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  • 10/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie on Size Matters (Plymouth, Devon)

    Oct 2018 by Kevin McKie

    Report on-board Size Matters

    It’s been good to get back to work after a few weeks off welcoming the new arrival of my daughter and future skipper of Size Matters ha ha.

    On one of the days we had ago for Porbeagles and Threshers again, it didn’t quite go to plan.

    After a few hours fishing we got one hell of a run on the heavy tackle, after an hour of the fish hugging the sea bed it swam straight up towards the boat.

    It was a job to keep up with the fish then the line went all slack we thought we had lost it, then all of a sudden the line went tight and it was just a very heavy weight and no movement.

    I knew from experience the fish was tail wrapped so we put the drag up to get the fish to the surface, then from under the boat I could see it wasn’t a shark but a big Blue Fin Tuna tail wrapped.

    As we got it to the surface I could see the only option was to boat it to cut the wire trace off its tail and remove the hook.

    As soon as we got it on the boat we put the deck wash in its mouth to keep it alive, we then removed the hook and cut the wire trace from its tail.

    The Tuna was on the deck for no more than a few minutes, we then took a quick measurement and photo then slipped it back, it gave one kick of its tail and was away.

    An amazing fish it taped out at 366lb, we never did get any sharks that day but the lads went home with a day to remember.

    Straight after we caught the Tuna I called the MMO office in Plymouth to report the capture and our reason for boating the tuna.

    If you are lucky enough to catch a Tuna when shark fishing please realise it ASAP at the side of the boat!!

    We have also been catching lots of Atlantic Bonito Tuna only the size of mackerel but great to see new species arriving in our waters.

    The Bass fishing has been steady with most fish 3lb to 6lb along with plenty of Pollack to 5lb.

    Off shore wrecks have been ok with Ling to 34lb, Pollack to 10lb and the odd Coalfish to 4lb.

    The Conger fishing has been ok with Eels to 58lb and I also witnessed a bass caught on a Conger bait using a 300lb hook length, no need for fluorocarbon when bass fishing ha ha.

    The weather has stopped play for the next few days, if you would like to join us next year then here is a list of the last available dates remaining.

    Available dates for Plymouth 2019.


    Thursday 18th Wrecking £80 pp 1 place available.


    Thursday 12th Wrecking/Conger £80 pp
    1 place available.

    Monday 16th Wrecking £80 pp 2 places available.

    Tuesday 17th Wrecking £80 pp 4 places available.


    Sunday 6th Wrecking/Conger £80 pp
    1 place available.

    Monday 14th Wrecking £80 pp 6 places available.

    Tuesday 15th Wrecking £80 pp 6 places available.


    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters Plymouth


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