers. Thu 25th Oct Z.Ometa. Boat. Fri 26th Oct Room for 8 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Will sail with just 4 anglers.

Paul Feasby 2.
Sat 27th Oct B Walkers . Boat.
Sun 28th Oct B Walkers. Boat. Mon 29th Oct Chris Shuttleworth.
Boat 8.
Tue 30th Oct Room for 4 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Very good tide.

Dariusz Krupa 4.
Cliff Critchlow 2.
Wed 31st Oct Room for 10 anglers. Individuals very welcome. Excellent tide !! Will sail with just 4 anglers.

Last Minute Bookings



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  • 5-star Ivan Davey (25/06/2018)

    Had a days wreck fishing on Shy Torque with Rich Ward during the summer festival. I’ve fished from Whitby on and off for over 40 years on a number of different boats and there is some very good and knowledgable skippers there but after seeing Rich at work he is certainly at the top of the list , his boat is kept immaculate, and there is lots of space to fish as you can use the full length of the boat whereas on other boats only the rear is fishable Rich worked hard sailing from wreck to wreck to find fish , to be honest the fishing was slow but everyone on board caught some fish for the table. I highly recommend anyone who’s into wreck fishing to try Shy Torque you won’t be disappointed.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks for the review Ivan. Sadly, the fishing the other day was a little slow but we always put 110% effort in at all times as you know. Always a pleasure to sail with you mate. See you next on the 2nd July.

  • 5-star Dave K (06/11/2017)

    Thanks for another great day out rich great fishing on a lovely boat once again you proved your still the best skipper in Whitby

    Skippers Reponse: Hi mate. Thanks for the review. Always nice to know that you are being appreciated. I'm looking forward to your next trip with us early December. Let's hope for another cracking day!
    Tight lines!

  • 5-star Haydn Geldard (04/11/2017)

    Excellent as always. Rich shows his experience when he has taken us out. each trip he doesn't disappoint and never has, Always made our lines fish heavy, my partner Janine had the heaviest of the day. was tempted to push her overboard but relised we couldnt shout MAN overboard!! :). Anyway to cut a long story short Rich Ward is highly recommended by myself and my friends alike

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Haydn. Really pleased you and Janine enjoyed your day. Fingers crossed for similar fishing next time. Thanks for the top tip with the car too mate. Much appreciated!! All the best to you.

  • 5-star Craig Giddings (04/11/2017)

    Rich has got to be the best skipper in Whitby (if not the UK in my opinion) I have been going with rich for going on 10years not and have never had a bad day. Went out with rich on sat and yet had a free at days fishing started on a few wreks to start with with not much success so moved on to rough ground where the fish came thick and fast no monsters but good sport all the same.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks very much Craig. Always nice to know you're being appreciated for the hard work. It was a very good day indeed. Nice to see that amount of Cod again. Long may it continue!

  • 5-star Paul Cookson (20/06/2017)

    Cracking days fishing Rich, with lots of good sized cod to 8lb and ling to 14lb. Son Lee caught the biggest fish and it's the best day he's ever had!! We'll be back!!

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks very much Paul. Yes, considering the sea was a bit lively it turned in to a great day. Thanks very much for sailing with us and we'll see you soon hopefully. Cheers. Rich.

Bait & Tackle

Catch Stats

Latest Catches 1,323 photos uploaded


7 lb 2 oz Pollock


5 lb 8 oz Cod


6 lb Cod

Phil Walker.

5 lb 15 oz Cod


12 lb Ling (Common)


6 lb 15 oz Pollock

Jerry from Attic.

10 lb Cod


11 lb 8 oz Cod

Adam Ward. (Son)

7 lb 2 oz Cod


6 lb 4 oz Cod

Brian Robinson.

4 lb 14 oz Cod

Dave from Doncaster.

5 lb 2 oz Cod

Mike from Norfolk.

6 lb 12 oz Pollock

Paul from Bradford.

4 lb 5 oz Pollock

Mike from Norfolk.

5 lb Pollock


Latest Fishing Reports

  • 22/10/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    22 Oct 2018 by Rich Ward

    This last weekend fished very well indeed for both Saturdays and Sundays teams.

    We had a mixed group aboard the boat on Saturday. All regular anglers from as far afield as Birmingham and Barnsley. We fished a wreck around 17 miles to start the day off where the lads picked around 25 fish from it.
    We moved back inshore a bit then, where the lads picked steadily for the rest of the day on the rough ground. Best rod on the day was Simon England from Leeds who ended up with 15 fish with a mixture of Cod, Ling, and Pollack.

    Sunday saw a team of 7 taking the boat for the day. Phil Walker and his mates from around the Hornsea area joined us where we fished around the 9 mile ground for the first few hours with a steady picking of Cod and Ling being boated. With the forecast set to increase by mid afternoon we moved to a strip of ground on the 7 mile where we found some much better Cod and Ling. Cod to 11.5 lbs and Ling to 12 lbs were landed along with a good number of Pollack to just over 8 lb. A great days sport for all.

