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  • 19/11/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    19 Nov 2017 by Rich Cope

    Unfortunately we've lost the last two days of the Whitby Sea Anglers Uptide Festival here at Whitby to bad weather. On a plus note Mistress manged to secure 1st place this year, both in the heaviest fish and heaviest bags section, plus many places in the top 10 leaderboard.

    Graham Jones from Ackworth near Doncaster caught the winning 7lb 1oz cod netting him a massive £1000, hows that for an early christmas present!

    Local angler Alex Leadley got the two heaviest bags of the festival, his winning bag totalling over 61lb!
    His other bag was 51lb+ with a 40lb+ bag to Mistress regular David Gleadall from Huddersfield the same day.

    Heres a massive thankyou to all our anglers, sponsors and weigh masters, without you guys we wouldn't be able to hold these events.

    The catches on the uptiding grounds have been 2nd to none this winter with lots of very good catches with really good numbers of fish. There are plenty of the 2-3lb codlings which keep the rods rattling all day, with a sprinkling of 4-6lb fish and a few bigger ones to the lucky anglers that get them.

    We will continue to fish through the winter everyday weather allows. We will also continue to do the evening trips for those with work commitments.

    There looks to be a gap in the weather on friday, we only need a couple of peoole to sail.

    If you fancy jumping aboard for a trip youll get a warm welcome. Give me a call on 07977 436903 or message me on fb, Mistress Sea Angling Charters.

    Tight lines - Rich

    Pictured is Graham Jones with his winning fish

  • 11/11/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    11 Nov 2017 by Rich Cope

    Our anglers have had a pretty successful few days here at Whitby, as the fishing remains pretty damn good!

    We've lost a few days to bad weather again, but looking ahead to the next week we should get tuesday through to friday with availability each day. Plus we'll be sneaking another night trip in outside of the competition!

    In the current Whitby Sea Anglers Forum Uptide Festival thats running just now, Mistress anglers are faring quite well with the heaviest fish and heaviest bag to our name at the minute. Its still wide open though and weights easily beatable!

    Top baits have been Unwashed Squid, Black Lugworm and crab cart,
    peeler crab also worked very well for one gent this week with him bagging 20 cod to take home

    Martin at Whitby Angling Supplies (Next to Mr Chips on Church Street) is sponsoring this event, so if you need anything tackle or bait wise please use him where you can, he can put pre-order packages together for you so you save time on a morning 01947 603855 give him a call!

    So if you're interested in joining us for a days fishing whether you're a novice or experienced youll recieve a warm welcome, give me call on 07977 436903 or message me here on Facebook

    Tight Lines - Rich

    Pictured is mistress regular Tony Barret from Doncaster with a couple of his fish, hes currently leading the comp.

  • 03/11/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    3 Nov 2017 by Rich Cope

    Its 2345hrs and I've litterally just got in from my two trips today, we have absolutely smashed the cod all day and all night here at Whitby!

    Our day trip saw the Mistress anglers boat well over 100 cod with quite a few chuck backs, the best lad boating around 25 fish himself, my mate and local Mistress regular Alan Ward messaged me to say him and his pal had 4 stone in fillets between them and had had a fantasic day with us, absolutely awesome fishing by any standards.

    Our night trip saw the lads (and lasses) boat around 60 cod again with a few chuck backs.

    Best baits were Black lug, unwashed squid and crab cart. Which i can supply if required.

    The uptiding this year has seen more consistent and better bags of fish per angler than the wreck and ground fishing.

    Tomorrow is the start of the uptide festival with a massive £1000 for the first prize with only £5 per person entry fee on top of your charter.
    We have plenty of midweek dates available throughout the event, the whole of the two weeks has awesome tides.

    If you fancy a trip with me give a call or text on 07977 436903 or message me on facebook (Mistress Sea Angling Charters)

    Tight lines - Rich

    Pictured Is Rob Gillings from Middlesbrough with a few of his fish from tonight.

