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  • 21/03/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    21 Mar 2019 by Rich Ward


    A mixed group aboard the boat yesterday. A few regulars and a few newcomers sailing with us.

    With the forecasts being so good (for a change!) we had a run offshore to some outer ground marks and had a nice steady days fishing. The water wasn't overly clear and a lot of fish were borderline size and foul hooked on the shads. These were returned safely. The majority were on the baited rigs. Mackerel and lug worm doing the best.

    Best fish was only weighed in at a shade over 5 lbs. A nice Pollack caught by Tony Barratt who also ended up with the best bag of the day.

    Tomorrows trip will be uptiding at anchor on these monstrous Spring tides. We have room for a few more anglers on that one. All welcome to join us.

    Tight lines for now

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472 (6pm - 8pm)

  • 19/03/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    19 Mar 2019 by Rich Ward


    A short run offshore with today's 4 lads proved fruitless with the water being very cloudy after the last run of huge Northerly swell. We decided to run back inshore and drop the anchor where the lads picked up a nice few Codling mixed with Dogs, Whiting and Pouting.

    An enjoyable few hours uptiding with the lads all going home with a nice "fry" for the table.

    We have room for 1 more angler on tomorrows trip which will be to the "Wall"
    Fridays trip will be at anchor again on the 6.0m tide !!

    Steve Knott is pictured with one of his fish.

    Tight lines as ever

    07733 233352
    07747 848406

  • 13/03/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    13 Mar 2019 by Rich Ward

    A shocking week so far weather wise as I'm sure it is all over the country until storm Gareth passes through.
    If predictions are correct it's looking like this coming Saturday "might" just fall in our favour. Keeping our fingers crossed for that after a long spell off work!

    The Spring angling competition starts in a shade over 4 weeks (13th April) and runs for a fortnight. Top prize is £1000.00 in cash!!
    We still have room in the competition so come and have a go at winning that lovely cash prize.

    As always, individuals are very welcome.

    Check the calendar for availability at :-
    Here on CBUK.

    Next weeks tides are ideal from Tuesday for a spot of uptiding. If the weather's ok and you fancy a run drop me a line. I'll go with just a couple of anglers.

    Cheers and tight lines
    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

  • 05/03/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    5 Mar 2019 by Rich Ward

    Forecasts are all looking a bit rubbish until Friday lads and lasses. Looking ok for Friday at the moment.

    We will be running off if anyone fancies a trip. The last few uptiding trips have proven quite fruitful for us and we will sail with just 3 anglers on board.

    Room this coming weekend. Also spaces next Monday and Tuesday.

    Cheers for now.

    07733 233352
    07747 848406 (New web address - Still working on it!)
    FB. Shy Torque Wreck Fishing

  • 24/02/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    24 Feb 2019 by Rich Ward

    Simon Blenkin and his 2 sons Jorge & Jack and their friend Paul joined us on our last trip out. Ron from Newcastle fished with us too.

    The tides this last few days have been of the Spring veriety so we decided that a days uptiding was in order. We tried a couple of marks drift fishing up and over slack water at first with no action whatsoever so headed straight back to the uptiding marks inshore.
    As soon as the anchor hit and the first bait was out we had bites. A lovely 5 hours fishing for the lads with codling coming aboard steadily.
    Young Jorge and Paul were teamed up against his Dad Simon and Jack and they whipped them good style!!! Sorry lads but I just had to say!!! I thinks the count was something like 25 fish to 10. Well done lads.
    Ron from Newcastle also taking a lovely bag of fillets home with him.
    Always great to see the young guns having a go.
    Cheers lads and look forward to seeing you all next time.

    Jack, Paul & Jorge pictured.

    Room for a couple more on tomorrows trip (Monday 25th) if you're interested.
    A fantastic forecast for the upcoming week lads. If you fancy a run out we will sail with a minimum of 3 anglers.
    Also room next weekend. Individuals welcome as well as groups.

