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  • 5-star Alex Murray (19/03/2019)

    THE best charter out of Whitby. There is no one else I would go with. Rich never fails to put us on the fish.

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks Alex, always a pleasure having you fish with us, see you again soon mate.

  • 5-star Keith Robinson (03/04/2018)

    Went out with Rich 3/4/2018 only the 2 of us as one did not turn up but what a great day as usual Rich found the fish good sport all day plenty to take home looking forward to the next trip with the Mistress.Cheers Rich Keith

    Skippers Reponse: Thanks kieth lovely day to be out mate. Good company and a few fish. See you soon. Rich

  • 5-star Stu Lambert (08/04/2018)

    Been out with Rich on Mistress before, it was with my 11 year old son and it was his first time, Rich couldn’t help my son enough and he caught fish. Was out with him again today with my son and it was hard going but Rich still managed to get us a bag full of keepers (cod)
    Would recommend to anyone from beginner to professional angler.
    Thanks Rich

  • 5-star Andrew Pisnyy (18/02/2018)

    It was our greatest fishing trip so far! We traveled a long way from London to Whitby with a hope to catch our first cod. We arrived a day before to ensure we're on time, it was definitely worth the effort. What a truly great skipper Rich is! Friendly, helpful and most importantly - a real fishermen. Also, have to mention his assistant too, who was helping during the day, was well experienced, patient and polite. There was no time wasted on a slower marks - Rich was very prompt in relocating the boat and trying to put us on the fish all the time.

    It was even better to see him fishing too . We had a good day and a good catch. I could have caught even more if I was more experienced angler, I had missed about 5 good baits. We had 31 ( 29 codlings + 2 whitings) between 3 of us and I believe I had the biggest one (1.5kg), but all fish was of a good size. The only regret is that the time was going fast and when we arrived to the last mark, where cod start baiting very actively - we had to leave and make our way back just after abut 30 minutes .

    The boat was quite tight for 11 anglers and 2 crew in total. Rich deserves a much better and bigger boat.
    Well done Rich!
    Look forward to fishing with you again.

    Best wishes,

  • 5-star tony barrett (10/01/2018)

    managed to get out today tide did not look good only 5mts but you have to be in it to win it . Only 2 of us plus rich on the boat after a couple of no shows but all credit to rich for taking us out knowing he not going to make any money for the day. We started out close to the harbour fishing over kelp and had a good hour taking small codling putting a lot back just in size , Had a move when tide got going then had a couple of good hours putting about 12 good size fish in my box from 3 to 8lb . Was quiet for a couple of hours at slack water then back on them for last hour don,t know what final count was but we had a great day cheers rich. ps you guys who didn,t get out missed a cracking day.

  • 5-star Francis Brannigan (05/12/2017)

    Sailed with rich for a 6hr trip once again he put us on a good number of decent sized cod...not bad for my first uptiding experience a good day had by all

  • 5-star tony barrett (31/10/2017)

    Got out yesterday only managed 6 hours as weather turned bad but still managed 13 keepers and 10 put back all in size great day out cheers rich another good day at sea be back next week .

  • 5-star tony barrett (20/07/2017)

    Cheers rich no matter what the final result got my name at the top of the leader board been a good teacher over the last 3years

  • 5-star Andrew Patterson (26/06/2017)

    This Skippers Attention to detail is second to none!! He is on the ball, glad to help and gives advice where and when needed, fantastic value for money!! I highly recommend this Boat!! And Skipper Rich, I was on board today, with my 2 sons 9 & 8 years old & and they we're absolutely overwhelmed with this experience, it left them asking when can we come back lol!! Great day had by all!! Thanks Rich!!!

  • 5-star Kevin Wilkinson (23/05/2017)

    Cheer,s rich wot a brill day,s fishing ,Chris,s wolf fish was ,wot a fish that was , a good day,s fishing,plenty of fish,plenty of sun, great thankyou see you in July..

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