  • 28/10/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    28 Oct 2017 by Rich Cope

    Another few successful days this week at sea for lads aboard Mistress here at Whitby in between these bouts of shocking weather!

    Tuesday's 6 hour trip had been planned in for a good while, with no other takers other than Harvey and Tyler from saltburn celebrating tylers birthday that was it, I couldn't let them down so took the two excited lads, even though they'd never been boat fishing before they both left with 8 cod apiece upto 4/5lb, and thrown loads more back, well done boys!

    Wednesday we had a few regulars on, I thought we took a slow picking throughout the day but the lads had managed a respectable 50-60 codlings for the day upto 7lb, another great day.

    Thursday was a bit slower, we got some inshore wrecks before dropping back inside uptiding taking fish everywhere, some spots better than others. Everyone still left with a good few fish apiece.

    Black lug and squid fishing the best this week but fish still taking cart readily enough. We have bait available onboard if required please let me know your requirements the night before.

    Martin at Whitby angling will be opening specially for our anglers on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when we have a late start. Please ignor any rumours that you might hear about whitby angling supplies closing down, they have some superb bait instock including crab cart, as well as top of the range tackle and accessories.

    Uptide festival is fast approaching £1000 1st prize plus many other cash prizes available. Entry is £5 per person on top of the charter fee of £45.

    There looks to be a gap in the weather Tuesday then Thursday onwards were currently taking bookings. I will be looking to be running a night trip next week please keep an eye out for updates, please give me a call if you're interested in a trip with us on 07977 436903

    Tight lines - Rich

    Pictured are Harvey and Tyler from Saltburn with their 1st ever boat catch!

  • 12/10/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    12 Oct 2017 by Rich Cope

    Another great day uptiding yesterday on-board Mistress here at Whitby, around 60 codlings kept to 6/7lb between 5 of us, all keepers were 40cm + with many under that thrown back. Top bait was again crab cart, worm and squid also taking fish.

    Currently we're taking booking from Friday 20th October onwards, I'm currently on my annual holiday until then, if you have any enquiries please text me and I will call you back or text within 24hrs

    The Whitby uptide festival is taking place from the 4th - 19th November. We still have places available. 1st prize is £1000 for the heaviest cod plus cash prizes for top ten heaviest cod, any other species, juniors and heaviest bag plus daily prizes

    Tight lines Rich

    Pictured is Mistress regular Ken Wood from Malton with a couple of his better fish from his 12 bag catch

  • 21/08/2017 Fishing Report by david crellin

    21 Aug 2017 by david crellin

    Excellent fishing after Rich's hard work finding the fish

  • 24/07/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    24 Jul 2017 by Rich Cope

    The last three weeks have been a bit manic here at Whitby on Mistress with the grand summer festival.
    We've been out as much as we can when weather has allowed and in between, servicing where needed.

    The fishing has been up and down, The best fishing on the neap tides, with some lovely fish landed over the comp with us getting quite a few daily placings and we had a nail biting wait to the end of the festival being beaten to first place on the last day!

    Still Mistress regular Tony Barret from Doncaster finished up in 2nd place with a cracking shad caught Ling of 18lb 11oz netting him a total £1050!

    So with the festival over now until the next one on September business will be running as usual,
    Next available trips:
    Tuesday 25th July - 6 hours - 8 places - £30
    Wednesday 26th July - 10 hours - 4 places - £50
    Thursday 27th July - 10 hours - 9 places - £50

    Most Tuesdays are available for a short 6-8 hour trip now with is starting out at 930am

    If you're interested in joining us for days fishing, give me a call or text on 07977 436903 (8am-8pm) or email me at

    Tight lines - Rich

    Pictured is Tony Barret from Doncaster with his Ling

  • 29/06/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    29 Jun 2017 by Rich Cope

    With another few days of bad weather, I thought it would be about time for an update for us here at Whitby,
    This spell of bad weather has also given me chance to get some service jobs done prior to the start of the festival this weekend.

