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  • 18/01/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    18 Jan 2019 by Rich Ward

    The boat comes out of the water for a week from next Monday chaps. General maintenance and a good polish up for the start of the upcoming season.

    Weather permitting we'll be back in action from Tuesday 29th January. Uptiding trips are available as are offshore trips.

    Check the calendar for availability which is always kept up to date.

    The competition dates are starting to go quite quickly now so (in your best interest) give me a ring sooner than later to secure your places.
    We only have 6 dates left in the Summer competition where the boat is completely empty for any of you wanting her for your group/club. Individual spaces are a bit more available.

    Comp dates are :-
    Spring --------------------- April 13th - 28th inc.
    Summer ------------------- June 22nd - July 14th inc.
    Late Summer ------------- Sept 7th - 22nd inc.

    Give me a ring any time before 8 pm any day to discuss your requirements.

    Cheers and tight lines as ever!

  • 08/01/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    8 Jan 2019 by Rich Ward

    The last few trips on the Shy-Torque have been very up and down indeed.

    After a few days with Northerly winds and swell, the offshore fishing has taken a bit of a knock compared to just before Xmas. Even the wrecks out around the 20 mile stream were struggling to produce.
    Looks like we need a good settled spell to get the water cleared out again.

    The inshore fishing however is showing a few fish. The last uptide trip we did produced a sprinkling of codling. My son Adam catching the best of the day at 6 lb 1 oz.

    The boat is scheduled to be lifted from the water for a week from Monday 21st January for general maintenance.

    If you fancy a run out with us before then, either inshore or offshore, give me a ring on the usual numbers. We will, as ever, sail with a minimum 3 anglers.
    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

    Cheers and tight lines

  • 01/01/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    1 Jan 2019 by Rich Ward

    Hi everyone. Hope you all had a cracking Xmas and may we wish everyone a very healthy and Happy New Year.

    The last trip aboard the Shy-Torque in 2018 went very well indeed with perfect conditions helping too.

    A fabulous forecast enabling us to have a run out beyond the 20 mile with the mixed group of lads on board.

    I won't mention numbers of fish but if I honestly said that on one of the marks for about an hour it was literally like winding the clock back 35 years!! Superb fishing with lovely plump winter cod and ling. Rods bending all round the boat on every drift. Great fun!!

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays and give me a ring for any trips you fancy in 2019.

    Cheers and best wishes


    5th Jan. Room for 4.
    13th Jan. Room for 5.
    15th Jan. Room for 7.
    20th Jan. Room for 6.

    07733 233352 - Boat direct.
    07747 848406 - Boat direct..
    01947 603472 - Home.

  • 24/12/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    24 Dec 2018 by Rich Ward

    I'd just like to thank all our customers both old and new for their custom in 2018 and to wish everyone a very Happy Xmas and prosperous New Year.

    Here's hoping everyone stays safe at sea in 2019 and plenty of fish is there for everyone.

    Our days between Xmas and the New Year are now booked up and the next booking in 2019 is Thursday 3rd January where we have room for 3 anglers.

    Thanks again to everyone and see you next year.

    Rich & Adam.

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

  • 12/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    Dec 2018 by Rich Ward

    Some lovely winter cod fishing for our group of Polish boys this week.

    We had a great day weather wise too so we pushed out to a couple of wrecks on the 18 mile range. Both wrecks producing nicely with cod and ling falling to the squid, but the jellies taking more of the cod.
    A good indication that the water is nice and clear still.

    Nothing big, but with cod to around 6 lbs a great days sport for the lads.

    Chris Zapatski is pictured with a couple of his better cod.


    07733 233352

  • 18/12/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    18 Dec 2018 by Rich Ward

    We managed to squeeze another day in yesterday with a mixed group of lads.

    The fishing remains fairly good on the offshore marks with a nice number of fish for each and everyone on board. Fish taken on both the artificials and the baited rigs.

    Looking like we will get out again tomorrow if the forecast stays as predicted where we have room for 4 or 5 anglers. Individuals as always are most welcome.

