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  • 08/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    Aug 2018 by Rich Ward

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III

    COD GALORE!!!!!!

    Yesterdays team was made up with a mixed group of lads from Middlesborough, Blackburn, East Cowton and Bedale in North Yorkshire.

    We started the day gathering the bait on the Whitby rock where the lads were straight in to strings of good size mackerel. After just a couple of minutes we had enough on the boat for the day.

    We then started work for the white fish on the ground on the 5 mile which was steady to say the least with just a half dozen taken although they were a reasonable stamp of cod and ling. Cod to around the 4 to 6 lb mark and a ling of 9 lb.

    This wasn't quick enough so we moved a little further to the 8 mile ground where the lads started picking away straight from the off. For the rest of the day we hardly moved at all as the cod was coming to the boat in really good numbers. At one point just after slack water it really was like winding the clock back 25 years!!

    At the end of the day the 7 of them had a good 30 stone of fish between them. The better fish were taken on the fresh mackerel and squid bait but the majority of the catch were taken on the shads.

    A bonus for Jim Arthur from Blackburn was a belting lobster of 5 lb 8 oz!!! Jim was snagged in the bottom and when his line came free he hauled him up on the old braid which it was tangled up in. Get your lottery ticket bought mate!!!

    The lads are pictured with a few of their fish.

    Tight lines as ever,

    07733 233352
    07747 848406
    01947 603472

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  • 02/08/2018 Fishing Report by Nick Gough on Skylark (Scarborough, North Yorkshire)

    2 Aug 2018 by Nick Gough

    Report on-board Skylark

    Fish from todays trip

    Again like yesterday we had a good stamp of cod and pollock with quite a few small codling which were just under 40cm so were obvoiusly returned.

    Unfortunatly not much mackerel showing at the minute with only 20 to 30 been caught on a trip.

    Water clarity today was alot better than its been most of the week and shads really came into there own again taking the better fish.

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  • 01/08/2018 Fishing Report by Nick Gough on Skylark (Scarborough, North Yorkshire)

    1 Aug 2018 by Nick Gough

    Report on-board Skylark

    Only had the one customer booked on today so we went out regardless and had a go ourselves.

    A great stamp of fish today which was is always good to see. Best fish was a pollock just shy of 10lb.

    Also a big lessor spotted dogfish which was returned strait away weighing around 4lb

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  • 01/08/2018 Fishing Report by Lee Brown on Kelsey Leigh (Tyne, Tyne and Wear)

    1 Aug 2018 by Lee Brown

    Report on-board Kelsey Leigh

    Ling cod to 7 lb on ground

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  • 31/07/2018 Fishing Report by George Ho on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    31 Jul 2018 by George Ho

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III

    No fear!!!! The Bozs are back in town...After the disappointment of our last trip being cancel due to high winds. The Tuesday on the competition period, and then finding out the £5 k winning fish was caught the very next day !!! We wasn't looking forward to catching anything big as this would put us even down more. Anyway first off mackerel for baits which took 10 minutes to catch 50 of big mackerels. Then 30 minutes steam out to first wreck producing cod, ling,coley and 3 Pollock to all. Rough grounds was better on shags, but bigger fishes were nail on baited muppets. Cod range from 1-3lbs size with the biggest cod 7-8lbs. Lost personally 12 sets of weights and end tackle, so a big Thank you, rich for putting me on the side of boat where the rig would hook the wreck...If it wasn't for your son Adam the swear words would defo put the fishing off!! Looking forward to competition day in September. Armed with more Weights.....GeorgieO

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  • 01/08/2018 Fishing Report by TERRY BATT on Vanishing Point-2 (Bradwell Marina, Essex)

    1 Aug 2018 by TERRY BATT

    Report on-board Vanishing Point-2

    Hi everybody this is a message from Terry and Nicola of the Vanishing Point-2
    It is with sadness but not regret we announce our retirement from the fishing world.
    We would like to thank all of our customers over a 30 year period of fishing with us and your loyalty.
    But we feel now is the time to gracefully step aside and recall all the happy memories we have made from the
    Vicky Emma, Cacheflow, vanishing Point 1, and finally Vanishing Point-2 the pride of the fleet.

    Nicola and I hope we have given many of you memorable days out fishing and shooting and lots of you have had your personal bests with us.
    From my point of view, I will miss the fishing, and the boating side of chartering, but I won’t miss the stress that we were experiencing from mostly overseas anglers... don’t get me wrong some of our overseas anglers Were a joy to have on the boat but others were quite honestly a nightmare which I grew to dread driving to the boat that’s when I knew it was time for me to go.
    So to all our friends of many years it’s farewell from Nicola and myself and we wish you all the best in your new fishing adventures with new skippers Philip White on Chinnock 3 out of bradwell on Sea is a very experienced chartered skipper has a lovely boat and you wouldn’t go far wrong from giving him a ring to try to book your fishing charters.
    All the best guys
    Terry and Nicola

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  • 01/08/2018 Fishing Report by Bob Marshall on Duke IV (Ramsgate, Kent)

    1 Aug 2018 by Bob Marshall

    Report on-board Duke IV

    A good catch of Bass this morning with fish up to 4lb to hokkai lures and feathers along with Horse mackerel, the Mackerel we were hoping for stayed away. A move inshore resulted in a couple of nice Thornback Ray so a pretty good day with a variety of fish. Now is the time for large Bass to mackerel bait, although we can't keep them for now they make for good sport. Pic shows Simon and Kev with the rays.

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  • 08/2018 Fishing Report by Rich Ward on Shy-Torque III (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    Aug 2018 by Rich Ward

    Report on-board Shy-Torque III

    Some quite superb fishing on the boat this last few trips.

    George Ho and his mates from Manchester landing on a belter of a trip yesterday.

    We worked a wreck to start the day taking around 40 fish from it with cod to around the 8 lb mark and ling to around 10 lb.

    The rest of the day we worked the rough ground and they ended up with in excess of 140 fish for the day. One of our best days so far this year!!

    The lads are pictured inset with some of their catch.
    Cheers for a cracking day lads and see you next time.

    07733 233352
    01947 603472

    Tight lines

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  • 07/2018 Fishing Report by paul eddon on Alliance (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

    Jul 2018 by paul eddon

    Report on-board Alliance

    Congratulations to Steve rae on winning the Wcsa summer2018 Angling Festival with a fine Halibut weighing 27 pound and 13 ounces and bagging the £5000 FIRST PRIZE ��

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  • 20/07/2018 Fishing Report by Les Jones on White Maiden II (Lymington, Hampshire)

    20 Jul 2018 by Les Jones

    Report on-board White Maiden II

    This is Rob from last Saturday with one of the Turbot. Other notable catches this week were tope to 31lb and a boat record 29.5lb Blonde Ray. I run my own website and occassionally update this one with reports but needless to say the fishing has been so good I have been out on the boat alot and not thinkng about marketing. There are still a few spaces and dates in August so get a space or book a date when you can with me and try Lymington as your fishing port. We have a great home port fishing the grounds south of the Isle of Wight, The Solent, The Needles, St Catherines and Hengistbury Head. I also pickup from Yarmouth on the Island.

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