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  • 11/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Nov 2018 by chris Mole

    fishing has been fairly good lately not many codlings yet but few more every week plenty of fish outhere so luck has it 2 spaces just come available uptideing for rays whiting codling bass £55 p/h
    for Monday 5th nov , text/phone me on 07974142777 .

  • 07/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Jul 2018 by chris Mole

    Well the weather has been excellent and fishing has been similar with tope/bass/and hounds on fire what a summer its been so far with reports of all sorts being caught and a 30lb plus tuna spotted at ne maplins unfortunately dead but whole ��
    Tight lines chris.

  • 07/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Jul 2018 by chris Mole

    Well it's been an interesting month or two,
    With hound fishing very good inshore nearly back to the good old day's but not quite,
    Best year for tope for probably 4 years,
    Also some Nice bass fishing at times, all giving us a short break from the rays, get out there.
    Tight lines chris.

  • 06/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Jun 2018 by chris Mole

    There's Some lovely summer fishing to be had in the Thames Estuary now, still several rays to be had also nice stamp of smoothounds, with a fair amount of bass coming mainly on worm, few eels and nice gurnards and odd garfish so get yourself out there ASAP,
    Tight lines chris.

  • 05/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    May 2018 by chris Mole

    Last months been so busy with loads of rays some very nice whiting odd codling, smoothounds, spur dogs and bass, also odd tope just showing up it really has kicked off in the Thames
    Estuary, just a bit clearer water and the mackerel will show up better all looking good
    Let's get out there.
    May the fish be with you.

  • 03/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Mar 2018 by chris Mole

    Lots of cod being caught comercialy but are full of herring and up in the water at the moment with just the odd one coming to the rods, luckly the thornbacks have set in and kept us very busy this weekend with some very nice double figure fish, springs on its way hopefully we may get a week or two on the cods before they disapear, Tight lines chris ��

  • 08/01/2018 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    8 Jan 2018 by chris Mole

    Happy new year First trip back for 2018,
    Been a windy spell last 2weeks so not many of us made it out there lately, been bit of an improvement on the fishing with some nice double figure rays( 6.2kg one in pic for Edd) these will get more plentifull as the weeks go by, few codling in the 2/3lb bracket showing so maybe this year we will have a spring run!! fair run of nice whitings and some reasonable dabs on the small tides or slack water, not so many herring about now and no sign of
    Sprats schooling so all looking a bit better out there , Tight lines chris.

  • 09/2017 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Sep 2017 by chris Mole

    Septembers here and so are the bass skate and hounds
    bit of good mixed fishing out there at the mo with hopefully cods on ther way .
    looking good .
    tight lines chris.

  • 04/2017 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    Apr 2017 by chris Mole

    unreal skate fishing yet again and this will carry on till end of may as they move offshore and thin out ,
    had some nice hounds and a few bass which will increase as we drift into may ,
    then tope should start to show late may with the mackerel and there we have it summer is back again ,sport is good now so get out there. tight lines.

  • 05/2016 Fishing Report by chris Mole

    May 2016 by chris Mole

    with the warmer weather come the summer species more hounds, bass,mackrel and with severall rays
    still around ,we should start to see a few more tope now and odd stingrays so its looking good out there
    tight lines chris.

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