    Cheers and tight lines

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

  • 08/12/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    8 Dec 2018 by Rich Ward

    Morning lads and lasses,

    Not been for a while now what with the crappy weather we've been getting, so not much to report on really. However, looking at the predicted weather forecasts from the start of next week, it's looking like we might just get away a couple of days (if predictions don't change!!) When we have been getting away it's been fishing fairly well both inshore at anchor and also the offshore marks too.

    Days next week with room are listed here :-

    Tuesday 11th. Room for 2.
    Wednesday 12th. Room for 6.
    Friday 14th. Room for 7.

    Individuals always welcome.

    We will, as always, be sailing right through the winter period. The boat will be out of the water for general maintenance for just one week sometime in January or February, so if you fancy a run off with us any time just drop me a line. Remember, the winter cod fishing here at Whitby can be as good, if not sometimes better than the summer months so keep an eye on the calendar and weather windows and we'll do our best to get you a days sport sometime. I'll sail if there are only 3 people booked. You don't need to be a full boat booking.

    Cheers for now and keep the lines tight where ever you fish!

    07733 233352
    01947 603472

  • 26/11/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    26 Nov 2018 by Rich Ward

    Yesterday we had lads aboard from as far afield as Cambridge, Boston, Lincs, Leeds and Liverpool.

    On a decreasing NE forecast we made our way out the ground marks on the 7 mile where we picked a handful of fish up. 3 of them falling to the shads and sidewinders and all 3 of them foul hooked! A couple of small codling and ling on the bait too.
    A sign that the water wasn't that clear on the bottom after the recent fresh easterly winds . We pushed out a couple of miles further where the fishing picked up a bit.

    The cod and ling were taking the lures fair and square there which was great to see. The baited rigs also taking fish as well. Hook Line & Sinker tackle shop supplying top quality bait as always.

    A nice picking of cod around the 4 lb - 5 lb mark and ling to 7 lb.

    The best fish of the day however going to Paul from Boston in Lincolnshire. A cracking cod of 15 lb 8 oz and a PB for him! Well done.

    The windy weather is set in now for a few days but hopefully we will be back at it again next week where we have room each day from Monday providing the weather improves!!
    As always individuals are very welcome and we will sail with just 3 anglers.

    Paul from Boston is pictured inset.

    Cheers and tight lines

    07733 233352
    07747 848406

  • 25/11/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    25 Nov 2018 by Rich Ward


    My brother in law, his mates and a couple of others joined us on the boat yesterday for a days inshore anchor fishing (uptiding)

    The fishing started off quite well with some good bags of codling by lunchtimes slack water. The flood tide in the afternoon not producing much at all to be fair with maybe another 15 or so fish between the lads.
    Never the less, a thoroughly enjoyable day for all on board with a nice few codling for the table.

    No big fish landed on the boat. Our Dave and Simon England boating around 25 codling between them and a good number of throw backs too.

    Cheers lads and see you on the next one.

    If you fancy joining us for a days anchor fishing, give me a call on 07733 233352

    Room for 7 individuals next Friday (30th)


  • 19/11/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    19 Nov 2018 by Rich Ward

    Nigel Steer, his lad Ben, Dave and 2 of their mates joined us last weekend. Sadly, we haven't moved since then due to the fresh easterly's.

    A good forecast for the day and with great conditions too the lads fished very well for the best part of the day. Cod to around the 7 lb mark and Ling to 11.5 lbs. The lads ending up with around 70 fish between the 5 of them

    Our Adam had a crazy idea he wanted to try catch a fish in 30 fathom of water on a mackerel spinner! Using the shad method with a 12 oz lead and 3 ft leader he had a go and did just that. A lovely Cod of 7 lb on a spinner!!
    How the tiny treble held together I'll never know. Testament to the hook or his angling skills???? !! Maybe a bit of both?

    Adam filleted all the fish for the lads on the way back to port.

    The lads are pictured inset with some of their catch.

    Cheers and tight lines

    Room this coming Sunday (25th Nov) for 3 anglers.
    Room next Monday (26th Nov) for 7 anglers.
    Room Friday 30th Nov for 9 anglers.
    Individuals very welcome as ever.

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

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