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  • 22/09/2018 Fishing Report by jon old on High Flyer 2 (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)

    22 Sep 2018 by jon old

    Report on-board High Flyer 2

    High Flyer Fishing Trips and Charter
    Sat 22 Sep 2018
    Flat calm conditions inshore today after all the wind we have had still lumpy off so hugged the shore lots of small stuff non stop to be honest. No rays today unfortunately just whiting , spotty dogs and three codling nice to see hopefully start of things to come. Odd smoothound still showing was not a bad day in all. Great banter was an enjoyable day big thanks to all the lads looking forward to next trip, few pics from today here dont forget to get your name down as you know weekends go first soon as cod arrive and i cant get you on last minute so please think ahead. Until next trip tight lines everyone. Cheers Jon (High Flyer 2)
    Picture today of Kelvin

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  • 09/2018 Fishing Report by Steve Green on Brigand (Brighton, East Sussex)

    Sep 2018 by Steve Green

    Report on-board Brigand

    The excellent run of Turbot & Brill has continued throughout the Summer and we continue to see up to 40 fish/day being boated. With a few Cod appearing inshore we will soon be focusing our attention on them as we build toward the wrecking season.

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  • 09/2018 Fishing Report by Kevin McKie on Size Matters (Liverpool, Merseyside)

    Sep 2018 by Kevin McKie

    Report on-board Size Matters

    Size Matters will be back in Liverpool around October 17th for the winter season on the mighty river Mersey.

    We will be fully kitted out with all new Shimano fishing tackle for you to use free of charge, any damages or losses must be pay for it full.

    Last winter season, the Mersey was not the best because of all the extra flood water.
    The previous seasons where excellent, with catches of up to 70+ Cod per trip.

    If you like catching Thornback rays the Mersey is definitely the place for you.
    From October to the start of December the Mersey is paved with them and it’s not uncommon to catch 60+ to over 12lb per trip.

    The wreck fishing from Liverpool last October and November was fantastic, with over 80+ Pollack to 10lb per trip.

    Available dates for Liverpool this winter season.


    Tuesday 23rd Mersey £45 pp
    5 places available 10.30am sailing.

    Wednesday 31st Mersey £45 pp
    11 places available 5am sailing.


    Thursday 1st Wrecking £80 pp 2 places available 5am sailing.

    Tuesday 13th Mersey £45 pp
    9 places available 4am sailing.

    Thursday 15th Mersey £45 pp 11 places available 5am sailing.

    Friday 16th Whole boat available 5am sailing.

    Monday 19th Mersey £45 pp 8 places available 8.30am sailing.

    Tuesday 20th Mersey £45 pp
    2 places available 9am sailing.

    Thursday 29th Mersey £45 pp 11 places available 5am sailing.

    Friday 30th Mersey £45 pp 10 places available 5.30am sailing.


    Thursday 13th Mersey £45 pp
    9 places available.

    Monday 17th Mersey £45 pp 7 places available 6am sailing.

    Tuesday 18th Whole boat available 7.30am sailing.

    Wednesday 19th Mersey £45 pp 11 places available 8.30am sailing.

    Thursday 20th Mersey £45 pp
    4 places available 9.30am sailing.

    Saturday 29th Mersey £45 pp
    4 places available 5am sailing.

    Sunday 30th Mersey £45 pp
    7 places available 5.30am sailing.


    Kevin Mckie
    Size Matters (Liverpool).


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  • 09/2018 Fishing Report by Roger Lennon on Skerry Belle (Ramsgate, Kent)

    Sep 2018 by Roger Lennon

    Report on-board Skerry Belle

    Its been a hectic summer season onboard Skerry Belle and definatly one of our busiest. Bass, hounds, rays have been plentifull and the mackeral showed in good numbers for the kids. We now pay our attention to the autumn fishing where theres a chance of large bass, codling, whiting, and thornback rays. Remember we always keep a few weekends free for new groups and individuals to fish with us. So if you fancy a day out on Ramsgates Largest charterboat call Roger on 07805250427

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  • 19/09/2018 Fishing Report by Paul Cumbers on Bonwey (Ramsgate, Kent)

    19 Sep 2018 by Paul Cumbers

    Report on-board Bonwey

    Some nice fish caught over the summer months kids enjoying the 4 hour trips weekends booked up till December still spaces available week days .Hopefully see some fish through out the winter.