    Sadly, the forecast is set to be rubbish all this week so time for a few maintenance jobs on the boat. Hopefully the weather will improve for next weeks anglers.
    We do have some spaces left on a couple of the days.
    Tuesday 30th October - Room for 4 anglers.
    Thursday 1st November - Room for 4 anglers.

    Cheers and tight lines as ever!

  • 12/10/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    12 Oct 2018 by Rich Ward

    To say the weather here at Whitby has been anything but crap for the last 6 weeks would be a lie! Never known anything like it to be honest.
    The September comp was a complete washout with just 4 days taken at sea and 12 days cancelled !!

    On the days we managed, we did see some decent fish boated on the Shy-Torque III. Mark Konarski boated the heaviest cod in the comp at a shade under 14 lbs and Alan Sutcliffe landed the 3rd overall heaviest fish in the comp, a ling of 14 lb 2 oz. Well done to those two with their fish. Thank you to all those who were booked with us and just so sorry we couldn't get you to sea for a crack at the prize money. Better weather next year hopefully!

    Next years (2019) competition dates are now ready and are below :-
    Spring :- April 13th - 28th inc.
    Summer :- June 22nd - July 14th inc.
    Late Summer :- Sept 7th - 22nd inc.

    The boat will be, as always, working through the winter months. Just a week or so out of the water for maintenance.
    Take a look at the availability calendar on the websites.

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

    Cheers and tight lines

  • 18/09/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    18 Sep 2018 by Rich Ward

    The September competition started here at Whitby last weekend (Saturday)

    Darren Bradley and his mates from Derby had the boat booked for the weekend.

    We targeted the mackerel at the start of the day which were plentiful. Enough for the bait stocks for the day on the 1st couple of drifts.

    We moved out to some ground to start the day as the drift was a bit too quick for the wrecking job and the lads picked around a dozen codling on the bait and the shads. As the tide eased we had a run to a wreck a bit further off to hit it at slack water and into the change of tide. The majority of them were shad fishing with a couple on the bait. They managed around 50 fish between them, the best fish falling to Hadrian with a cod around 7 lbs.

    No big fish were boated on the day but all the lads had a really enjoyable day. Sadly we lost the Sunday to bad weather . Our Adam filleted all the fish down for the lads on the way back in.

    The lads are pictured inset.

    Just 2 days left with any room now in the competition.

    They are :-
    Thursday 27th. Room for 9.
    Friday 28th. Room for 2.

  • 11/09/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    11 Sep 2018 by Rich Ward

    The September competition starts here at Whitby this weekend (15th Sept)
    We still have some days with room on the boat.
    They are :-
    Mon 17th. Room for 3.
    Tues 25th. Room for 8.
    Wed 26th. Room for 8.
    Thurs 27th. Room for 9.
    Fri 28th. Room for 6.

    Individuals are always very welcome on the boat.

    For a chance to win the 1st prize of £1000.00 in the competition give me a ring to book your place on :-
    07733 233352 8.0 am - 8.0 pm
    07747 848406 8.0 am - 8.0 pm.
    01947 603472 6.30 pm - 8.0 pm.

    Next years tides tables for Whitby are with me now and the 2019 calendar is fully updated and operational and we are ready to take any bookings you would like to make.

    Cheers & tight lines

  • 04/09/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    4 Sep 2018 by Rich Ward

    The last week here at Whitby has seen very mixed fortunes for our anglers.

    Some days we have scratted around for very little indeed. Other days we have found a few. We are reckoning that this is due to the amount of feed in the water at present (millions of mackerel at the moment) The amount of Minke whales feeding is incredible.
    On Tuesday last week we counted 30 at one point, all working in a 1 mile square. Hundreds of Gannets were also working the area too. It was like watching a Natural World programme on telly!

    We have caught fish every time we have sailed but some days have been poor and others have been ok when we have got clear of the feed areas. (I do like to give a true and honest report of things)

    Yesterday, we had one of our sponsors on board. Bob Ellis from "Focus Training"and his friend Richard chartered the boat just for themselves. With fantastic conditions we had a good run offshore for a change to see what things were like out there.
    A slow start at first, but as the morning progressed the fishing came on really strong. By midday the lads had a couple of boxes of cod on board and at the end of the day they had over 200 lbs of fish!!

    No big cod landed. The best fish falling to Richard at around 7 lbs.

    A great days sport, great company and lovely weather too.

    Bob & Richard inset.

    The September competition is fast approaching and starts on the 15th September. £1000.00 1st prize!!!!
    We still have some availability on the boat.

    Dates with room are :-
    Monday 17th. Room for 1.
    Wednesday 19th. Room for 7 (after cancellation)
    Tuesday 25th. Room for 9.
    Wednesday 28th. Room for 8.
    Thursday 27th. Room for 10.
    Friday 28th. Room for 8.

    As ever, individuals are always very welcome on the boat.

    Cheers and tight lines