    07733 233352
    07747 848406 01947 603472

  • 21/02/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    21 Feb 2019 by Rich Ward

    Some great inshore fishing to be had at the moment here at Whitby.

    On our last trip out we had a great day on the cod with Bill Barraclough from Barnsley taking the best bag of the day with a dozen himself. He also took the best fish of the day at 5 lb 2 oz.

    The tides are ideal for inshore fishing at present and with the forecast looking settled for the next few days including in to next week with a big high pressure over us, we're really looking forward to some more good sport.

    We have 5 remaining places for tomorrow and for next Monday. Individuals as always, are very welcome indeed.

    Cheers and tight lines

  • 02/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    Feb 2019 by Rich Ward

    Rich Horobrov and a couple of his mates joined us the other day on their 1st trip of the year.

    We ran to a couple of offshore wrecks of which one produced a few nice cod to 7lb and a few small ling. The other wreck produced very little at all to be honest.

    We decided to run back inshore to finish off on the ground. They managed to boat another half dozen codling from there.

    Rich and his mates pictured inset.

    Give me a ring any time to arrange any trips. The mobile number below is always with me along with the diary.
    The first competition is fast approaching (13th -28th April) where we still have room on a number of days.

    Tight lines
    07733 233352.

  • 12/02/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    12 Feb 2019 by Rich Ward


    Yesterdays lads were made up with their day at sea on the Shy-Torque III after an uncertain forecast the evening before.

    4 of the group were staying in town the night before. The forecast was such that I said to them that because they were already here I would walk to the pier ends early morning and check the sea state to make sure we were good to go. The reason for this was because of an increasing swell from the North predicted with a decreasing wind for the day. Sometimes a difficult one to call. I told the other team who were booked with us the score and they decided to make the trip across from West Yorkshire on the morning. As daylight broke it was clear that the sea state was fine and we could make to sea for the day. (They had apparently overheard somewhere on the morning that there wouldn't be anyone sailing, but clearly whoever it was hadn't spent 40 minutes beforehand closely watching the sea!!)

    We threw the ropes at 7.45 am and took the 8.0 am bridge at high water and made for a couple offshore wrecks.

    The artificials never took a life all day but the bait fished well with the squid and frozen mackerel taking most of the fish on board. No monsters showing yet for us this year but with a lovely selection of cod from 4 lbs to just shy of 7 lbs for these lads, a really great day at sea for all on board.

    LOOK!!!! Competition dates for this year are :-
    Spring .................... April 13th -28th Inc.
    Summer..................June 22nd- July 14th Inc.
    Late Summer..........Sept 7th -Sept 22nd Inc.

    Dates still available in all 3 events but the Summer ones are going quick!!!! Give us a ring to make and secure any bookings. As always, individuals are most welcome along with group bookings.
    All 3 competitions carry some great cash prizes!!

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

    Cheers for now and tight lines

  • 11/02/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    11 Feb 2019 by Rich Ward


    A nice day at sea yesterday with a mixed group of lads. The fishing wasn't anything exceptional with only 25 or so fish caught.

    The lads all enjoyed themselves and had a good laugh and were well pleased to get out on the pond.

    Dermot Faye, one of our regular anglers is pictured with one of his fish. A lovely plump 4 lb winter codling.

    Cheers and tight lines

  • 04/02/2019 Fishing Report by Rich Ward

    4 Feb 2019 by Rich Ward


    The lads from around the Essex and London area had the last of their 3 days on Thursday last week. The forecast was perfect so we decided to have a good run offshore to a few marks. To be fair the fishing wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be with only 50 or so fish landed. I still think the storm the previous weekend was slowing the fishing up a little. The majority of the fish came on the bait including the best fish of the day which was a ling of 7 lbs caught by Roy which took the daily sweep. Obviously the sweep money was drank as soon as we got back to the pub!! Cheers Roy!

    As always our Adam filleted the fish for the lads who were well pleased with the catch and what they were taking back with them.

    Looking forward to the next time.
    Cheers lads and good fishing wherever you go.

    07733 233352
    07747 848406

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