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  • 17/09/2018 Fishing Report by Colin Penny on Flamer IV (Weymouth, Dorset)

    17 Sep 2018 by Colin Penny

    Report on-board Flamer IV

    The Gypsy Mariners team from Plymouth joined Flamer IV for their annual 5 day angling break and on day 1 they caught Black Bream,Turbot,Brill,Bass,Blonde Ray,Conger and Mackerel. Pictured is Paul Costello with a 3Ib Black Bream.
    But unfortunately the other 4 days were cancelled due to a succession of storms.The guys were of course dissapointed but understand we can't control the weather and have re booked for 2019.

    Angling Breaks - come and catch fish like the ones pictured and many other species.

    Weymouth Angling Breaks - Book Now, Don't miss Out,*** NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR 2019 ***

    A few days away fishing out of Weymouth along with the social side is a nice trip to do.The variety of fishing and the amount of different species caught at Weymouth is probably second to none.There are plenty of places to stay which are angler friendly and some excellent places to wine and dine around the harbour and in Weymouth Town centre.If you want to try a Weymouth Angling Break then contact me, I cater for whole boat charters and individuals.

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  • 15/09/2018 Fishing Report by John Dickens on North Star (Canvey Island, Essex)

    15 Sep 2018 by John Dickens

    Report on-board North Star

    Down river some big bass and hounds few nice dabs as well one of the hounds.

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  • 18/09/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    18 Sep 2018 by Rich Ward

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III

    The September competition started here at Whitby last weekend (Saturday)

    Darren Bradley and his mates from Derby had the boat booked for the weekend.

    We targeted the mackerel at the start of the day which were plentiful. Enough for the bait stocks for the day on the 1st couple of drifts.

    We moved out to some ground to start the day as the drift was a bit too quick for the wrecking job and the lads picked around a dozen codling on the bait and the shads. As the tide eased we had a run to a wreck a bit further off to hit it at slack water and into the change of tide. The majority of them were shad fishing with a couple on the bait. They managed around 50 fish between them, the best fish falling to Hadrian with a cod around 7 lbs.

    No big fish were boated on the day but all the lads had a really enjoyable day. Sadly we lost the Sunday to bad weather . Our Adam filleted all the fish down for the lads on the way back in.

    The lads are pictured inset.

    Just 2 days left with any room now in the competition.

    They are :-
    Thursday 27th. Room for 9.
    Friday 28th. Room for 2.

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  • 16/09/2018 Fishing Report by jon old on High Flyer 2 (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)

    16 Sep 2018 by jon old

    Report on-board High Flyer 2

    Very windy weekend managed to get both days in with hugging the shoreline, Sat was a better day with a few small female thornbacks in all returned, whiting and doggies of all sizes all day non stop virtually. Was very pleased to have local fishing boat donate couple dozen fresh herring which i think done the trick nice to see start of them . Water temperature 17.5 degrees still warm we need a run of cold spell now to help things along. This week we caught couple of small codling both returned was nice to see but have been plagued with spotty dogs of all sizes funny really as they disapeared all summer? Sun for us was a bit lumpy but the boat copes well with wind against tide with our heavy full chain anchor constant whiting and doggies soon as tide ran least it kept us busy. No rays today not sure why i blame the skipper! Was a most enjoyable weekend big thanks to Dave from Leicester for organising everyone for Saturdays trip and Toni from Thetford for Sundays it is a funny time of year changeover period i call it wioth summer doggys and winter whiting things all over the place. Todays picture is young Stacey first time aboard with her first thornback . Until next time tight lines everybody. Jon (High Flyer 2)

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  • 16/09/2018 Fishing Report by brian poppy on Cleveland Princess (Lowestoft, Suffolk)

    16 Sep 2018 by brian poppy

    Report on-board Cleveland Princess

    Its been a cracking summer with plenty of Rooker from our better marks with the Hounds as well,with the Bass ban on it has been a shame as we have had some great days fishing for these hard fitting fish the best that we have weighed went just under 10lb,Now we have winter upon us its Whiting to start with and the Cod will show a bit later hopefully the end of November so we are takin booking for the chance of a nice sized Cod to beat last seasons heaveist that was 7lb.8oz we had plenty under that size from Corton Roads plus the ever hungry Whiting so figures crossed and dont forget i still run the compition its £2.00 to enter for a chance of winning £100 for the heaveist Cod from 1st December 2018 through to Friday 31st May 2019 so dont miss out,call 07771926590 for your trip.

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