    Leading up the bad weather we had mixed fishing, the neap tides producing the best with us boating around 90 keeper codlings, ling and Pollock on our best day then as the tides peaked out at 5.8m catch rates fell away, never the less the anglers still enjoying their day with me and leaving another 5 star review on the internet.
    We've started to see some of the bigger Ling showing with the best this week of 17lb off a local ground mark on a big 5.6m tide, so it goes to show you can still get the big fish on big tides!
    we've had a few more into double figures too.

    The charter skippers enjoyed a really successful RNLI charity even recently too raising a staggering £940 with the fishing competition and raffle, we had some great fish aboard for our anglers, to just short of double figures, we had two very keen junior lady anglers, Kelly Gillings from Middlesbrough who won the junior section, and Maison McCourt from Whitby with another ling slightly smaller, all in all a great night for all involved!

    So this week sees the start of the grand summer festival with a massive £5000 up for grabs, we still have spaces for this event if you fancy jumping on for a day with us. Entry fee is only £5 per person, on top of the charter fee of £50 for ten hours, sailing at 7am-5pm

    Weather permitting we have an evening trip going on Wednesday 5th June, 5pm-8pm and it'll be £20 per person.
    if youre interested drop me a call or text on 07977 436903
    or drop me an email at

    Pictured is Gordon Yates with his 17lb ling caught this week
    Tight Lines - Rich

  • 22/05/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    22 May 2017 by Rich Cope

    The last few days aboard Mistress here at Whitby have been pretty good!

    Thankfully the weather gods have played ball with us this week, and with the small tides its meant we can get out to the wrecks, Shads have fished most consistently as the waters clearing all the time now,
    A few of the days we have seen 50-60 fish (keepers, that's cod, ling and Pollock) with loads of throw back blegs and undersize codlings, with one day seeing a few less, but on the whole it has fished well for us.

    I said on my last report id noticed some feed on my sounder and the mackerel wouldn't be long, we actually got our first one of the season the day after! they aren't here in numbers yet but I'm sure they wont be long now.

    Availability for the week -
    Tuesday 23rd - 10 hours - 2 places
    Thursday 25th - 10 hours - 7 places
    Friday 26th - 10 hours - totally free
    Sunday 28th - 10 hours - Due to being messed around with a booking we have 6 places available,

    Prices for all trips and equipment are on my website

    If you fancy joining us for a days fishing give me a call on 07977 436903, E-mail, or drop me a message on my page Mistress Sea Angling Charters
    Tight Lines - Rich

    Pictured is Mistress regular John Harman with his two best fish of his trip this week, both just shy of double figures - well done mate

  • 17/05/2017 Fishing Report by Rich Cope

    17 May 2017 by Rich Cope

    With a drop in tides and near perfect wind conditions, I expected today to produce well for us on Mistress here at Whitby.

    Unfortunately 2 lads had to cancel leaving only 3 lads available for the trip, I always sail with a minimum of 3 anyway so it was game on! it also gave me a chance to wet a line myself too!

    Although it was never really hard and fast we moved around a few wrecks and finally finishing on a ground mark, taking a steady picking everywhere we went.
    Shads took most of the fish as predicted due to the water clearing quickly now, with squid taking a few better fish too.

    we finished up with around 50 keepers for the day between the 4 of us, the best 2 lads taking 14 each!
    There are signs of increased activity of bait fish now on the sounder so the mackerel are only just round the corner for us!

    I currently have space for:
    Monday 22nd ( totally free - 3 minimum)
    Tuesday 23rd (4 places available)
    Wednesday 24th ( 6 hr trip - totally free - 6 minimum)
    Thursday 25th (7 places available)
    Friday 26th (totally free - 3 minimum)

    If youre interested in joining me for a trip give me call/text on 07977 436903 or Email:

    Tight Lines - Rich

    Pictured are the lads with a few of their fish - well done men!

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